“The Crossing Hero ” ep 1~ep 2 ~ ep3 ~ep4

Hong Xi Dong is the leader of Emperor Zhu Yun Wen’s personal bodyguard during the Ming Dynasty. When a pearl treasure disappears, Xi Dong is considered to be the thief and two imperial guards chase him. The three men from the Ming Dynasty are accidentally transported in the 21st century where Peng Ze and Xiao Tian meet Hong Xiao Dong, the identical future Hong Xi Dong. While finding a way to return to their time, Peng Ze and Xiao Tian try to adjust to the like in the future.


Jiro Wang   as   Hong Xiao Dong / Hong Xi Dong

Nikki Hsieh      as   Zhang Xian Ting / Xian Er

Kristen Ren      as   Mo Han

Hu Yang            as   Peng Ze

Bruce Xie          as   Xu Xiao Tian

Larisa bakurova   as    Katherine / Xu Fei

Whang Jia Liang as   Zhu Ke Shang

Episode 1

Peng Ze and Xu Xiao Tian are two guards from the Ming Dynasty. They follow thief Hong Xi Dong to get the Luminous Night Pearl which the thief stole. During the fight Hong Xi Dong dropped the pearl. He jumps to catch it. The two guards jump after him. The three of them are in a strange place when Hong Xi Dong caught the pearl and disappeared.

When they woke up, the two guards where in a strange place, everyone had yellow skin and dark hair so they supposed they are still in China, but the way the people dressed and acted was unthinkable for them. While they were trying to realize what happened and where they are, Peng Ze and Xiao Tian met police officer Zhu Ke Shang who was making their jade pendant glow. Since their money aren’t accepted in the modern era, the only thing the two guards can rely on is their jade who react every time they are close to Ke Shang or the modern Hong Xi Dong, who is identical to the one in their era. The modern Hong Xi Dong is a privet detective called Hong Xiao Dong.

When Peng Zi and Xiao Tian appeared in the modern era, from Hong Xiao Dong’s body came out a strange light.

Episode 2

The next morning after the two guards appeared in the modern era, Hong Xiao Dong realized that he can read the minds of the people he touches. Suddenly he hears noise and goes outside where he met the two imperial guards. The moment Peng Ze and Xiao Tian saw Xiao Dong they believed he is the thief Hong Xi Dong and attacked him. While Mo Han and Xian Ting got the car ready to run away from there, Xiao Dong took the two guards inside his office pretending to look for the pearl they are searching for.

Xiao Dong gets in the car and together with Mo Han and Xian Ting drives away. The two guards follow them and when they get tired they stole a scooter and continue the follow. While he was running away from the two guards, Xiao Dong received a phone call from Ke Shang who was also looking for the two strange imperial guards. They all meet in a park in Seaside City.

Since Xiao Dong is a good speaker, he flustered the two guards saying he has some work to do and when he will be finished he will help them find the Hong Xi Dong they are looking for. Leaving the imperial guards with Ke Shang, Xiao Dong left to finish a case. Xian Ting is a reporter and to be noticed by her superiors she needs to get a great news. For that she hired Xiao Dong to find evidence of a man and his mistress.

Returned to the park Xian Ting remembers that her superior told her the story of two imperial guards form the Ming Dynasty who disappeared. She realizes that Peng Ze and Xiao Tian are those two guards that disappeared. She wants to talk to them, but her phone ringed and the guards got scared. They feel threatened and took out their swords. That moment something strange happened to Xiao Dong. He changed and so did his martial arts skills. He fought the guards, took Xian Ting in his arms and ran away for a few kilometers.

When he stopped, Xiao Dong was acting strange and even calling Xian Ting with a different name. He was saying Xian Ting is his wife Xian Er. He tried to kiss her, but Xian Ting slapped him. At that moment Xiao Dong returned being himself. He didn’t understand what he was doing there, kilometers away from the place he was supposed to be, why Xian Ting slapped him and most important why were his legs extremely sore.

Meantime Ke Shang and Mo Han were with the two imperial guards. Mo Han managed to talk to the guards and stopped them from killing Ke Shang. Later Mo Han and Ke Shang took the two guards at Xiao Dong’s office to meet him and talk to him.

Episode 3

The two imperial guards remain at Xiao Dong’s house. Xiao Dong showed them pictures with him since he was born until now, but still the imperial guards can’t put their guard down. In the middle of the night, while Xiao Dong was sleeping, Peng Ze and Xiao Tian begin their investigation. The light up a torch and enter Xiao Dong’s room where they’ve lighted some kind of truth paste. The smoke switched on the smoke alarm and Xiao Dong woke up.

In the morning Xian Ting showed up at Xiao Dong’s house. She needs his help for the adultery case, but she also needs him to help her investigate everything related to the imperial guards. But Xiao Dong is cold towards her and doesn’t intend to help her at all. Since he met her, Xiao Dong has encountered all sort of bad luck. Suddenly, when Xian Ting’s phone rings, Xiao Dong changes again into the man who love Xiao Er and that man is no other than Hong Xi Dong. When Xiao Dong changed back into himself he was holding Xian Tian’s hands and was able to read her mind so he knew that Xian Tian was intending to bite his hand and hit him with a broom.

Later, while Xiao Dong was investigating the adultery case, he sees Xian Tian attacked by some men. Xian Tian was in the middle of an investigation when he bumped into an old man. That man was followed and before his followers arrived he gave Xian Tian something and told her to give that to a certain person. The followers arrived, they hit the old man and put him into an wheelchair. Xian Tian tried to stop those men from taking the old man, but she couldn’t. Surrounded by those men, Xian Tian was relieved when she saw Xiao Dong. While Xian Tian was convincing Xiao Dong to help her save the old man, the strange men disappeared with the old man. Together with Xiao Dong, Xian Tian went to the police station to tell what happened.

Leaving the police station, Xian Tian tries to become closer to Xiao Dong because she needs his help, but touching her Xiao Dong can read her mind.

Episode 4

Xiao Dong, happy with his new power of reading minds, went to the club to pick up girls. Before leaving, Xiao Dong told Mo Han to not allow Xian Ting inside and close to the two imperial guards. Then he made sure that the two imperial guards won’t trust Xian Ting and won’t tell her anything about them.

At the club, Xiao Dong uses his powers to pick up girls and to get their phone numbers. Then he sees some men dressed in black surrounding a beautiful girl. He goes to them to protect the foreigner girl. Xiao Dong doesn’t realize that the men dressed in black are the same men that attacked Xian Ting and took the old man the other day. The foreigner girl is Xu Fei, the woman Xian Ting is supposed to give what the old man gave her.

Meanwhile, Xian Ting arrived at Xiao Dong’s house with food. She tries to talk to Peng Ze and Xiao Tian, but they aren’t as talkative as usually. Xiao Dong convinced them that Xian Ting isn’t a trustworthy person.

With Xian Ting’s help, Mo Han made Peng Ze and Xiao Tian to change their uniforms and dress like modern people. Later Xian Ting and Mo Han got the two imperial guards drunk so they could cut the guards hairs.

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