“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 49~ep 50 ~ Yoon Ho:” So it’s Do Jin, the one who’s in your heart!”

Do Jin and Yoon Ho meet at Seung Hye’s house. They fight over Seung Hye.

Seung Ah changed the way she was acting towards Seung Hye after finding out that Seung Hye was send back at the orphanage as a child and decided to tell Seung Hye the whole truth related to her surgery and the teas switching.

Knowing the truth Seung Hye goes to Se Ryeong and they fight.

When he found out what Mi Ja and Se Ryeong did, Yoon Ho told Do Jin that he doesn’t deserve to have feelings for Seung Hye.

Episode 49

Yoon Ho went to pick up Seung Hye, Seung Jae and Seung Ah form the hospital. Before going home, Seung Ah wanted to go somewhere else. The place Seung Ah wanted to go was a store from where she could buy a sexy swimsuit.

Arrived home, Seung Hye takes Seung Ah to her room. Now Seung Ah changed her behavior towards Seung Hye. When Seung Hye wanted to leave Seung Ah’s room, Seung Ah stopped her. She wanted Seung Hye to stay with her.

Seung Ah:” My scar that tormented you is finally gone.”

Meantime Yoon Ho was with Dae Ho in Sun Im’s room. Since he brought her grandchildren safely home, Yoon Ho hopes that Sun Im will start liking him a little more.

Yoon Ho:”I like Seung Hye! Whenever I see Seung Hye, my heart skips a beat, like it has a mind of its own.”

Yoon Ho believed that he can make Sun Im turn her eyes one him a little and accept him. Since Do Jin isn’t there, Yoon Ho thought he could make Sun Im’s heart turn towards him, but he was wrong. While Yoon Ho was talking to Sun Im, he hears Do Jin’s voice. Do Jin came to visit Sun Im to apologize for ruining her reputation and also to ask Seung Hye to continue helping him because he will reopen his café against his mother’s wish.

On their way out, Yoon Ho and Do Jin met again. They need to talk to each other so they ask Seung Hye to let them borrow an empty room. Seung Hye took Do Jin and Yoon Ho to Seung Jae’s room where the two men started fighting over Seung Hye. One wants Seung Hye to return working with him because she loves making the sunshower tea and the other wants Seung Hye to go to him and learn to make coffee so she could pass the barista exam.

Leaving Seung Hye’s house, Do Jin and Yoon Ho met Seung Jae who was coming home from the store. And another occasion for them to fight starts. This time they each try to get Seung Jae on their side and both plan to return inside without the other and keep talking to Seung Hye. Since none of them is a fool, both Do Jin and Yoon Ho ended up leaving together.

Arrived home, Do Jin received Se Ryeong’s visit. She came to apologize for helping Mi Ja switching the teas. In return Do Jin asked Se Ryeong to stop spending so much time with his mother. But Se Ryeong won’t do that, she will continue to spent time with Mi Ja and help Mi Ja with everything because she wants Mi Ja to like her and accept her as daughter-in-law. Se Ryeong apologizes to Do Jin and if he asks her, she will go and apologize to Seung Hye on her knees. Then she will wait for Do Jin to return to her.

Personal thought: Why is Se Ryeong waiting for Do Jin to return to her? When was Do Jin hers? Do Jin never liked Se Ryeong more than a friend so what makes Se Ryeong think that he will go to her? Since Do Jin never liked Se Ryeong before meeting Seung Hye, he will not like her even if Seung Hye will not be around. Those rich girls who received everything from their parent’s thing that they can have everything they want just because they say so.

The contest winner has been announced. Dae Shil is too nervous to look at it so Seon Seok looks for her. Unfortunately Dae Shil didn’t win. No one knows if Dae Shil lost because there was another person better than her or because Se Ryeong didn’t want Seung Hye’s aunt to win. Upset and confused, Dae Shil thinks that she should just get married since she will be 40 years old soon anyway, there is no time for her to succeed in live. Seon Seok and Joon Bae, who were with her at that moment, encourage her to get married, but either one of them has its own favorite. Joon Bae thinks Kyeong Tae is the perfect man for Dae Shil, meantime Seon Seok is on Seong Nam’s side.

Leaving Joon Bae’s chicken shop, Kyeong Tae saw that secretary Bae brought some gangsters to take everything from Do Jin’s café. He calls Do Jin and until Do Jin will get there, Kyeong Tae tries to stop secretary Bae. While trying to stop those men, Kyeong Tae was hurt. Passing by around Do Jin’s café, Dae Shil noticed that Kyeong Tae was hurt and jumped in to protect him.

When Do Jin arrived he called the police and secretary Bae was arrested. While holding Kyeong Tae, Dae Shil finds out that Mi Ja put Seung Ah to switch the teas and goes home.

Meantime at the house, Seung Ah was eating what Seung Hye made for her. She doesn’t want to lie to Seung Hye anymore so Seung Ah tells the truth, that she switched the teas as Mi Ja and Se Ryeong told her. In return for switching the teas, Se Ryeong paid for her surgery.

Furious, Seung Hye goes to Se Ryeong’s office and makes scandal. Se Ryeong thought Seung Hye was a pushover and she is, but when it comes to protect her sister, Seung Hye can change and can fight back.

Episode 50

Finding out that Se Ryeong made Seung Ah switch the teas by promising to pay for her surgery, Seung Hye goes to Se Ryeong angry.

Seung Hye:”If you ever do anything to Seung Ah again, I won’t let it slide.”

This time it’s Do Jin’s turn to avoid his mother. He goes for a walk and meets Seung Hye. Do Jin talks to Seung Hye about their first meeting. Then he wants to apologize for what his mother did, but Seung Hye already knows the truth. While Do Jin was walking Seung Hye home, they met Yoon Ho, who saw Seung Hye angry in Se Ryeong’s office and came to see if she was alright. Seeing Do Jin, Yoon Ho tells Do Jin that he doesn’t deserve to have feelings for Seung Hye. Hearing Yoon Ho’s words Do Jin got angry and hit him.

Yoon Ho:”If it had been me and my mother had done this, I’d be too ashamed to even face Seung Hye the way you are now. You don’t deserve to have feelings for Seung Hye. “

After Do Jin hit Yoon Ho, Seung Hye took Yoon Ho away to clean his lip and put medicine on it. Even if she is with him, Seung Hye keeps thinking about Do Jin and how upset must he be so Yoon Ho realizes that the one Seung Hye like is Do Jin, not him.

Yoon Ho:” So it’s Do Jin, the one who’s in your heart. Here you are next to me, but your thoughts are with him. “

On the day Do Jin reopens his café, Seung Hye goes to bring him some citron tea and some omija tea to prepare the sunshower tea. Arrived at the café, Seung Hye hears Do Jin fighting with his mother. Mi Ja insists that Do Jin should close the café and return being a doctor, while Do Jin wants his mother to apologize to Seung Ah and Sung Hye.

When Mi Ja saw Seung Hye, she turned her anger against Seung Hye. She tried to threw a glass of water on Seung Hye’s face, but Do Jin put himself in between his mother and Seung Hye, to protect Seung Hye.

Later at the house, Seung Ah tries on the swimsuits she’s been collecting. Now that her scar is gone, she can wear them as she always wanted. Since Seung Jae can’t believe that Seung Ah could wear those tiny swimsuits, Seung Hye begins joking around.

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