“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 15~ Murphy’s 10th law: “Nothing is ever as simple as it first seems.”

Jia Wei organized a gathering to introduce Xiao Tong to his parents. At that gathering Xiao Tong found out the reason Jia Wei’s mother left him. She keeps thinking if it will be a good idea to tell Jia Wei or not. Suddenly Jia Wei’s mother leaves Taiwan…once again without saying goodbye to Jia Wei.

Episode 15

Jia Wei comes home and when he hears noise in the kitchen he thinks that Xiao Tong is there even if she said she is too busy to come that day. But it wasn’t Xiao Tong, it was Jia Wei’s father. Hearing that his son moved on, fall in love and also has plans of settling down made Jia Wei’s father extremely happy, but when Jia Wei asked his father to have lunch together with Xiao Tong and his mother, Jia Wei’s father wasn’t really pleased. There must be some reason for his mother to have left him that his father wasn’t able to tell him to not hurt Jia Wei. Since his beloved son asked him, Jia Wei’s father couldn’t refuse the invitation.

The next day Xiao Tong accompanies Jia Wei to buy his mother a present. He didn’t know what to get her or what she likes, but because he was reminded of Xiao Tong’s sister divorce party, Jia Wei bought his mother a brooch.

Jia Wei:” Can you be my partner for a gathering tomorrow? The most important gathering in my life, there will be my mother, my father and you.”

After inviting Xiao Tong to the gathering to introduce her to his parents officially, Jia Wei kissed her. On the day of the gathering, Jia Wei is really nervous, more nervous than he was when he met Xiao Tong’s parents. Luckily Xiao Tong is there and calms him down until his father came. Jia Wei’s father liked Xiao Tong from the moment he saw her and decided to treat her as his daughter.

Jia Wei’s father:” Son’s have to be raised through hardship, they can only grow well through harsh experiences. Daughters need to be spoiled.”

When Jia Wei’s mother arrived, they start their gathering. Jia Wei’s father isn’t happy at all that his ex wife had to come, but he doesn’t say anything to not make Jia Wei suffer, he only pays attention to Xiao Tong.

When Jia Wei went to pay the bill, Xiao Tong heard a conversation between Jia Wei’s father and realized that Jia Wei’s mother isn’t the loving mother Jia Wei think she is. Jia Wei is his parents illegitimate son. His mother abandoned him to return to her husband. Now she didn’t return to Taiwan and came to see Jia Wei because she missed the son she abandoned and it didn’t took her so many years to appear in front of her son because she needed courage to apologize to Jia Wei, she returned to get money. Jia Wei’s mother and her husband have some financial problems and they’ve come for money. She threatens Jia Wei’s father with revealing everything to Jia Wei if Jia Wei’s father won’t give her the money she asks for. So his son won’t suffer, Jia Wei’s father is willing to give as much money as he is asked.

Xiao Tong can’t believe that his mother is the type of person she just heard of and still act like a loving mother in front of Jia Wei, but Xiao Tong doesn’t have the heart to tell Jia Wei what she just heard. Arrived home, Jia Wei sends texts to his mother happily.

Jia Wei:” I don’t know why, but ever since I’ve met you, I keep feeling like impossible things are all possible now.”

Then Jia Wei talks to Xiao Tong about his future plans. He takes to the kitchen and talks about the changes he wants to do with the dining table. He sits Xiao Tong really far away from him at the table so their future kids will stay between them.

Jia Wei:” If you don’t leave any space, where will our kids sit?”

Personal thought: I really can’t understand how can there be mother’s like Jia Wei’s mother. This is just a drama and the story is written by some people, but still those stories are taken from reality. If she wanted to live her life, why she had a son? There are people how know that they don’t want children and they don’t make children. But no, not Jia Wei’s mother! What better source of money one could have than have a child with a rich man and they get money from that person so you and your husband could life well…..

So even if Zhi Yu wanted to help Jia Wei, and in the process to help herself because if Jia Wei finds out that she brought his mother back Jia Wei will return to her, she actually made things worse. When Jia Wei will find out the truth will suffer more….

Murphy’s 10th law: “Nothing is ever as simple as it first seems.”

Xiao Tong is working on her new project with Zi Yan. They are visiting the hotel where their event will be held. At the hotel Xiao Tong sees Jia Wei’s mother and her husband leaving. She remembers that at the time she is seeing Jia Wei’s mother, the mother was supposed to meet Jia Wei. She follows Jia Wei’s mother until the airport. Xiao Tong barely caught up with Jia Wei’s mother before she got in the plane.

Meantime Jia Wei is waiting for his mother at the bench where they used to eat ice cream when he was little. Suddenly Zhi Yu calls him to ask if something happened between him and his mother since his mother is leaving Taiwan the moment they talk on the phone.

Hearing that his mother is abandoning him again, Jia Wei runs to the airport. He keeps calling his mother, but she doesn’t answer. The same time, Xiao Tong caught up with Jia Wei’s mother and she is begging her to say at least goodbye to Jia Wei before she leaves. But Jia Wei’s mother refused. She even returned the brooch that Jia Wei gave her the other day.

When Jia Wei found his mother and Xiao Tong, Jia Wei’s mother was already checking in. He didn’t got the chance to talk to her or say goodbye. Jia Wei asks Xiao Tong what happened, why his mother left suddenly. She doesn’t know how to tell him, she is afraid Jia Wei will suffer more. When Jia Wei noticed that Xiao Tong is holding the brooch he gave his mother, he screams at Xiao Tong to tell him what happened. At that moment Zi Yan intervened.

Xiao Tong and Jia Wei went to a quiet place to talk. She tells Jia Wei that his mother came to Taiwan this time partly for money. Since Jia Wei is cold and upset with her for not telling him his mother was leaving, Xiao Tong returned the brooch and left.

At the house, Xiao Tong cries in her mother’s arms because she doesn’t know how to help Jia Wei. Meantime Jia Wei thinks about the words he said to Xiao Tong that day and wants to call her, but he doesn’t have the courage.

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