“High Society ” ep 7 ~ Yoon Ha :”Usually girls change their minds up to twelve times a day.”

Yoon Ha finds out that Kyeong Joon left her with some stocks and remembering the key her brother gave her and the words he told her, she decided to do what Kyeong Joon wanted. Before joining her father’s company, Yoon Ha gives Ji Yi and Joon Ki a present.

Episode 7

Yoon Ha arrived at the place where she was supposed to meet Chang Soo and saw Chang Soo with Joon Ki. Since Chang Soo talked about trust before Yoon Ha arrived, Joon Ki decided that it will a wise idea for him to tell Chang Soo and Yoon Ha and himself are dating. That will prove Chang Soo that Joon Ki trusts him.

Soon Chang Soo left leaving Joon Ki and Yoon Ha alone so that Joon Ki could tell Yoon Ha about the article with her. That day an article with Yoon Ha working as part time at a marked appeared in papers. On his way home, Chang Soo called Ji Yi. She is still upset after finding out that Yoon Ha is from a rich family and that Chang Soo went on a blind date with her.

Meantime Yoon Ha tells Joon Ki that she already announced her father that she will leave the house.

Before going home, Yoon Ha went to see Ji Yi. For Yoon Ha her friend, Ji Yi comes first. She found Ji Yi eating and drinking. They talk and Yoon Ha opened up towards Ji Yi and told her friend her whole story and they way her family treats her. Also Yoon Ha told Ji Yi how her mother abused her emotionally. After clearing thinks up with Ji Yi, Yoon Ha called Chang Soo to come and see Ji Yi.

When he received Yoon Ha’s text, Chang Soo was coming from the club. At the club Chang Soo met Joon Ki’s ex girlfriend and found out that Joon Ki broke up with her because she didn’t have the qualification necessaries for him to use. Arrived at Ji Yi’s house, Chang Soo saw Joon Ki waiting for Yoon Ha. Now Chang Soo is acting different towards Joon Ki. He is suspicious of Joon Ki.

Arrived home, Yoon Ha goes to her mother’s room. Her mother found out that Kyeong Joon brought some stocks on Yoon Ha’s name before dying and she realizes that Yoon Ha must know something that anyone else doesn’t know since Kyeong Joon liked her and she was the last person to see him alive. Hearing from her mother about the stocks Kyeong Joon left her, Yoon Ha remembers the key Kyeong Joon gave her.

Yoon Ha hurried into Kyeong Joon’s office to find the key, but her sister Ye Won was there. Ye Won will move into Kyeong Joon’s house soon. Since she doesn’t trust Ye Won, Yoon Ha didn’t tell her about the key. They both leave the office and when Ye Won left, Yoon Ha returned. She searched the key, but she wasn’t able to find it. Yoon Ha goes out and sits on the bench she and Kyeong Joon used to sit.

The next day Yoon Ha decided to postpone her leaving from her house until she revel the suspicions she has about her brother’s death. For that she will do everything her father asks her, including working at the company. But first she needs few days to prepare herself.

Yoon Ha :”Usually girls change their minds up to twelve times a day.”

Later Yoon Ha calls Ji Yi, Joon Ki and Chang Soo and arranged a double date. Yoon Ha send a limousine to get Ji Yi and bring her to her house. She took Ji Yi to her house, gave Ji Yi an expensive dress, makeup, jewelries. They took pictures of themselves and went to meet their boyfriends.

Personal thoughts: Seems like Yoon Ha has big plans, but before that she has to give Ji Yi the present she wanted, wearing an expensive dress and going to a party. It seems like a goodbye party that Yoon Ha gives to Ji Yi and Joon Ki. Of course she will continue see them, but she will need some time to do what Kyeong Joon wanted her do to. She remembered what Kyeong Joon told her before dying and Yoon Ha understood now what he meant.

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