“The Crossing Hero ” ep 5~ep 6 ~ ep 7 ~ep 8

While trying to make Xiao Dong help her interview the imperial guards, Xian Ting and Xiao Dong made a bet. Xiao Dong won the bet so Xian Ting has to become his maid, move to his house and do everything he wants.

During an interview, Xian Ting annoyed a dangerous man and she was about to lose her life. While Xiao Dogn saved her, his reading minds power transferred to Xian Ting.

Episode 5

When Xiao Dong arrived home he saw Peng Ze with his hair cut, his alcohol was missing from the fridge and Xian Ting was there, even if he said that she shouldn’t be allowed in. Xian Ting tries everything she can to convince Xiao Dong to help her get an interview with the two imperial guards. To make Xian Ting to drop her request of getting help from him, Xiao Dong made a bet with her. The mistress of the man they are following has in her phone intimate pictures with the two of them. If Xian Ting gets that picture Xiao Dong will help her with the imperial guards, but if Xiao Dong will get the picture first, then Xian Ting will come to his office wearing a very sexy maid dress and will do everything Xiao Dong wants. Contrary to Xiao Dong’s expectation, Xian Ting accepted Xiao Dong’s offer. They even signed a contract between themselves.

The next day Xiao Dong and Xian Ting went together on the mission to get the pictures the talked about the night before.

At the club where the adultery man they are looking for Xiao Dong and Xian Ting split. She pretends to be a staff member. When she sees the man she is looking for she is the one that brings him snacks. That man seems interested in her and made Xian Ting a proposal, for her to become his new woman. Xian Ting refused and tried to run away, when her recording pen fell. That man’s bodyguards follow her.

Meantime Xiao Dong took the safer road. He pretends to be a gay masseur and becomes friends with the mistress. While massaging her beck, Xiao Dong was able to read her mind and realize what she need the most. When he was talking with his new friend, Xiao Dong hears Xian Ting screaming and runs to help her.

With Xiao Dong’s help, Xian Ting managed to get away from the bodyguards. But the bodyguards follow Xiao Dong and Xian Ting with their guns out. Running away for their lives, Xian Ting realizes that the bodyguards that are following them are the same that took the old man in the park the other day.

In order for Xian Ting to be safe, Xiao Dong locked her in a container and ran to handle the men in back.

Xiao Dong and Xian Ting managed to get away, but they are followed. When the men in black caught them, Xian Ting’s phone ringed. The moment Xiao Dong heard the ring tone he changed into Hong Xi Dong and fought with the men in black.

Xian Ting:” Are you a super hero?”

Few minutes later, Xiao Dong changed back into himself. He takes Xian Ting’s hand and hide. The men in black found them again and Xain Ting’s phone ringed again. Once again Xiao Dong changed, but just for a few minutes, enough to take Xian Ting in his arms and ran away. Seeing that Xiao Dong changes every time her phone rings, Xian Ting realizes that Xiao Dong trigger to change is her ring tone.

The men in black caught them again. This time it’s not necessary for Xiao Dong to change into Hong Xi Dong because Peng Ze and Xiao Tian appeared. Mo Ha send them to help Xiao Dong. While Xiao Tian screamed at Xiao Dong and Xian Ting to cover their ears and open their mouth, Peng Ze got into position to use his skill. Peng Ze opened his mouth and roared. After Peng Ze used his skill the men in black turned into zombies.

Escaped from the men in black the attacked them, Xiao Dong and Xian Ting returned to the club when the police arrived. As soon as they entered Xian Ting told the police everything that happened, but since she doesn’t have any prove, it was Xian Ting and Xiao Dong who got arrested. Luckily, the police chief knows Xiao Dong using a lot of favors managed to get them released. Xian Ting is thankful towards Xiao Dong for saving her that day.

Episode 6

The adultery man shot down Xiao Dong’s agency. He has threatened all of Xiao Dong’s current clients and a lot of clients quit. The same time Xian Ting came at Xiao Dong’s house with her luggage. She wants to move in Xiao Dong’s house to be closer to him and get what she wants. Unfortunately for her Xiao Dong knows why she wants to move to his house so he told her to wait few days until moving in.

Xiao Dong went out for dinner with his friends and took Mo Han with him. Peng Ze and Xiao Tian wanted instant noodles for dinner. Before leaving, Mo Han put the water on the stove to boil. While Peng Ze and Xiao Tian were watching TV, they forgot about the water, who got on the water and the flame was turned off. The gas kept coming inside the house and Peng Ze and Xiao Tian fainted. Luckily Xiao Dong and Mo Ha arrived home in time to save the two imperial guards.

After he saved them, Peng Ze and Xiao Tian have better impression about Xiao Dong and ask him to take them to a jewelry exposition.

Episode 7

To be able to see the jewelry exhibition, the two imperial guards need new clothes. Xiao Dong and his friends took the two imperial guards to the mall to buy them clothes. Xian Ting joined them there. Then they took Peng Ze and Xiao Tian to play and eat. While they were eating Peng Ze was curious about how Mo Han and Xiao Dong met. They’ve met when Mo Han was in high school. Thief kidnapped her and threatened her with a knife. The policeman that saved her and even was hurt in the fight was Hong Xiao Dong.

Later Xian Ting is curious about why Xiao Dong quit being a policeman, but Xiao Dong doesn’t want to give any interviews to her.

What Xiao Dong was expecting arrived so Xian Ting can move in his house. The thing Xiao Dong was expecting was Xian Ting maid costume. He gave her the costume to wear and the rules she has to obey while living there.

Curious about Xiao Dong, why he give up on being a policeman and why he became a policeman in the first place, Xian Ting convinced Ke Shang to tell her. Ke Shang tells Xian Ting the story. When they were in high school their friend Xiao Bi was always hit by bullies so Xiao Dong and Ke Shang thought him to fight.

Episode 8

One day Xiao Dong’s father was hurt by hooligans so Xiao Bi, Ke Shang and Xiao Dong went to fight against those hooligans. They won, but the next day, the hooligans caught Xiao Bi alone and killed him. The police caught the hooligans who killed Xiao Bi and scolded Xiao Dong and Ke Shang for fighting those hooligans in the first place. After that moment Xiao Dong and Ke Shang decided to become police officers to protect the week one so that won’t be any more victims like their friend Xiao Bi.

Xiao Dong wants a tea and asked his maid to bring him one. It’s late and Xian Ting wants to know where will she sleep, but when Xiao Dong said “on the bed”, Xian Ting thought he was referring at his own bed.

When Xian Ting phone rings, Xiao Dong changes into Hong Xi Dong again. With the musing playing, Xian Ting found out what the pearl Hong Xi Dong stolen means and about Hong Xi Dong’s past. Also she found out why Xiao Dong was always changing into Hong Xi Dong every time he heard her ring tone. Xian Ting’s ring tone is the song Xian Er played for Hong Xi Dong as a farewell song when he went on a mission.

Xian Ting took a cameraman and went to interview the adultery man. She asked some uncomfortable questions so after the interview that man’s bodyguards follow her around. When she realizes that she is followed by the men in black, Xian Ting calls Xiao Dong for help.

Xian Ting is surrounded. The men in black took out a syringe and shot her. She fell unconscious. They are about to kill her when a man appears and saves her. That man is David, a thief that works with the men in black. When Xiao Dong arrived he sees David holding unconscious Xian Ting and runs over.

Xiao Dong starts the first aid procedures to save Xian Ting, but in the process his power of mind reading were transferred to Xian Ting. They both can read each other’s minds, but Xiao Dong gets upset when Xian Ting reads in his mind the reason he stopped being a police officer. It has to do with Xiao Dong’s father. Since she never saw Xiao Dong so sad, Xian Ting feels sorry that she didn’t stop and kept interfering in a story Xiao Dong didn’t want to talk about.

Arrived home, Xian Ting tries to make Xiao Dong feel better, but he is cold towards her. He doesn’t let Xian Ting touch him so she won’t read his thoughts. But she can’t. It seems that Xian Ting lost the ability to read minds.

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