“When I See You Again ” ep 5~ You Qian:” You seem to be curious about my love life.”

A misunderstanding occurs between An Xi and You Qian so An Xi ignores and avoids him. When they’ve cleared the misunderstanding a woman appeared. You Qian introduced her as his girlfriend.

Episode 5

After all he drank, You Qian is drunk. He is too dizzy to stand so An Xi makes him lay down. You Qian started talking about angels, about losing his house and one sided love, but An Xi didn’t understand what he meant or that he was talking about the two of them.

You Qian:” There are no angels…only devils.”

Later, with Mei Wen’s helps, An Xi carries You Qian home. In the morning, An Xi woke up really early to prepare You Qian hangover food. Then she went to his room, woke him up and fed him. After eating a few spoons, You Qian remembered that he can’t let An Xi move his heart and said he can eat by himself. After eating, You Qian went to the village chief to donate a recreational center, An Xi’s hostel.

Not knowing what You Qian plans to do and wanting him to feel better after she heard his babbling that he was hurt by an angel, An Xi made herself an angel costume and went after him. Out of mistake, all that An Xi said to You Qian was broadcasted and all the villagers heard her and now they misunderstand her. To stop An Xi from making a fool of herself, Mei Wen called her, but An Xi didn’t answer. Meantime Zhi Lin ran over to stop An Xi.

You Qian also misunderstood An Xi, thinking that the whole scene she made dressed as an angel was because the village chief told her that he plans to donate her hostel. Hearing what You Qian plans to do, An Xi got mad. They fight and An Xi throws everything that she can touch in You Qian.

On their way to the hostel, An Xi can’t stop her anger. She fights with You Qian and with the people from the village, how now have a bad image about her. An old man even told his granddaughters to not look or talk to An Xi so they won’t be badly influenced by her. Another person told about how complicated An Xi’s relationships with men are. Humiliated and hurt, An Xi can’t take it anymore and fights with everyone. She even slaps You Qian in front of all that people there.

That night, You Qian feels remorseful for what happened. He thinks about how An Xi took care of him in the morning while he was hangover, he thinks about all the misunderstanding between An Xi and him that he knows, he thinks about An Xi’s words that day in front of all the village and he is sorry and worried about An Xi. While taking his dinner to the kitchen, You Qian hears Mei Wen and Zhi Lin talking and finds out that An Xi didn’t dress as an angel because she knew that he will donate her hostel, but because she heard him talking in his sleep about angels and wanted him to forget the unpleasant thinks from his past and smile from now on when he will see angels. He wants to know how An Xi, but he doesn’t dare to ask and Zhi Lin and Mei Wen are angry with him. Knowing that he is worried about An Xi, Zhi Lin tells him that she isn’t home and she hasn’t eaten either. Then You Qian hears Mei Wen and Zhi Lin talking about another time An Xi was acting the same as she was that day. It was while she was in high school. Something happened and she picked up fights with everyone that didn’t have anything to do with her anger, but ignored the people how made her angry.

In the morning when he woke up, You Qian saw that An Xi’s door room was open so he hurried downstairs to see An Xi. But An Xi is still upset, she ignored him. Worried You Qian followed An Xi to her favorite place, a place where she always goes when she is upset. When they were in high school, An Xi took You Qian there to make him feel better after he was bullied in school.

Remorseful You Qian arranged with Mei Wen and Zhi Lin to reveal everyone in the village that they misunderstood An Xi’s actions the other day and that she isn’t the type of women who sells her body for personal gain. The villagers who misunderstood An Xi, now apologize to her and their problems are resolved. There is only one person that An Xi is still upset with and still ignores and avoids and that person is You Qian.

The moment they are alone, You Qian apologized to An Xi. They return to being friends and they each open up in front of the other. They both talk about some people that hurt them in the past without knowing that they both meant each other.

An Xi:”I believe in you!”

The next morning, You Qian and An Xi met while coming out of their rooms. Now they are friends. They go for a walk, but during their walk they seem more like a couple dating than friends walking around. They play with a frog An Xi found. Since she doesn’t know who You Qian really is, she thinks that he is form the city and he is afraid of frogs, but he wasn’t. Then You Qian takes the frog and scares An Xi.

You Qian:” You seem to be curious about my love life.”

Since the night he moved into An Xi’s room, You Qian’s been curious who gave her the presents he found. Now he asks An Xi about them. But An Xi’s answer wasn’t what he expected. Those presents weren’t presents she received from someone, she gave those presents to someone. The presents were just returned to her since the person who she send them didn’t want them. The person An Xi send those presents to is her own mother and her hostel is the only connection between An Xi and her mother. That is why her hostel is so important to An Xi.

Back at the hostel, You Qian and An Xi saw a woman waiting for them. You Qian introduced that woman, Yong Qing as his girlfriend.

When the breakfast was ready, An Xi went to call You Qian and Yong Qing to eat, but they didn’t eat at the hostel. Yong Qing didn’t even look at An Xi when An Xi saluted her. They found a restaurant that pleased Yong Qing. While eating You Qian had to take form Yong Qing’s plate what she doesn’t eat.

Hearing that You Qian will stay at the hostel for a few more days, Yong Qing decided to stay with him…in his room. Seeing Yong Qing with You Qian made An Xi jealous.

Personal thought: If only You Qian and An Xi would open up and realize that between them are a lot of misunderstandings…But then, the misunderstandings have to appear so the drama could be…Watching this drama made me think about the misunderstandings may be in my own live…with the once around me…

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