“High Society ” ep 8 ~ Joon Ki:” You only saw what you wanted to see.”

The two couples went on a one night and two days trip. Something happened there and Chang Soo is disappointed in his friend, Joon Ki. With everything that Chang Soo found out his relationship with Joon Ki changes.

Episode 8

After partying all night, Yoon Ha, Joon Ki, Chang Soo and Ji Yi went on an one night and two days trip at Chang Soo’s villa. Things between the four friends grow and their relationships are closer. Chang Soo and Yoon Ha come from the same environment, even if they have different opinions. Chang Soo is sure that he can’t defeat his family if they oppose his relationship with Ji Yi, while Yoon Ha is sure that she can leave her family behind to be with Joon Ki and built the family she desires.

Joon Ki and Ji Yi, who also have the same background, can understand each other. But they are also different. Ji Yi dates Chang Soo, even if she knows that some day it will end, because she likes him. Meanwhile Joon Ki dates Yoon Ha because she can place him where he always wanted, in the world of the rich and powerful.

While they were eating, the conversation about how will they call each other come up. One word was necessary to make Yoon Ha cry, remembering her of her brother Kyeong Joon.

Seeing Yoon Ha crying, Joon Ki took her for a walk on the beach. Her tears last long and she is blaming herself for Kyeong Joon’s death so Joon Ki decided that it’s time for him to help her change her thoughts. They play awhile on the beach and return home.

Meanwhile, Chang Soo finds out that Joon Ki is also friend with another old high school friend who works as a journalist. That journalist is the one that exposed the news with Yoon Ha working as a part time at the market. Remembering how smart Joon Ki is and all what he found out recently, Chang Soo realized that the journalist found out form Joon Ki.

Returned at the villa, when they are left alone, Chang Soo asks Joon Ki when he first found out who Yoon Ha is. He asked Joon Ki if he dates Yoon Ha because of who she is and her background. None of them gives straight answers, but they know what the other means. Chang Soo is disappointed to realize that Joon Ki is not the person he thought Joon Ki was. The same time Joon Ki comes on strong. He asked Chang Soo several times who Yoon Ha was, but Chang Soo didn’t tell him the truth.

Joon Ki:”You always say you like me. I know you like me. I like you too.”

Shocked that Joon Ki isn’t the innocent person he thought he was, Chang Soo starts a fight. When Ji Yi and Yoon Ha come out of the house, they found Chang Soo and Joon Ki fighting. The girls stopped the fight, but their trip was over also.

Joon Ki:” You only saw what you wanted to see.”

On their way back to their house, when they saw that the girls were worried, both Chang Soo and Joon Ki said the same thing.

Joon Ki:”Men usually throw punches and show affection like that.”

Chang Soo:”Men are like that.”

Personal thought: I understand Chang Soo’s disappointment to find out the type of person his friend is, but living in the environment he leave, he should have known that what we see isn’t always the truth. We see what we what to see in the people around us. We search in others what we need, see them the way we want and put our trust in people that say what we want to hear, not in those that tells us the truth no matter what, no matter how much it hurts in the beginning. Luckily for Chang Soo and Yoon Ha, this is a drama and things will end up the way they want.

Yoon Ha will start working at her family’s company in a few days. Since she will start working at an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces, Yoon Ha needs at least one person she knows by her side, someone she can trust. Yoon Ha met with Ji Yi and asked Ji Yi to quit her part time job at the market and come work with her at Tae Jin Group.

Later Yoon Ha and Joon Ki went on a date at an exhibition. Someone followed them and took pictures of them dating.

Chang Soo’s mother found out that her precious son is meeting a poor girl and she isn’t pleased with that. She calls Joon Ki and asks him Ji Yi’s information. The following day at the office, Joon Ki tries to call Chang Soo, but Chang Soo changed his phone number. When Joon Ki went with some documents to Chang Soo’s office, Chang Soo was treating him differently, he was cold. Chang Soo is still upset and disappointed. Not even Joon Ki thought Chang Soo, who always said that he likes Joon Ki, will be this upset.

Joon Ki:”Your partner can also become my partner. “

Personal: There is a thing I personally hate, I find it hideous, it’s not something extraordinary, it depends on everyone’s taste. The thing I’m talking about is when you can see the underwear. When Yoon Ha and Ji Yi were exercising, I could see their underwear, not because their pants were transparent, but because you could see the shape, the cut…don’t know exactly how to call it.

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