“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 51~ep 52 ~ Yoon Ho:”Being all covered up makes you even sexier.”

Do Jin reopened his café and Seung Hye accepted to work with him again. Since Seung Hye accepted to work with him again, Do Jin paid Se Ryeong the money she used to pay for Seung Ah’s surgery. Upset that Do Jin is rejecting her, Se Ryeong met with Sun Im and told her that Do Jin is her fiancé.

Episode 51

Do Jin came to Seung Hye and brought her to the café. In front of the café Do Jin hold Seung Hye’s hand and told her what he feels with sincerity. Holding Seung Hye’s hand, Do Jin told her that the next day when he will reopen his café, he wants to hold her hand and walk in together.

In the morning, Seung Ah woke up really early to spy Seung Hye doing her morning wake up calls. Then Seung Ah calls Yoon Ho and acts the way Seung Hye was. During breakfast the whole family finds out that Seung Hye will return working with Do Jin. For the first time in her life, Seung Hye receives a lot of support from her grandmother, but the one against Seung Hye working with Do Jin is no other than her father, Yoon Dae Ho. It’s not that Dae Ho doesn’t like Do Jin, eh has two reasons to be against Seung Hye working with Do Jin. One of Dae Ho’s reasons for being against Seung Hye’s decision is that he wishes for Seung Hye to follow her dream and become a barista. The other reason is that Dae Ho is worried about how his mother will react when she will find out that Do Jin is Mi Ja’s son. But since Seung Hye likes working at Do Jin’s café and finds pleasure in developing new teas after beginning her lessons with her grandmother her parents agreed with her decision.

In the morning, Do Jin went to Se Ryeong and returned her the money for Seung Ah’s surgery. He knows that Seung Hye wanted to pay for Seung Ah’s surgery and she doesn’t feel alright with Se Ryeong for paying the surgery.

The same time, Mi Ja met with Dong Seok and asked her to repay the money she gave Dong Seok. She put a big interest in the promissory note. Mi Ja even give Dong Seok an alternative, if she doesn’t have the money to repay, Dong Seok just have to keep Seung Hye away from Do Jin. Knowing that it was her mistake for signing a promissory note without reading first, Dong Seok accepts paying the money, but she will also keep Seung Hye away from Do Jin because Dong Seok feels that Do Jin isn’t worthy for her daughter. In Dong Seok’s eyes, Seung Hye deserves more than Do Jin. Hearing the words Mi Ja told Dong Seok, Seon Seok couldn’t take it and threw Mi Ja out of her restaurant. After Mi Ja, Seong Seok threw salt.

Angry with the words Mi Ja said about her precious daughter, Dong Seok went to Do Jin’s café. There Do Jin and Seung Hye where happy, playing with the new desert Do Jin made. She told Do Jin what his mother did and took Seung Hye away. No matter how much Do Jin tried to apologize, Dong Seok can’t understand how could Do Jin let his mother say what she said about the woman Do Jin says he likes.

Do Jin:”I love Seung Hye!”

Personal thought: What kind of cake is that? Bread sliced into thick slices with whipped cream and fruits above?

Arrived home, Seung Hye is punished. She isn’t allowed to get near Do Jin’s café and for that her mother will follow her everywhere. With Seung Ah’s help, Seung Hye was able to get out of the house without her mother. That day Seung Ah was supposed to go see her doctor and asked her mother to let Seung Hye accompany her. Actually Seung Ah had plans to go at the hospital with Yoon Ho so she just helped Seung Hye get out of the house.

While Seung Ah was with Yoon Ho at the hospital, Seung Hye was helping Do Jin at the café. When she finished at the hospital, Seung Ah and Yoon Ho came at Do Jin’s café. From Yoon Ho, Seung Hye and Seung Ah found out that Do Jin returned Se Ryeong the money for Seung Ah’s surgery.

When the girls left, Yoon Ho told Do Jin that he should comfort Se Ryeong before cutting all ties with her because if he don’t comfort her, Se Ryeong could become spiteful and Seung Hye will be hurt.

Meantime Se Ryeong went at Seung Hye’s house and told Sun Im that Do Jin is her fiancé.

Episode 52

With Sun Im’s help, Ma Seong Nam met with Dae Shil. After they’ve ate, he is taking her somewhere. When they arrived at an alley, Seong Nam tried to kiss Dae Shil. Scared she started screaming and like a hero, Kyeong Tae appeared to protect her.

Kyeong Tae:”You have me next to you now.”

While Dae Shil was explaining Kyeong Tae what happened with Seong Nam they both felt overwhelmed with emotions and kissed. When they realized what they did, Dae Shil and Kyeong Tae were already naked in Kyeong Tae’s room. From now on Kyeong Tae will take responsibility for Dae Shil.

Suddenly someone is at the door. It’s Dae Ho! He came to bring Kyeong Tae an order of chicken on the house. Dae Ho is surprised to see Dae Shil there and Kyeong Tae wearing his shirt backwards.

Seung Ah wanted to go to the pool with Yoon Ho and wear the swimsuit Yoon Ho brought her so she tricked Yoon Ho and Seung Hye to go. Seung Jae also went. Without knowing the Seung Ah invited Yoon Ho, Seung Hye called Do Jin to come.

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Yoon Ho:”Being all covered up makes you even sexier.”

When he arrived at the pool and was about to go in, Do Jin received a phone call from his mother’s secretary telling him that his mother fainted. Worried, Do Jin hurried home. As a doctor, Do Jin realized soon that his mother was faking to be sick and told her that he will never fell for her tricks again.

Meantime at the pool, Yoon Ho and Seung Jae are bonding and getting friendlier with each other. The same goes for Seung Hye and Seung Ah, their relationship is better than ever after Seung Ah’s surgery. While Seung Hye went for a swim, Seung Ah told Seung Jae and Yoon Ho that Seung Hye and Do Jin are officially dating. Yoon Ho is disappointed to hear that.

All of a sudden, Yoon Ho jumps in the pool and goes to Seung Hye. She got a cramp and wasn’t able to swim anymore. Leaving the pool, Yoon Ho and the three siblings met Do Jin. Yoon Ho explained Do Jin that Seung Ah invited him without Seung Hye knowing so that Do Jin will not misunderstand. Then Do Jin took everyone out for dinner.

Personal thought: Seung Ah’s swimsuit is nice and all, even if they look like children’s diapers to me, but I wouldn’t want to have her tan afterwards :D.

But….What in the world is Seung Hye wearing????? Not even my mother is wearing something like that on the beach / pool! And one thing that I don’t understand, Seung Hye said that she borrowed the swimsuit from the counter at the pool. What in the world are they doing in Korea? The swimsuit is something intimate, why in the world will you wear something INTIMATE borrowed, a thing that other’s wear???? And what’s the point of getting your legs tanned and wearing long sleeves?

The scene with Seung Hye’s cramp was disappointing. They could’ve made it more credible….

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