“The Crossing Hero ” ep 9 ~ ep 10 ~ ep 11 ~ep12

At the jewelery exposition Xiao Tian sees Xiu Fei and falls in love with her. Thanks to that David is able to fool him and get the information he wants about Xiao Tian and Peng Ze.

With a drug from Peng Ze, Xian Ting drugs Xiao Dong to get his mind reading ability. The next day Xian Ting is kidnapped by David.

Episode 9

Xiao Dong is upset and doesn’t want to eat. He just sits in his room looking at a picture with his father. Worried about him, Xian Ting brings him dinner and apologizes for insisting with questions and reading Xiao Tong’s mind. After Xian Ting apologized, Xiao Dong opens up and talks about his father. But that doesn’t last long. Xian Ting is a journalist and has a lot of questions. When she asks about Xiao Dong’s supernatural powers, Xiao Dong gets upset again.

Xiao Dong quit the police after his father was murdered in a hit and run accident and the police wasn’t able to catch the culprit because he was from a rich and powerful family.

At the exhibition, Xiao Dong accompanied Ke Shang as part of the police, taking care that the jewelries won’t be stolen. Xian Ting was sent to interview the people from the exhibition and Mo Han brought the two imperial guards.

While she was interviewing an important man, an accident was about to happen to Xian Ting, but the man she was interviewing saved her. She doesn’t know it, but the man she was interviewing is David, the man who saved her in the park before Xiao Dong arrived.

Neat the exhibition a car accident occurred and the police units that were on their way are stuck in traffic.

Episode 10

It’s the exhibition day. Everyone is there, including Peng Ze and Xiao Tian. Both of them and Xiao Dong are mesmerized by Xiu Fei’s beauty. She came accompanying the man who Xiao Dong investigated for adultery.

Upset because she can’t get the interviews she wants, Xian Ting tries to convince Xiao Dong to share with her his mind reading powers. Remembering how Xiao Dong brought her to life in the park, Xian Ting suspects that kissing him should work. Xian Ting tries to kiss Xiao Dong at the exhibition to get his mind reading powers, but she doesn’t let her.

Suddenly the power of the surveillance cameras is off. David, the thief started his mission. Xiao Dong sees David stealing the jewelries and tries to stop him. They fight! David is about to shot Xiao Dong when Peng Ze and Xiao Tian intervened. When David ran away, Xiao Dong sent the two imperial guards to catch him.

Remembering that Xiao Dong always changes into Hong Xi Dong when he hears her ring tone, Xian Ting makes Xiao Dong change and send him after David, the thief.

Before going home, Xiao Dong went for drinks with Ke Shang. He tried to make Ke Shang feel better because Ke Shang could have problems at work and even be demoted since the theft occurred and since he didn’t take care of the accident well. While talking to Ke Shang, Xiao Dong remembers that Ke Shang’s superior, who was already at the accident scene called Ke Shang there too. Xiao Dong finds it suspicious.

Episode 11

Xiao Tian doesn’t do anything except for thinking about Xiu Fei. To make him come to his senses, Xian Ting brings Xiao Tian and Peng Ze out. She explains them what a zoo is, what they can see at the botanical garden, what it means to watch a movie. She wants to take them to the museum.

Remembering that he heard that Xiao Dong went to a club where he met Xiu Fei, Xiao Tian asks Xian Ting to call Xiao Dong and ask him about that club. Xian Ting took Xiao Tian and Peng Ze to the club, where they got drunk and danced. When they went to the bathroom, the two imperial guards met David. He is intrigued be them and followed them there until they were left alone. No matter how much David said that he is a good person and tried to get information about them, Peng Ze doesn’t trust him. But when Xiao Tian heard that David knows Xiu Fei and he can introduce her to him, Xiao Tian was fooled.

Before the imperial guards could be completely fooled, Xiao Dong arrived. David hit himself so that Xiao Dong won’t see him and also Peng Ze and Xiao Tian didn’t mentioned David. On their way home, Xiao Dong tried to console Xiao Tian who told Xiao Dong that Peng Ze hit him earlier. Meantime Xian Ting asked Peng Ze for a drug that it’s not life threatening so she could get Xiao Dong’s mind reading powers.

That night Xian Ting follows Xiao Dong everywhere until she managed to put the drug in his tea. Without knowing anything Xiao Dong drank the tea and when he arrived in his room he realized that his muscles are starting to paralyze. Xiao Dong struggles until he got in his bed where he fainted. Then Xian Ting came in, she checked if he is really fainted. Xian Ting kisses Xiao Dong, but she can’t feel anything. She goes downstairs to check with a conscious person if she got Xiao Dong’s mind reading powers, but she didn’t. Thinking that maybe she didn’t kiss him long enough, Xian Ting returned to Xiao Dong’s room and tries again, but this time too she doesn’t sense anything. The tired time she wanted to try, when she got closer to Xiao Dong, her heart started beating faster and she left flustered.

In the morning, when Xiao Dong woke up, he realized that he was drugged. The drug effect isn’t completely gone yet so he crawls to his drawer to get the laptop. Not trusting Xian Ting, Xiao Dong installed different cameras around his house. Looking at the video, Xiao Dong saw what Xian Tin did.

Episode 12

When Xian Ting brought him a tea, Xiao Dong doesn’t accept it. He will never drink anything she gives him to be sure that Xian Ting will not drug him again.

The two imperial guards are still upset with each other. The night before David gave Xiao Tian a cell phone, but he doesn’t know how to use it so he asks Mo Han for help. After learning how to use the phone, Xiao Tian called David and they’ve met. Xiao Tian was gone for several hours, in which he was tricked by David and told David everything he wanted to know. That night at the house, Mo Han and Xian Ting mediated between the two imperial guards to try make them get along again, but Xiao Tian is too stubborn.

The next morning Xiao Dong tells Xian Ting that there is a way for her to get his mind reading power easily.

Xian Ting:”Are you trying to get me to kiss you?”

They end up fighting over who is letting the other kiss him. To get back at him, Xian Ting made Xiao Dong change into Hong Xi Dong so he would have a headache afterwards. On her way to work, Xian Ting was kidnapped by David.

When he found out that Xian Ting didn’t show up at work and doesn’t answer her phone, Xiao Dong starts thinking that she could have been kidnapped. He remembers that before his memory loses and headache, he always heard Xian Ting’s ring tone. The once that Xiao Dong suspects to be Xian Ting’s kidnappers are the men in back and David. He search for them, including asks Ke Shang for information, but he can’t find anything on David.

With a little help, Xiao Dong is closer to find Xian Ting. He calls Ke Shang Peng Ze and Xiao Tian for help. While they were searching for Xian Ting, a phone started to ring. It was Xiao Tian’s and everyone was surprised to find out that he has a cell phone. The one calling Xiao Tian was Xian Ting. She managed to get David away from his phone at some point and called Xiao Tian, but he didn’t answer.

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