“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 16~ Murphy’s 11th law: Even if we are in love, there is always a perfect reason that we cannot be together.”

Jia Wei decided to not let what happened with his mother affect his current life, but he realized that too late. Already his life with Xiao Tong was affected. For few days Xiao Tong avoids Jia Wei, even if he did the best he could to apologize, Xiao Tong was cold towards him. In the end Xiao Tong decided to break up with Jia Wei.

Episode 16

Jia Wei wants to know why his mother left so he met with Zhi Yu, who told him that his mother came because she needed money. He feels bad for accepting his mother so easily back into his life after so many years, but Jia Wei knows that he shouldn’t let someone who comes and goes like that affect his current life. Remorseful for how he treated Xiao Tong at the airport, Jia Wei looks for her to apologize.

Jia Wei:” I am still willing to believe in the people who stayed by my side.”

Unfortunately for Jia Wei, Xiao Tong is still upset. She is cold towards him and he can’t do anything about it. Jia Wei knows that Xiao Tong has every right to be upset. All he can do now is wait and try to make Xiao Tong’s anger to pass.

For the next days, Xiao Tong buries herself in work to forget her problems. Even when Jia Wei brings her and her team coffee, Xiao Tong doesn’t pay attention to him. She just takes her coffee and goes back to her sit with a cold attitude. What Jia Wei doesn’t know is that Xiao Tong treats him with cold attitude because she doesn’t know what to do with the secret she knows about his birth. Should she tell Jia Wei what his father tried so hard to hide and hurt Jia Wei or should she just hide everything and hurt herself.

A day before the event with Zi Yan, Xiao Tong and Zi Yan went to see the yacht. He sees Xiao Tong stresses and helps her calm down. Also Zi Yan gives Xiao Tong confidence in herself.

The next day, at the event, Xiao Tong and her team wait for their guests, but no one comes. Suddenly they see a video message from Simon, Shao Qiang and An Ting in which they were talking about how good Jia Wei is and that she should stop working so much and marry him. Then they all came in front of Xiao Tong and Xin Xin and Jia Wei told them that he brought all the vouchers for that event. Everyone is there, no one else will come!

When everyone went to eat and have fun and the yacht, Jia Wei took Xiao Tong somewhere else where they could be alone. He prepared dinner for her and fireworks. While looking at the fireworks, Jia Wei told Xiao Tong that they’ve already watched fireworks a year ago and that the ring she found at that moment was Jia Wei’s.

Jia Wei:”I guess the ring knows where its true owner was earlier than me. Guan Xiao Tong, I’m happy the ring is with you.”

Hearing that she and Jia Wei already knew each other from a long time ago, Xiao Tong has a revelation and thinks that she was always stuck in the same place, that she didn’t change as she thought she did.

Xiao Tong:”It turns out, I was always stuck in the same place, never moving forward.”

On their way home, Xiao Tong tells Jia Wei how disappointed she is about his actions that day. She worked hard for that event and she feels like he ruined it, like he doesn’t take her work seriously. She feels like Jia Wei’s actions are telling her that her work is meaningless. But all Jia Wei wanted was for Xiao Tong to hit her target and to have a good rest after working so many days over program.

Jia Wei doesn’t understand Xiao Tong’s words. He is sorry for hurting her, but now when he is being nice to her, Xiao Tong tells him that it’s not what she wants.

Jia Wei:”This proves that you’re not truthful enough to me. Do you think I don’t know that you’re hiding something from me? I’ve been trying so hard to close the distance between us.”

Jia Wei kisses Xiao Tong, but she asks him to break up.

Xiao Tong:”Let’s break up!”

Murphy’s 11th law: Even if we are in love, there is always a perfect reason that we cannot be together.”

Xiao Tong calls Jia Wei to meet and she tells him what she’s being thinking this past few days and the decision she took. She realized that they have a problem that they didn’t resolved and they always go around in circles. It’s always the same, regardless if it’s about Zhi Yu or his mother, Jia Wei hides and suffers alone. No matter how frustrated or anxious she was, Xiao Tong wasn’t able to say anything. Until Jia Wei will be able to heal his wounds, Xiao Tong always has to be careful around him. So she realized that what Jia Wei needs is Guan Xiao Tong the love doctor, not Guan Xiao Tong the girlfriend.

Xiao Tong:”Don’t change yourself too much because of love.”

Jia Wei:”I will never let go of this hand.”

Xiao Tong lets go of Jia Wei’s hand, returns the bracelet and leaves.

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