“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 53~ep 54 ~ Do Jin:” I won’t ever let you go.”

Sun Im discovers that Do Jin is Mi Ja’s son and prohibits Seung Hye to work with him or date him. Seung Hye and Do Jin continue meeting up against their families disapproval, but they are found out and scolded.

Episode 53

Early in the morning Seung Hye tries to sneak out of the house before her mother woke up. Dong Seok doesn’t let Seung Hye get near Do Jin’s café. Knowing her daughter well, Dong Seok was already waiting for Seung Hye in front of their gate. Returned inside, Sun Im helped Seung Hye leave. Unfortunately for Dae Shil wasn’t so easy. Dae Shil also tried to sneak out of the house because Dae Ho is looking for her since he saw Dae Shil at Kyeong Tae’s house.

When Seung Hye arrived at the café, Do Jin took her for an early date to have breakfast. They tried different types of street food, Do Jin took pictures of Seung Hye and brought her and her grandmother gifts.

Dae Shil went to Kyeong Tae’s house to agree on what they should tell her family. Suddenly Seung Hye arrived to pick up some deserts Do Jin left home. Even if Dae Shil hid herself in the bedroom, Seung Hye saw her shoes and purse so Dae Shil has to come out.

Meantime Do Jin went to take Sun Im to her appointment at the hospital. While he was with Sun Im, secretary Bae called Do Jin to tell him that his mother is sick and was admitted to the hospital. Knowing his mother, Do Jin realized that she is pretending. Before calling Do Jin, Mi Ja arranged with Se Ryeong to be admitted to the hospital even if she isn’t sick to make Do Jin come see her and make him return being a doctor.

Seeing Do Jin with Sun Im at the hospital after Do Jin refused to see her, Mi Ja goes to them and tells Sun Im that Do Jin is her son. Angry, Sun Im left. Do Jin want to follow her, but secretary Bae stops him. While they were waiting for the lift to go the hospital’s director’s office to talk about Do Jin post as a doctor there, Kyeong Tae appeared and helped Do Jin run away.

After finding out that Do Jin is Mi Ja’s son, Sun Im went home furious. She sent Seung Ah to bring Seung Hye home. When Seung Hye arrived, Sun Im told her to quit her job and to never see Do Jin again. Do Jin also came, but Sun Im threw him out. She won’t supply his café with her tea anymore.

Sun Im:”Your mother and my family are sworn enemies.”

While Sun Im was screaming angry at Do Jin, Kyeong Tae and Dae Shil arrived. That day Kyeong Tae wanted to officially introduce himself to Sun Im and ask her permission to date Dae Shil. Seeing how scary Sun Im is, Kyeong Tae run away and decided to come again another day, when Sun Im won’t be so angry.

Episode 54

Both Seung Hye and Do Jin are curious as to why Sun Im said that their families are sworn enemies. Seung Hye asks her out and her grandmother and finds out half the truth. She discovers that Mi Ja and her mother stayed at Dongnakdang many years ago because they didn’t have anywhere to live. Sun Im took them in and treated them as part of her family, but when Mi Ja betrayed her, Sun Im threw Mi Ja and her mother out.

The same time Do Jin went to talk to his mother, but Mi Ja pretended that she doesn’t know why Sun Im will say such words.

While taking a walk and thinking about everything that happened that day, Do Jin and Seung Hye met. Seung Hye told Do Jin what she found out from her family.

Do Jin walks Seung Hye home and asks her to promise him that they won’t give up on their love because the elders ask them to.

Do Jin:” I won’t ever let you go.”

Dae Ho and Dong Seok got a loan using Dongnakdang as collateral and paid back the money they owned Mi Ja. On her was back, Dong Seok saw Do Jin and Seung Hye hugging in front of their house and went furious. She scolded Do Jin and Seung Hye, than she took her daughter home. That night at the house, Sun Im opened up towards Dong Seok and told her daughter-in-law why she hates Mi Ja so much.

When he was coming home, Dae Ho met with Do Jin in front of his house. Do Jin asked Dae Ho why their families are enemies because his mother won’t tell him anything, but Dae Ho refused to tell him. Dae Ho believes that if Mi Ja doesn’t want to tell Do Jin anything, she may have her reasons.

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