“The Crossing Hero ” ep 13 ~ep14

Xiao Dong and his friends saved Xian Ting, but they lost David. While following David, Xiao Dong found Xiu Fei.

Meeting Xiu Fei, Xian Ting realizes that she has something to give to Xiu Fei. Xian Ting managed to get Xiao Dong’s mind reading power.

Episode 13

Seeing that Xiao Tian has a cell phone, Peng Ze becomes suspicious. Xiao Tian doesn’t have the money to buy a phone and he is acting strange. Suspicious, Peng Ze follows Xiao Tian and sees that the person who called Xiao Tian is David. With everyone knowing that he keeps in touch with David, Xiao Tian had to confess that David treated him to a mean and he told everything to David. Xiao Dong also touched Xiao Tian and read his mind.

Suddenly, Xiao Dong noticed surveillance cameras. Together with Peng Ze, Xiao Tian and Ke Shang, Xiao Dong found a secret entrance and arrived to David’s house. Inside, Xiao Dong untied Xian Ting. Meantime Peng Ze was fighting with David. Xiao Tian, the fool, intervened to stop Peng Ze and to protect David. They are about to catch David, when David threatens them with blowing up the whole building. That moment Mo Han hit David with the little balls that Peng Ze thought her to use.

Also to help Peng Ze and Ke Shang, Xian Ting used her ring tone to make Xiao Dong change into Hong Xi Dong. Still, in the confusion, David managed to run away.

After sending Mo Han, Xian Ting and the imperial guards home, Xiao Dong asks Ke Shang what happened, why he once again lost his memory before having an headache. Ke Shang told him what he saw, but for more information Xiao Dong has to talk to Xian Ting. So Xiao Dong did that. As soon as he came home, Xiao Dong asked Xian Ting what happens before his headaches. Xian Ting tells him that every time he hears her ring tone he changes into Hong Xi Dong.

Arrived at the house, Peng Ze asks Xiao Tian to come to the rooftop to scold him. While they were talking, David called Xiao Tian and once again the innocent Xiao Tian disobeyed Peng Ze and left.

Seeing Peng Ze worried, Xiao Dong tells him what his suspicions for David to approach Xiao Tian and Xian Ting are. Later, Peng Ze and Xiao Dong decided to trust each other to find out why Xiao Dong changes into Hong Xi Dong. There must be some kind of connection and for that they need to join forces and work together to resolve the questions they have.

When Xiao Tian arrived home, Xiao Dong told him that he also knows Xiu Fei and he, Xiao Dong, could also help Xiao Tian find Xiu Fei.

To find Xiu Fei for Xiao Tian, Xiao Dong went to see the man she was with the day of the jewelry exposition. There Xiao Dong met David who already got Xiu Fei’s contact information.

When David left, Xiu Fei was coming. She sees David and follows him. Seeing Xiu Fei following David, Xiao Dong decided to follows Xiu Fei.

Episode 14

Xiu Fei follows David and when he stepped at an ice cream shop she goes inside. David wears a mark that Xiu Fei recognized, the organization that has that mark has something to do with her family disappearance. When David wanted to leave, Xiao Tian came. Both Xiao Dong and Xiu Fei want to catch David, but he somehow managed to disappear.

Since they have they have the same goal, Xiao Dong convinced Xiu Fei to come to his house. Xiu Fei recognized Xiao Dong, Xiao Tian and Peng Ze from the exposition when they fought with David and plans to use them to catch David. The same time Xiao Dong doesn’t fully trust Xiu Fei, she accepted to go to his house too easily.

When Xiu Fei left, Xiao Dong held her hand and was able to read her mind. He read in Xiu Fei’s mind that she was kidnapped as a child and threatened.

The next day, Xiu Fei met with David and Xiao Tian, but since David doesn’t have the answers she wants, Xiu Fei left. When she received a text message from Xian Ting, Xiu Fei went to meet her.

Before meeting with Xiu Fei, Xian Ting took Xiao Dong by surprise and kissed him to get his mind reading power. Then, when she was with Xiu Fei, Xian Ting touched Xiu Fei and realized that the old man she met in the park is someone that Xiu Fie knew. The old man gave Xian Ting at that moment a jade pendant for Xiu Fei. When Xian Ting kissed Xiao Dong, he sensed something different than the first time. Xiao Dong is beginning to fell in love with Xian Ting.

Later, after Xiu Fei left, Xian Ting told Xiao Dong and Peng Ze about the old man and the jade pendant that she returned to Xiu Fei. The next days, Xiu Fei returned at Xiao Dong’s house. Hearing Mo Han and Xian Ting that they want to change themselves, Xiu Fei teach them to be sexy.

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