“When I See You Again ” ep 6~ You Qian:”You…look pretty today.”

Yong Qing leaves at An Xi’s hostel and starts creating problems. After hearing that You Qian’s first love is An Xi, she told him something that made You Qian decide to seriously pursue An Xi.

Episode 6

For the first time in her live, An Xi shows interest in dresses and makeup. She even buys a lipstick. When she was wearing the lipstick and looking forward to meet You Qian, An Xi saw You Qian and his girlfriend coming home. Sad she needed to leave and get some fresh air.

Bored to stay in the room, You Qian found an excuse and left. He search for An Xi, but she isn’t there. Arrived at the place where An Xi always goes when she is sad, You Qian found her there. Happily he sits beside her.

You Qian:” Are you…that evil woman I remember?”

You Qian is curious about something. He heard Mei Wen saying that the last time she saw An Xi upset was on her 18th birthday and she got mad with everyone that come across her. The person who she got mad with that day was You Qian so he is curious about what happened. An Xi tells him that she fought with her father that day and she vented her anger on the boy that come across her path. She also tells him that during that time there were a lot of boy who liked her so to get rid of them she used to send them after Angel’s Tears. Hearing that she used the Angel’s Tears just to get rid of people, You Qian gets upset and leaves. An Xi follow him to the house, but You Qian is so upset that he doesn’t even talk to her.

When they arrived home, Ya Ru and Ya En returned from the hospital. Hearing from Yong Qing that it was You Qian that helped Ya En see a doctor the day she was admitted everyone from Lunar Maria thank him, especially An Xi, but You Qian is cold towards her.

Since Ya En was discharged from hospital, the Lunar Maria staff is hosting a small party. An Xi invited You Qian and his girlfriend. Yong Qing only came at the party to make fun of An Xi. Seeing You Qian cleaning Yong Qing chopsticks and plate everyone is surprised. Then they see You Qian giving Yong Qing food. She doesn’t do anything for herself. To make fun of An Xu and humiliate her, Yong Qing asked You Qian to give her prawns. Then she made An Xi feel bad for peeling the prawn with her hands, while You Qian was peeling using a fork and spoon.

While they were eating someone is outside screaming for Yong Qing to come out. It’s the man she dumped the day he brought her to Lunar Maria. To help Yong Qing, An Xi went out. Everyone followed her. Wanting to humiliate Yong Qing, that man brought a friend that will record him throwing a bucket of watermelon on Young Qing. Because her body is faster than her brain, An Xi jumped in between and the bucket was thrown on An Xi. Because her shoulder is revealed, You Qian noticed a scar on An Xi’s back.

Later, You Qian is curious about An Xi’s back scar and Mei Wen told him that An Xi protected Hai Kuo few years ago the same way she did that night with Yong Qing. Then Mei Wen wet to scold An Xi. She should think about herself first, not put herself in danger.

Lately An Xi’s been running around You Qian. Initially Mei Wen was pleased by the idea of An Xi and You Qian being together, but now when You Qian’s girlfriend showed up, Mei Wen doesn’t like him anymore.

Mei Wen:”Love will come find you.”

In their room You Qian is always depressed. For the first time since she met him, Yong Qing saw You Qian running and laughing happily with An Xi. Now when she sees him depressed, she is curious why would he be like that. You Qian opens up and tells Yong Qing that Pu Lang Village is his hometown. He didn’t have any friends and was bullied by others. One day a girl appeared and became his only friend. Every time he was upset, she just happened to be there and make him feel better. If she would see him in the field working, she will come to help him. Yo Qian started to feel confused, he thought that the girl was there for him because she liked him. Now after ten years he realized that the girl didn’t like him.

You Qian:” I hate myself more than I hate her.”

You Qian’s emotions are going in circles. He hates that girl and wants to leave her, but he can’t do that. Something inside him doesn’t allow him to leave that girl. After listening to You Qian’s story, Yong Qing tells him her honest opinion. She thinks that he can’t let go of the girl he liked for so many years because he never had her.

Yong Qing:” Love to me is like getting sick. You’ll heal when all the symptoms clear up.”

After hearing Yong Qing, You Qian realized that he started loving An Xi on his own, but he couldn’t end it on his own. He decided to seriously pursue An Xi and see how thing will end this time. In the morning when they meet, An Xi is shocked to see You Qian saluting her and even smiling.

You Qian:”You…look pretty today.”

You Qian begins collecting information about An Xi. He asks Zhi Lin, Ya En, Ya Lu and even Mei Wen about An Xi’s hobbies. All of them told You Qian that An Xi’s hobby is to earn money. Later when the man that was bullying him ten years ago came to bring a dress to An Xi, You Qian got an idea. He will take An Xi out shopping.

Personal thought: When the man that used to bully You Qian when they were children showed up kind gave me the impression that the writers and producers of this drama are giving a moral, a subliminal message. Those who study well will get rich, while the bullies won’t have success in life.

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