“High Society ” ep 9 ~ Yoon Ha:” You and I both need each other.”

News of Yoon Ha and Joon Ki dating appeared on the newspapers. When president Jang asked Yoon Ha to break up with Joon Ki, she riposted. She lost so many battles during her life, that now she knows how to win.

While Yoon Ha was telling him about her future plans, Joon Ki realized that he crossed the line he never crossed before, he fall in love with Yoon Ha.

Episode 9

Ji Yi made a decision. She quit her job at the market and will work with Yoon Ha. When she told Chang Soo her decision, he wasn’t please. Instead of letting Ji Yi work under her friend, Yoon Ha, Chang Soo prefers paying for her daily things. Because Ji Yi is not the type to accept money without working for them they got into a fight and Ji Yi told Chang Soo what is on her heart.

Yoon Ha is talking to her father. A news appeared about Yoon Ha dating a poor man. Her father asked her to break up with Joon Ki, but Yoon Ha refused. She isn’t the type to do what her father asks her to do, she fights back for what she wants. She will continue dating Joon Ki and for her father the only thing she can do is doing a good job at the company.

Yoon Ha:”I’m doing business so why are you interfering with my personal life? You and I both need each other.”

No matter what her says, Yoon Ha doesn’t lose. She talks back, she learned how to win her own battles. She tells her father how her relationship with Joon Ki started…or at least how she knows the relationship started, because Yoon Ha still doesn’t know that Joon Ki already knew who she was when he approached her.

Yoon Ha:” Having lost all the time, I know how to win.”

Yoon Ha is getting ready to go out when she sees between her jewelries the key Kyeong Joon once gave her. She grabs the key and remembers that Kyeong Joon showed her where his secred safe is. Yoon Ha runs to Kyeong Joon’s office and remembers a day she spent with Kyeong Joon. That day he told her why he began liking her and also he told her his password. She opened the safe and inside she found a box. With the key that Kyeong Joon left her, Yoon Ha was able to open the box. Inside that box, Yoon Ha found an USB memory stick and company stocks. So that nobody sees her, Yoon Ha took the memory stick and the stocks to her room and locked them inside her own safe.

Later, Yoon Ha went with Ji Yi shopping and she brought a watch for Joon Ki.

On her way to meet Joon Ki, Yoon Ha stopped to see a few minutes Chang Soo. He wanted to tell her why Joon Ki approached her, but he couldn’t. All Chang Soo could do was ask Yoon Ha if she is sure about Joon Ki’s feelings for her.

While meeting with Joon Ki, Yoon Ha told him what she found inside Kyeong Joon’s safe. Joon Ki made Yoon Ha understand how Kyeong Joon could’ve left her company shares without reporting them. Later Joon Ki accompanied Yoon Ha to see her new office at her family company. There Yoon Ha told Joon Ki that her goal is to leave her family behind after resolving all the suspicions she has about Kyeong Joon’s death. Also Joon Ki realized that he crossed the line he never crossed before. He approached Yoon Ha because she was rich, but he fell in love with her in the end.

Joon Ki:”I know what love is, being able to smile during a pathetic situation. The dark reality… looking at it in a bright light. Then you come to like the situation you’re facing. As I’ve come to like you , you’re making the dark reality fade away. That is why…the one thing I’m cautious of…I think you’re really different. I didn’t know that time that I had already stepped over that border. ”

Personal thought: I had, somehow, high expectation of this drama, but now I don’t really know if I like it or not. I’ve seen worse, but still…. It’s already episode 9 and I don’t see any progress. When is Yoon Ha going to fight with her sister, as his brother wanted her to? When is going to happen something? There are only few episodes left, but still nothing much happened around here…

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