“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 55~ep 56 ~ Do Jin: “The blackout’s giving us a reason to improve the atmosphere in here.”

After finding out that Do Jin is Mi Ja’s son, Sun Im rejects him, even if she likes him more every time she sees him.

With help from Seung Ah and Seung Jae, Do Jin and Seung Hye are able to keep seeing each other.

Episode 55

Dae Shil is disappointed that Kyeong Tae got scared of her mother and left without talking to Sun Im. She believes that Kyeong Tae didn’t have the courage to face Sun Im because Kyeong Tae doesn’t like her enough.

Meantime at his house, Kyeong Tae isn’t able to sleep. He feels remorseful for not completing his mission of talking to Sun Im. After talking to Do Jin, Kyeong Tae decided to go to Dae Shil, but a text message from Dae Shil arrived. She is too upset to see him.

In the morning, Seung Ah send a photo of herself to Yoon Ho instead of a wakeup call. Then she called him, Yoon Ho closed the conversation soon.

Seung Ah has to meet Se Ryeong and sign her contract as a model for Se Ryeong’s company. To be sure that she won’t make a mistake signing that contract, Seung Ah took Seung Jae with her as her lawyer. The second motive Seung Ah took Seung Jae with her is because she wants Se Ryeong and Seung Jae to be together. She made sure to praise Seung Jae in front of Se Ryeong.

To get Seon Seok on his side, Yoon Ho asked president Jang to let him sent her flowers in president Jang’s name. Since president Jang accepted, Yoon Ho went to Seon Seok shop and told her that the flowers he brought her are from president Jang to thank her for the sandwiches she gave him.

To help Yoon Ho, Seon Seok called Dong Seok to send Seung Hye over. When she found out that her mother send Seung Hye to meet Yoon Ho, Seung Ah got angry and run after Seung Hye. Arrived at Seon Seok’s shop, Seung Ah made everything she could to remind Yoon Ho that Seung Hye has a boyfriend, Kang Do Jin.

Later Do Jin also came there. Seung Ah called him on her way there. With him, Do Jin brought a present because from there he will go meet Sun Im. Seung Hye accompanied Do Jin to see Sun Im, but in front of her house she received Mi Ja’s call.

Sun Im doesn’t want to see Do Jin, for her Do Jin is just Mi Ja’s son and that is enough for her to not like him anymore. On his knees Do Jin is waiting in front of Sun Im’s room to see her, while talking about how hard was for his mother to raise him as a single mother and about his father whose face Do Jin never saw. With Seung Jae’s help, Do Jin was able to enter Sun Im’s room and talk to her. The conversation wasn’t long. As soon as Do Jin began talking about how much he wants to be with Seung Hye, Sun Im got angry and told him to leave.

Meantime Seung Hye arrived at Mi Ja’s office where she found her father. Mi Ja made sure to call Dae Ho and Seung Hye at the same time there. When Seung Hye arrived, Mi Ja pretended to be sick so that Seung Hye will find Dae Ho holding her. The reason Mi Ja wanted to talk to Seung Hye was because Mi Ja wants Seung Hye to convince Do Jin to return working at the hospital.

Episode 56

Finishing talking to Seung Hye, Mi Ja returned to her office and let Dae Ho and Seung Hye leave. Before they left, Mi Ja made sure to humiliate Seung Hye because she is an adoptee whose blood no one knows from where it comes. The coward Dae Ho couldn’t bare see her precious daughter offended by Mi Ja so he defended her, but still Mi Ja’s words hurt Seung Hye.

On their way back home, Dae Ho told Seung Hye that Sun Im wants them to go on a trip to help Seung Hye forget all about Do Jin. Now, after seeing the way Mi Ja treated Seung Hye, Dae Ho agrees with Dong Seok and they don’t think Do Jin is right for Seung Hye, they don’t. Want Seung Hye to suffer because of Mi Ja.

Kyeong Tae can’t take it anymore with Dae Shil being upset with him and with Joon Bae’s help proposes to Dae Shil. Because they’ve met at Joon Bae’s chicken shop, Kyeong Tae chose that shop to propose to Dae Shil.

At the house, Sun Im tries to sleep, but she can’t get out of her mind the fact that Do Jin never saw his father’s face. A thought comes to her mind. What if Do Jin was Dae Ho’s son, her grandson?

Pretending to need some fresh air, Seung Jae takes Seung Hye out of the house. They spit on the road and Seung Jae sent Seung Hye to see Do Jin at his café. While Seung Hye and Do Jin were at the café, Mi Ja’s secretary, Sang Man thought that a blackout will help somehow to close Do Jin’s café. So thanks to foolish Sang Ma, Do Jin and Seung Hye had a little romantic time at the café surrounded by candles light.

Do Jin: “The blackout’s giving us a reason to improve the atmosphere in here.”

Personal thought: Can someone tell me how a blackout can make Do Jin close his cafe? Maybe he thought that Do Jin won’t realize that he has a blackout and won’t think abotu calling electrician…Fortunately for Do Jin and Seung Hye, Sang Man’s foolishness gave them a romantic time together.

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