“High Society ” ep 10 ~ Yoon Ha:” I will only respect words I want to hear.”

Yoon Ha fights with everyone that tells her that Joon Ki doesn’t like her, but he likes her background. She only believes what she wants to hear, but when she sees at Joon Ki’s house, pictures with her since she was little and information about her and her family she is shocked.

Ji Yi met with Chang Soo’s mother and decided to break up with him.

Personal thought: Don’t know why, but I had high expectation of this drama. Now…I’m slightly disappointed. I’ve watched every episode, but I don’t know when exactly Ji Yi began to fell in love with Chang Soo. It was too sudden. Now she avoided him, the second minute she was crazily in love with him, without anything happening. The same goes for Yoon Ha and Joon Ki. They didn’t spend that much time together, they didn’t go one dates so when Joon Ki fell in love with her?

Episode 10

Yoon Ha comes home and looks at the memory stick Kyeong Joon left her. In there she found evidence against her sister, Ye Won. Later her mother called her. Yoon Ha’s mother found out about Yoon Ha’s relationship with Joon Ki and wants Yoon Ha to break up with him. But Yoon Ha refused it. She will decide for herself when it comes to her love life. Also her father approved her relationship with Joon Ki. President Jang approved Yoon Ha relationship with Joon Ki because that kind of relationship gives his company a good imagine so he is going to use it for a while for marketing, but still for Yoon Ha is more than enough that he approved.

Yoon Ha:” I am saying that I will only respect words I want to hear.”

When Yoon Ha went to Kyeong Joon’s office, she found Ye Won there. The next day Ye Won will move in. Ye Won sees Yoon Ha as threat, the same way Kyeong Joon was, especially since Yoon Ha and Kyeong Joon were close. What Ye Won doesn’t know is that Kyeong Joon left Yoon Ha with evidence that can help Yoon Ha in their battle. During their conversation, Yoon Ha gives small clues to Ye Won that she knows more than Ye Won thinks, but since Ye Won doesn’t pay that much attention to Yoon Ha she doesn’t understand why Yoon Ha is suddenly interested in a scandal Ye Won was involved while leading Tae Jin Cosmetics.

After Ye Won left, Yoon Ha received a phone call from Joon Ki’s ex girlfriend. She wants to meet Yoon Ha and tell her that Joon Ki is only dating her because she has the background and power he wants.

Joon Ki and Chang Soo went for a bike race. For the first time Joon Ki won and revealed Chang Soo that he always let Chang Soo win. After the race Joon Ki opens up and reveals everything to Chang Soo, how he used him because he needed Chang Soo. During the process he begin liking Chang Soo, but in the beginning he used the opportunity to help Chang Soo so they would become friends and Chang Soo will help him become second in lead.

Joon Ki:” I like you! I love Yoon Ha!”

The same time Yoon Ha met with Joon Ki’s ex girlfriend, but she didn’t believe a word that girl said. Later Yoon Ha went to Joon Ki’s house where Joon Ki’s mother showed her a picture Joon Ki had with her since she was little. Next to the picture there was Yoon Ha’s hairpin that she lost the day she had the blind date with Chang Soo and a picture with her and her whole family.

After meeting with Chang Soo’s mother two times and finding out that Chang Soo won’t receive the shares he should receive because he is dating her, Ji Yi decided to break up with him. They met and broke up with each other, but it started to rain. Since it’s raining and the weather isn’t good, Chang Soo and Ji Yi postponed the break up for another day.

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