“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 17~ Jia Wei:”Do you really not care about me anymore?”

Jia Wei and Xiao Tong miss each other, but Xiao Tong refuses to meet with him so she won’t give up on her decision to break up with him. Xiao Tong resigned her job and returned to work at the hospital where she saw Zhi Yu and Jia Wei together.

In order to get back with Xiao Tong, Jia Wei found out about a trip where Xiao Tong will go and went there too. He took care of her without her realizing. When they met Jia Wei clarified Xiao Tong’s misunderstanding.

Personal thought: Since both Jia Wei and Xiao Tong have been hurt in their past relationship and started a new one without resolving their problems, they are now hurting each other. Jia Wei doesn’t know how to share his problems with Xiao Tong, while Xiao Tong keeps everything for herself. She always tries to not hurt others and keeps everything inside her heart without realized that exactly that attitude of hers hurts the one around her. Both Jia Wei and Xiao Tong love each other, but until they will learn to leave the past behind and move one without putting a wall between them, because of the problems from their past relationships, they will continue hurt each other and most importantly they will hurt themselves.

Episode 17

Jia Wei went to see a sad movie and cry. Xiao Tong is watching the same movie. When she sees Jia Wei, she hides and calls him. She tells him to raise his hand and to help her pat his head.

Xiao Tong:”When I’m not there, you take care of Ji Jia Wei for me.”

Jia Wei realizes that Xiao Tong is in the same place as he and searches for her, but he missed her. She left so that Jia Wei won’t see her. Sad, Jia Wei goes home, but every little think in his house reminds him of Xiao Tong.

The next day, while Jia Wei was looking for Xiao Tong at her office he found out that she resigned. He misses her and wants to know what she is doing. The same time Xiao Tong remembers the moments she spent with Jia Wei and misses him as much as he misses her. To try and forget about him, Xiao Tong goes out for jogging.

With Xiao Tong gone, Zhi Yu comes back into Jia Wei’s life. Since Jia Wei doesn’t seem like the person she once knew, Zhi Yu encourages him to go and look for Xiao Tong. Seeing Jia Wei depressed, Zhi Yu took him for walks every time she could with the pretext that if Jia Wei accompanies her to her doctor’s appointments she won’t miss them.

While he was in the hospital, Jia Wei saw Xiao Tong. He runs after her, but he missed her. Zhi Yu encourages him to go back at the hospital and look for Xiao Tong, but Jia Wei doesn’t go. He wants to change for Xiao Tong so if Xiao Tong needs some time to change herself and not be the fool that revolves around others, Jia Wei wants to respect her decision.

Since Jia Wei doesn’t want to go look for Xiao Tong, Zhi Yu went. Xiao Tong misunderstood that Zhi Yu and Jia Wei are back together and Zhi Yu didn’t clear up the misunderstanding she just let Xiao Tong talk. Later Jia Wei invited Zhi Yu out to eat so she will tell him how Xiao Tong is doing. She told Jai Wei that Xiao Tong misunderstood that they are back together and that Xiao Tong still cares for him. While talking to Xiao Tong, Zhi Yu realized that Xiao Tong still loves Jia Wei. Also to help Jia Wei get back with Xiao Tong, Zhi Yu told him that she will leave for a seminar soon.

All this time since she broke up with Jia Wei, Xiao Tong’s been meeting Zi Yan.

The day of her trip came and Xiao Tong arrived at the hotel she is staying. Without her realizing there is always someone behind her, paying attention to all her needs. If she goes to the library and can’t reach a book, someone will take it down for her while she is looking for a chair to get the book. If she falls asleep while working at her laptop in the hotel lobby, someone will order her coffee and cakes. If she trips and breaks her glasses a man appears to help her and take her to her room because she has astigmatism and can’t see without her glasses. Happily Xiao Tong accepts help from that stranger without knowing that the stranger that is helping her is no other than Ji Jia Wei.

The next day, during breakfast Xiao Tong and Jia Wei saw each other. He tried to hid, but still Xiao Tong was able to notice him. Later, while Xiao Tong was taking a walk and taking photos of the surroundings, Xiao Tong and Jia Wei met again. They’ve talked for a while, but when Xiao Tong left she tripped and Jia Wei caught her. To escape the awkward moment, Xiao tong pushed Jia Wei and she fell hurting her hand.

Jia Wei took Xiao Tong to her room, cleaned her wound and applied medicine on. He is about to leave when Xiao Tong received a phone call and she can’t hold her phone while looking for something. Jia Wei returns and holds the phone for Xiao Tong. Then she goes towards the door to leave, but seeing that Xiao Tong can’t use her both hands to work on the laptop he returned and helped her. Since Xiao Tong can’t use her both hands and work, Jia Wei will be her hands.

After they’ve finished, Jia Wei took Xiao Tong in his arms and send her to take a shower. It’s late in the nigh and Jia Wei is still in Xiao Tong’s room. Suddenly Xiao Tong received a text message. When Jia Wei saw that the message was from Zi Yan, he got up from the sofa and left.

That night, both Xiao Tong and Jia Wei aren’t able to fall asleep. Worried that Xiao Tong won’t take care of her wound, Jia Wei send her a text message. Since Xiao Tong responded to his texts, Jia Wei keeps sending Xiao Tong texts.

In the morning, they met in front of their rooms and decided to go together see the sunrise. Arrived at the place where they will watch the sunrise, Xiao Tong is cold so Jia Wei puts a blanket on her. When Jia Wei touched her shoulders with the blanket, Xiao Tong realized that the stranger who helped her the day before was Jia Wei.

When Xiao Tong mentioned that she was the safe keeper who watched over Jia Wei and the ring he was supposed to use to propose to Zhi Yu, Jia Wei clarified the situation and told her that she misunderstood his relationship with Zhi Yu. Jia Wei said that he and Zhi Yu are just friends and he accompanied her to her appointments because Zhi Yu insisted to not letting him alone and sad in the house.

Jia Wei:”Do you really not care about me anymore?”

Scared that she will give in to her feeling for Jia Wei, Xiao Tong, using her Murphy jinx as an excuse wants to leave, but Jia Wei stops her and proposed her to make a bet.

Jia Wei:”Let’s make a bet on whether we will see the sunrise today. If you win, I will keep the ring. But if you lose, don’t use Murphy as an excuse for your cowardice next time.”

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2 Responses to “Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 17~ Jia Wei:”Do you really not care about me anymore?”

  1. Cherry says:

    Thank you for recapping! I love reading them. Although the part in the hotel when xiao tong receives the text from zhi yu and jia wei leaves. I think it has more to do with the poem he sees on her computer rather than the text. Bc the point of the poem is “I love you for the way you make me better” and jia Wei is realizing/learning that he wasn’t doing that for her. he wasn’t bringing out the better side of her instead through circumstances she had to hide her hurt and protect him at her expense.

    • lemonmirae says:

      Thanks for reading !:) And yes he realized that while reading that poem. But also he was hiding his problems form her instead of talking to his partner about the problem he has. They both wanted the same thing, but they were choosing the wrong path. Luckily they realized in the end what they had to do and became happy. 😀

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