“The Crossing Hero ” ep 15 ~ep16

Xiao Dong and Xian Ting are getting closer and closer. A friend of Xiao Dong appears and helps them catch a criminal.  Xiao Tian made peace with Peng Ze and returned home.

Episode 15

Xiao Dong and Peng Ze received invitations to an auction. Since no one knows him in this time, Peng Ze suspects that the invitation comes from Xiao Tian and behind it is no other that David. Both Xiao Dong and Peng Ze know that David coaxed Xiao Tian and that invitation could be a trap.

While looking around for information Xiao Dong’s attention was caught by an eunuch from the Ming dynasty. After gaining the emperor’s trust, the eunuch was entrusted with the mission of expanding Ming’s influence overseas. The eunuch’s mission started around the same time Peng Ze and Xiao Tian arrived in the future. Xiao Dong thinks that maybe that eunuch stolen the pearl that Peng Ze and Xiao Tian are looking for so he asks Peng Ze about it.

Because they need help in the fight that it’s coming and they also need answers, Peng Ze and Xiao Dong agreed that Xian Ting should call out Hong Xi Dong. While Peng Ze was talking to Hong Xi Dong, Xian Ting filmed Hong Xi Dong to show his actions to Xiao Tong.

Xiao Dong:”Hong Xi Dong is indeed formidable!”

Seeing the way Hong Xi Dong fights, Xiao Dong blamed himself for not finding a way to change into Hong Xi Dong earlier so he could be able to save his father. Luckily Xian Ting was next to him and encouraged him saying that the Hong Xiao Dong she knows is an incredible person too.

Xian Ting:” Hong Xiao Dong, you are still a hero to many people.”

Xiao Dong asked Xian Ting to accompany him somewhere. They went to the place where Xiao Dong used to go fishing with his father. There Xian Ting gave him the box she found in the dresser of her room. That box contains the pressed Xiao Dong’s father prepared for Xiao Dong the day he died. Encouraged by Xian Ting, Xiao Dong opened the box and watched his father’s last message for him.

Because he blamed himself for his father’s death, Xiao Dong never opened that present. He felt like he doesn’t deserve to receive that present. He also told Xian Ting that the day he celebrate his birthday isn’t his real birthday, it’s the day his father found him, because Xiao Dong was adopted.

The present was actually a message from his father. In that message, Xiao Dong’s father was telling him that Xiao Dong was the best present heavens gave him, but he was also telling Xiao Dong where to find all the things he had on him the day his father found him if he ever wants to look for his roods.

The day of the artifacts auction, Xian Ting met the professor who is the owner of the artifacts, but he is also Xioa Dong’s friend. Since Xiao Dong is part of the security again, Mo Ha had to come accompanying Peng Ze. Xiao Tian came with David.

David can’t accept that Xian Ting is the only woman who rejected him so he wants to change that. When he is about to kiss Xian Ting, the sponsor of the auctions came in. He wanted to buy all the artifacts, but Yan Jun, the professor, refused him. Now the sponsor wants to take them by force. At that auction Peng Ze and Xiao Tian made peace and protected everyone there before the police arrived.

Episode 16

Yan Jun is looking for information about a man from a powerful organization connected to David and the men in back. To find every information he needs he asks Ke Shang to look into it, but he also asks the hacker Xiao Dong is working with, Long Long.

Xiao Dong is with Xian Ting talking. While they are talking David appears and shots Xiao Dong with tranquilizer. With Xiao Dong unable to move, David confesses again his love for Xian Ting.

David:”I love you!”

David asked Xian Ting to accept him. If she will accept him, David will give up his current life with the organization he is working with and become a different man. After David left, Xian Ting wants to go look for help, but Xiao Dong pretends to be unconscious. Scared and worried Xian Ting is ready to give his CPR, but then Xiao Dong opens his eye laughing. While they were there together looking into each other’s eyes, they move closer to one another. They are about to kiss, when Mo Han and everyone came up.

Later Xian Ting wants to talk to Xiao Dong about David’s confession, but thinking that if Xiao Dong wants to know he will ask her made stop. The same time Xiao Dong is angry. He expects from Xian Ting an explanation about David’s confession, but he doesn’t ask her. When Mo Han asked then what happened because they both act strange, both Xiao Dong and Xian Ting said that nothing. Jealous, Xiao Dong leaves angry. He can understand how Xian Ting can say nothing happened when in a few minutes a man confessed his love for her and the other was about to kiss her.

The next morning, afraid that David could appear near Xian Ting again, Xiao Dong insisted to take her to work. On their way, Xiao Dong told Xian Ting to call him and to not do anything foolish if David shows up her office.

After taking Xian Ting to work, Xiao Dong went to the police station where he discovered that the man in black arrested at Yan Jun’s auction escaped from prison.

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