“I Order You ” ep 1~ ep 2 ~ Gook Dae:”Pay it back with your body.”

Yeo Gook Dae is a talented and considerate chef, but heartbroken since his divorce. He creates delicious meals at his own lunch boxes restaurant. One day, Park Song Ah comes at his store to pick up a lunch box order and falls in love with Gook Dae and his delicious food. From the moment they met Gook Dae and Song Ah began a bickering relationship.


Jung Yoon Ho   as   Yeo Gook Dae

Kim Ga Eun       as   Park Song Ah

Episode 1

Park Song Ah helps her brother pick up some lunch boxes. The moment she arrived and saw the chef she was mesmerized by him. When she tasted the food she fell in love with it, the food Yeo Gook Dae made is art.

The lunch boxes are ready and Song Ah received one as service for herself. To have another reason to return and see Gook Dae, Song Ah hid her phone behind a pillow.

Arrived home with her lunch box, Song Ah opens it. Beside the food she found inside the box a note too. The moment she wrote the note, Song Ah believed that Gook Dae liked her too.

Note:”From the moment I saw you, I’ve fallen in love with you. Because I cannot hide my feelings, I am asking for your permission.”

While she was reading the message, Song Ah received a phone call. It was Gook Dae and he was coming towards her house. Nervous, Song Ah rushed to her room and changed into a dress and put some makeup on.

Gook Dae arrived at Song Ah’s house and she runs outside. When their eyes met, Gook Dae asked for the lunch box she had. The lunch boxes were switched and the one Song Ah took home was actually for another person. Someone asked Gook Dae to prepare a lunch box and to put inside a note with his confession for the woman he loves. Luckily Song Ah didn’t eat the food inside the box so she was able to return it to Gook Dae. But when Gook Dae grabbed the lunch box form Song Ah, the box hung on her skirt. Since it takes some time for Song Ah to undo her skirt and Gook Dae doesn’t have much time, he took Song Ah with him.

Arrived at the destination, Gook Dae stopped the car and the box unhooked from Song Ah’s skirt, but it also ripped Song Ah’s skirt. Gook Dae doesn’t pay attention to Song Ah and runs inside with the box. When he opened the box, Gook Dae sees that the car with the proposal is missing. Since she already saw and memorized the message, Song Ah tells Gook Dae what it was written on it while Gook Dae writes a new card.

Episode 2

Wanting to place an order, Song Ah entered on Gook Dae’s restaurant webpage. There she clicked on a really small banner that Gook Dae’s employees put as a prank. Somehow Song Ah was able to find the 1mm banner and won an event coupon. All she has to do now is chose how she wants to spend her coupon and she has 4 options. If she picks #1, then Gook Dae will use his employees money to buy it, if she picks #2 then Gook Dae will deduct it from his employees pay, if she picks #3, Gook Dae will fire one of his employees. But if she picks #4 she can use Gook Dae the way she wants.

Song Ah picked #4 so she can use Gook Dae. He cooks for her several plates. Even if she loves the plates, Song Ah keeps saying that Gook Dae didn’t get her the flavor she wanted.

While she was eating, a meatball stuck in Song Ah’s throat. Gook Dae helps her get the meatball out, but the meatball hit his most precious plate. The plate fell on the ground and broke. To repay for the broken plate, Song Ah singed an contract with Gook Dae in which it was saying that she will work for 100 days for Gook Dae for free.

Gook Dae:”Pay it back with your body.”

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