“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 57~ep 58 ~ Mi Ja:” I was carrying the flesh and blood of Dongnakdang. “

Do Jin, Seung Hye, Kyeong Tae and Dae Shil went on a trip together, but Dae Shil felt sick and Kyeong Tae took her to the hospital leaving Do Jin and Seung Hye alone. At the hospital Kyeong Tae realized that Dae Shil is pregnant with twins.

Seung Hye’s family found out that she spent the night with Do Jin and grounded her. Meantime Sun Im can’t keep having suspicions about Do Jin and goes to Mi Ja to find out the truth.

Episode 57

Kyeong Tae asked Dae Shil to go on a trip to the mountains for him to be mentally prepared when he will meet Sun Im. When Dong Seok told Dae Shil that she and Sun Im want Dae Shil to go on a trip with Seung Hye so that Seung Hye will forget about Do Jin, Dae Shil remembered Kyeong Tae’s invitation and accepted it. The next morning Dae Shil and Seung Hye are ready for their trip and went to meet with Kyeong Tae, but Kyeong Tae didn’t come alone, he brought Do Jin too.

Arrived at the camping site, Do Jin and Seung Hye make the tents while Dae Shil and Kyeong Tae play around. They are in love and they are showing it. Kyeong Tae took some flowers and gave Dae Shil a small bouquet of flowers. They also take pictures.

When the time to eat came, Dae Shil started being sick. Until she sit to eat, Dae Shil was hungry, but now that she is in front of the food, she lost her appetite. Later, while Kyeong Tae was washing dishes, Seung Hye came to him and asked him to be good to Dae Shil, to not make her suffer. That same thing Kyeong Tae asked Seung Hye to do about Do Jin. Meanwhile Dae Shil talks to Do Jin. She doesn’t fully support Do Jin and Seung Hye’s relationship because she doesn’t want Seung Hye to suffer and she knows that Seung Hye will suffer since both Do Jin’s mother and Seung Hye’s family are against their relationship.

Personal thought: OMG there is not even a 0,5 % chemistry between the actors that play Seung Hye and Do Jin…or the producers tells them to play like that….If they realized that they like each other they should just show that feelings. When they are together they aren’t even as close as two friends are…

One thing that I don’t understand is why their families don’t tell them the truth. If Do Jin is Dae Ho’s son, Mi Ja should just tell him the truth before Do Jin and Seung Hye fell in love more. They families just insist that they should break up, but they don’t tell Do Jin and Seung Hye the reason…

On the more personal level…I have to say that I like the way the actress that plays Dae Shil looks, she has a great body, unlike one usually sees at Korean female celebrities….obviously her brother, who is a bodybuilding world champion, thought her a few things.

The night came and Dae Shil is getting sicker and sicker so Kyeong Tae decided to take her to the pharmacy and give medicine. At the pharmacy, after he gave Dae Shil medicine, Kyeong Tae stopped her. He has a suspicion and took Dae Shil to the hospital where he discovered that his suspicions were right… Dae Shil is pregnant!

Since they can’t return to the camp site, Kyeong Tae takes Dae Shil to his house. Later Mi Ja came looking for Do Jin and found out that Do Jin and Seung Hye are on a trip together.

Episode 58

Worried about Dae Shil, Seung Hye asks Do Jin to go at the hospital to see what happened. At the hospital Do Jin and Seung Hye found out that Kyeong Tae came at the hospital with someone, but left soon after. Since it’s too late to return at the campsite and they can’t go to Kyeong Tae’s house, Do Jin and Seung Hye spend the night in the car.

In the morning Do Jin and Seung Hye went to Kyeong Tae’s house and found out that Seung Hye’s family already knows that Seung Hye and Do Jin spend the night together at the campsite. Early in the morning Mi Ja went to Dongnakdang and told Dong Seok that Seung Hye seduced Do Jin and spend the night with him.

Do Jin accompanied Seung Hye home. While Sun Im asked Do Jin to come to her room, Seung Hye was scolded by her parents. Both Dae Ho and Dong Seok asked her to break up with Do Jin and to quit her job at Do Jin’s café. The only one who was on Seung Hye’s side while she was scolded was Seung Ah.

Sun Im asked Do Jin to see her because she has certain suspicions about Do Jin’s father. She asked about Do Jin father and Do Jin’s age.

Not being able to keep the information for herself, Seung Ah went to see Yoon Ho and told him that Seung Hye and Do Jin spend the night together camping. She wanted Yoon Ho to give up on Seung Hye and start liking her.

Later Yoon Ho went to Se Ryeong and gave her the news about Do Jin and Seung Hye. The news shocked her so much that Se Ryeong went crazy. She can’t understand what Seung Hye has that she doesn’t. Well for starters Seung Hye has a warm heart. She takes care of the once she loves even if that means to sacrifice herself, while Se Ryeong is willing to sacrifice everyone else without thinking at the consequences as long as she gets whatever caprice she has.

Then again Se Ryeong doesn’t really love Do Jin, for her Do Jin is an obsession. And she doesn’t want to lose in front of Seung Hye who she believes is much under her because Seung Hye is poor and adopted.

Arrived home drunk Se Ryeong gets into a fight with her father and tells him that she prefers to die than lose Do Jin to insignificant Seung Hye.

Do Jin visited his mother and told her that as long as she accepts Seung Hye, he will go back and work as a doctor.

Sun Im’s suspicions didn’t go away. She still suspects that Do Jin could be her grandson. She calls Dae Shil and asks her about Do Jin, the impression Dae Shil has about Do Jin, if Do Jin is a good person that resembles Dae Ho. Not being able to keep her suspicions for herself, Sun Im went to Mi Ja and found out that her suspicions are true. Do Jin is Yoon Dae Ho’s son.

Few days ago Mi Ja asked Sang Man to investigate Seung Hye because she suspected that Dae Ho cheated on his wife and had Seung Hye with another woman then he adopted Seung Hye so that no one will find out. Only a sick mind like Mi Ja’s could think that someone could do something like that.

Before Sun Im’s arrival, Sang Man told Mi Ja the result of his investigation. When Dae Ho and Dong Seok couldn’t have children, they adopted two children who were siblings, Seung Hye and Seung Jae. Then after the adoption, Dong Seok managed to get pregnant like a miracle and had Seung Ah.

Mi Ja:” That day you not only kicked my mother and I out, you only kicked your own grandchild. I was carrying the flesh and blood of Dongnakdang. ”

Personal thought: Is it me or Mi Ja seems a little crazy when she talks to Sun Im?

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