“The Crossing Hero ” ep 17 ~ep18 ~ Xiao Dong:”I thought she liked me.”

Xiao Dong and Ke Shang are suspicious that someone from the police station helps the Black Tuxedos and soon Xiao Dong discovers that officer Wu is controlled by that gang.

Xiao Tian begins showing symptoms of poisoning.

Episode 17

While talking to Ke Shang, Xiao Dong realized that Ke Shang has the same suspicions as he does. Someone from inside the police station helped the men in black escape from prison. That has something to do with the big plan David told Xian Ting about.

Xiao Dong called Xian Ting and the two imperial guards to come and meet him and Ke Shang. All of them have to talk to David, but when they’ve arrived at David’s place, he was already gone and his thinks weren’t there anymore.

That night Mo Han is not herself, she is sad and stays by herself. Ke Shang went to see if she is alright, but Mo Ha is upset because Xiao Dong likes Xian Ting not her. When Ke Shang tried to make her understand that certain thinks can’t be forced, Mo Han misunderstood him and thought that she has to become similar to Xian Ting if she wants Xiao Dong to like her.

Xian Ting went to the library and brought Peng Ze and Xiao Tian a history book. On her way back she could sense that someone was following her. It was David! Meantime at the house Xiao Tian remembered David’s phone number and called him because Xiao Dong wants to meet with him. Unfortunately David doesn’t accept to meet with Xiao Dong until Xian Ting asks to see David.

When she arrived home, Xian Ting showed the history book to the two imperial guards, but she couldn’t control their reaction. Peng Ze and Xiao Tian were shocked to discover that the Ming Dynasty fell.

Peng Ze and Xiao Tian spend the day crying for their emperor and the Ming Dynasty.

Ke Shang and his superior are interrogating director Yang, but suddenly the director begins showing certain symptoms and it taken to the hospital. During the years director Yang took some medicine given by the men in black. That medicine was a strange poison that while he took it, he seemed fine, but when he stopped taken it, the symptoms start to show and it could lead him to death. When he went to tell Xiao Dong about that drug, Ke Shang noticed that Xiao Tian shows the same symptoms.

Mo Han took the day off, but when she came at Xiao Dong’s house at night she was dressed the same way as Xian Ting.

Episode 18

David came to Xiao Dong’s house to see if Xian Ting changed her mind, but once again he is rejected. After David left, Xiao Dong changed into Hong Xi Dong and together with the two imperial guards followed him. David didn’t tell them much, but he told them that even if he is alive now things will change soon.

The next morning David follows Xian Ting to Xiao Dong’s house and when she is about to go in he kidnapped her. When he put her down, David realized that he made a mistake and kidnapped Mo Han not Xian Ting. Coming to her senses, Mo Han encourages David. Of all people around them Mo Han is the only one that can understand David, they both like someone that doesn’t like them back.

Since Mo Han wasn’t the one he wanted, David took her home safe. To make her feel better Xian Ting proposed to have a girl chat together. Hearing that Xian Ting and Mo Han will have a chat, Xiao Dong thinks that he could take advantage of the situation and kiss Xian Ting again. He takes Xian Ting to another room and tries to kiss her pretending that he wants to give her the mind reading power. Xian Ting didn’t give in, for a girl talk she doesn’t need the mind reading power. Embarrassed Xiao Dong doesn’t insist.

Xiao Dong:”I thought she liked me.”

Realizing what Xiao Dong is doing, Xian Ting asked him if he is looking for an excuse to kiss her, nut Xiao Dong, embarrassed, denied it.

Xian Ting:”I thought he liked me.”

Investigating, Xiao Dong found out that officer Wu is under the Black Tuxedo control because they are holding hostage officer Wu’s wife and child.

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