“High Society ” ep 11~ Yoon Ha:” The dream you have…is reality to me. Just wait. I’ll step on you!”

Finding the truth, Yoon Ha is hurt. She breaks up with Joon Ki and changes herself. When she confronted Joon Ki about everything, he told her the truth because he came to love her and he can’t lie to her anymore.

Episode 11

Seeing her pictures and her hair pin at Joon Ki’s house, Yoon Ha is shocked. She leaves and waits for Joon Ki in front of his apartment, but when he came she doesn’t ask anything, she treats him with the cold shoulder and leaves. Joon Ki goes inside and realizing that Yoon Ha found out the truth runs after her.

In the car Yoon Ha remembered what Chang Soo told her and Joon Ki’s ex girlfriend’s words. When Joon Ki appeared in front of her car, she comes out and asks him all that she wants to know. Yoon Ha asked about the pictures, when Joon Ki investigated her, when he knew who she really is, what is her hairpin doing at his house, if he knew from the start who she was. Joon Ki doesn’t deny anything, he tells Yoon Ha the truth, that he has the pictures because Chang Soo asked him to find information about her on Yoon Ha’s and Chang Soo’s blind date. He tells Yoon Ha that the first time they’ve met was in the elevator when he looked at her because she was acting strange the day she had the blind date with Chang Soo. That day he picked the hairpin by coincidence. He tells Yoon Ha that he knew her face since he investigated her for Chang Soo, but he knew who she was the moment Chang Soo recognized her at the market. Also he is honest and tells Yoon Ha that he approached her because he wanted to marry a rich girl and improve his background.

Yoon Ha:”Because it’s you, Choi Joon Ki…I loved you. So…don’t laugh at my love.”

When Yoon Ha talked about how she wanted to die after her brother died, but found the power to move on because of her love for him, Joon Ki realized how much he hurt her.

At the house, Yoon Ha keeps thinking about what Joon Ki told her while they were meeting.

Yoon Ha:” The dream you have…is reality to me. Just wait. I’ll step on you!”

Hurt from all that she found out, Yoon Ha changed. She changed her hairstyle and her clothes. She calls Chang Soo and asks to meet her to find out what kind of things come between Chang Soo and Joon Ki so she could use them against Joon Ki.

The same time Joon Ki met with Ye Won. The project Ye Won was working for a while, but didn’t finish was handed to Yoon Ha. Afraid that Yoon Ha could finish what she wasn’t able, Ye Won made Joon Ki help her. In return Jon Ki received a job offer form Ye Won with bette pay and better conditions than his current job.

Joon Ki was called at Tae Jin Group to talk about the new deal with Tae Jin Group cosmetics. Arrived at Tae Jin, Joon Ki had to wait for the person in charge for more than an hour, still the person in charge didn’t show up. Since he is smart, Joon Ki realized that the person who called him and let him wait was Yoon Ha so he goes to her office. He asks Yoon Ha why she didn’t ask him the most important question. But for Yoon Ha that question isn’t important because she knows that Joon Ki doesn’t love her. What Yoon Ha doesn’t know is that she is wrong, Joon Ki fell in love with her during the time they’ve dated. He doesn’t know himself when he fell in love with her, but he did.

Joon Ki:” If you loved me then, you have to love me now too. Even if you can’t understand me with your head, you should accept me with your heart…because I love you.”

Personal thought: I know that when girls need a change, usually they change their hairstyle, but why in Korean dramas every time after the lead character was hurt the lead character wears black clothes and different earrings that they used before?….

Amazing how in dramas the things you need appear the moment you need them, like a taxi, a dog that will lead you to have an accident….

I really hope that in the future Uee will chose more dramas like Golden Rainbow and Ojakgyo Brothers.  I had some expectation from both High Society and Ho Goo’s love, but they didn’t end up to be the way i was expecting. Both started with good stories, but the way the dramas were written… was kind disappointing.

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