“High Society ” ep 12~ Yoon Ha:”I have the desire to do it and succeed.”

Ji Yi and Chang Soo broke up too. Both Joon Ki and Ji Yi began working at Yoon Ha’s company. Ji Yi is the only person that can understand why Joon Ki tricked Yoon Ha. She comes from the same background so she knows how hard is for them and she can understand Joon Ki.

Yoon Ha revealed Ye Won that Kyeong Joon left her some documents and an USB that incriminates Ye Won. After seeing those document and the USB content Yoon Ha suspects that Ye Won had something to do with Kyeong Joon’s death.

Episode 12

Chang Soo’s mother met a few times with Ji Yi to make her stop dating Chang Soo. Since Chang Soo lied to his mother saying that he broke up with Ji Yi, when his mother found out she gave money to Ji Yi’s landlord to kick her out of her house. Luckily for Ji Yi she wasn’t alone. Yoon Ha was with her and scared the landlord with suing her if she breaks the contract and kicks Ji Yi out.

Later, Ji Yi called Chang Soo’s mother and invited her for lunch at her new job to give her a good news. Then Ji Yi sent a text to Chang Soo.

Ji Yi:”Let’s stop filming a movie now. I’m going back to reality.”

When they’ve met the next day, Ji Yi asked Chang Soo’s mother that she will break up with Chang Soo. Ji Yi also asked Chang Soo’s mother to not look for her anymore because if she will come looking for her again, Ji Yi will start liking her and then Ji Yi won’t be able to break up with Chang Soo anymore. Chang Soo’s mother didn’t know how to react while Ji Yi was telling all that to her with a big smile on her face.

Yoon Ha has a meeting with her sister to celebrate Ye Won’s return home after her divorce. Because she was with Ji Yi,Yoon Ha arrived late. The start a fight and Yoon Ha, calmly, asks Ye Won about her fight with Kyeong Joon before his death. She tells Ye Won about the documents and USB Kyeong Joon left her. After seeing those documents and remembering the fight between her brother and sister, Yoon Ha suspects that Ye Won has something to do with Kyeong Joon’s death. Of course Ye Won doesn’t admit anything and blames Kyeong Joon. She even insinuates that Kyeong Joon commit suicide. Unfortunately for her Yoon Ha doesn’t believe her, she trusts her brother and she knows that making plans was part of his personality. Because she doesn’t trusts Ye Won, Yoon Ha didn’t give her the UBS and documents Kyeong Joon left, even if Ye Won asked her too.

Yoon Ha wasn’t interested in the power and to become the hair and CEO of Tae Jin Group, but seeing how Ye Won reacts, makes Yoon Ha become interested.

Yoon Ha:”I have the desire to do it and succeed.”

The next day, Yoon Ha met Joon Ki and Ji Yi in the elevator at work. There is an awkward atmosphere between them. Ji Yi tied to talk and release the suffocating tension, but it no use. Luckily for herself, Ji Yi got of the lift earlier then Joon Ki and Yoon Ha. When they also got off the lift, Joon Ki had another thing to confess to Yoon Ha. He tells her that it was him the one that released that she, Jang Yoon Ha, the youngest daughter of the Tae Jin Group president is working at part time at the market. And he did that because he didn’t want her to leave her house and her family and become independent of them. He thought it was better for her to stay with her family and work at her family’s company.

Before leaving Joon Ki told Yoon Ha how to realize if someone is approaching her with an ulterior motive, if that person likes everything she does then that person isn’t worthy of Yoon Ha’s trust.

Yoon Ha went to her father’s office to tell him that she revolved the project he assigned her, but Ye Won already had that done the day before with Joon Ki’s help. The president is impressed by how Yoon Ha acts and speaks regarding business. Later that day, president Jang fainted and was admitted to the hospital.

While Ji Yi was taking some documents to Yoon Ha’s office, she met there Chang Soo. They are both hurt, but since Chang Soo’s family doesn’t accept Ji Yi and Chang Soo can’t fight against his mother they can’t do anything else but to broke up.

After talking to Yoon Ha, both Chang Soo and Yoon Ha leave to have dinner together. They meet Ji Yi on the hallway and Yoon Ha asked her to join them, but it will be to awkward so Ji Yi rejected the invitation.

Seeing Ji Yi crying, Joon Ki invited her for drinks and dinner. Since Ji Yi wasn’t picking up Yoon Ha’s calls, Yoon Ha and Chang Soo went to Ji Yi’s house, but they were upset to see that Joon Ki brought Ji Yi home.

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