“I Order You ” ep 3~ ep 4 ~ Gook Dae:” Those clothes, take them off.”

Song Ah started working at Gook Dae’s restaurant. He makes her work and teases her. To be alone with her, Gook Dae even lets Bi Ryeong and Soo Ri leave early. But when another man shows up around Song Ah, Gook Dae begins being jealous. Under the moment impulse Gook Dae kissed Song Ah.

Episode 3

Song Ah went to her part time job at Gook Dae’s shop as she has to do for 100 hours to pay the broken plate. The moment she entered the three men were mesmerized by her beauty, but soon enough Gook Dae came to his senses and put her to work. Her test was to peel garlic, but unlike what Gook Dae expected she already knew a trick to peel garlic faster. She cut the garlic’s end and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Then Gook Dae told her to tie her hair and to remove her makeup. She tied her hair, but she fought with Gook Dae to let her wear her makeup because she wants to look good in front of her coworkers, Bi Ryeong and Soo Ri. To make Song Ah remove her makeup, Gook Dae gave Bi Ryeong and Soo Ri the day off. Now Song Ah can’t say that she is uncomfortable with showing her bare face to them. After she removed her makeup, Gook Dae made her change her clothes.

Gook Dae:” Those clothes, take them off.”

Gook Dae brought Song Ah to his room to give her some clothes to change, but there Song Ah kept imagining how she will seduce him. The whole day Gook Dae gave Song Ah work to do continuously. Before letting her go home, Gook Dae invited her to dinner.

Gook Dae’s hobby is to read comic book and imagine the recipes of the dishes from the comic books he read. Then he creates the recipes for those dishes.

During dinner both Gook Dae and Song Ah realized that they both liked Hansel and Gretel and while reading that story they both imagined eating the same sweets.

The next day, at the office, Song Ah met her new team leader, Kevin.

Episode 4

Kevin seems to like Song Ah. During the meeting Song Ah and Kevin kept exchanging glances. During work hours Kevin is paying attention to Song Ah and he is even helping her move heavy thinks, he is opening the door for her and giving her coffee. He also gave her a car with the message “Miss Song Ah, please use this” written on it. With that card Song Ah bought herself a coffee. She thinks about the way Kevin treats her, but she is sure that he can’t be interested in her. She thinks Kevin is treating her well because she is the youngest of their team.

While Song Ah was enjoying her coffee and thinking about Kevin a phone call frog Gook Dae arrived. Arrived at Gook Dae’s restaurant, he has fun teasing her and put her to work.

Looking around his comic books, Gook Dae found the story of Hansel and Gretel and remembered his promise to make chocolate cookie for Song Ah. While he was excited that he will give the cookies to Song Ah that day, Gook DAe received a text from Song Ah in which she was telling him that she has something to do at work and can’t come. At Song Ah’s office they are holding a welcoming dinner for Kevin.

During dinner Kevin, once again, paid attention to Song Ah. He was ordering everything she wanted to eat and giving her ice cream after she drunk a lot. Later, when they were going home, Kevin wanted to walk Song Ah home, but she has an habit of eating udon after she drinks.

From across the street Gook Dae saw Song Ah and Kevin entering the udon place and his jealousy sticks in. He goes there and sits at the table Kevin and Song Ah were sitting.

Gook Dae:” If you are done having fun, you have to go do our night work.”

Jealous, Gook Dae didn’t want to let the drunk Song Ah with another man so he took her to his restaurant with the pretext that she has to taste the new menu he is developing for hangover.

After eating, Song Ah leaves. On her way out she sees a mistletoe and asks about it. Gook Dae drink a little from his wine glass, looks at the mistletoe and then goes after Song Ah and kisses her.

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