“When I See You Again ” ep 7~ You Qian:” If that is your answer…I don’t have a reason to come back.”

Yo Qian decided to pursue An Xi and takes her on a date. An Xi doesn’t understand Yo Qian’s intensions. When she realized that You Qian is really pursuing her, An Xi began avoiding him. On the day Yo Qian left Pu Lang’s Village, An Xi rejected his feelings afraid that she could be hurt or abandoned by someone she loved again…. In a few day Yo Qian returns again at Pu Lang Village to double his efforts to conquer his first love, An Xi.

Episode 7

You Qian decided to pursue An Xi and took her shopping. An Xi doesn’t understand You Qian’s intensions, she believes that You Qian took her shopping to apologize because he wants to donate her hostel and because his girlfriend’s friend ripped her clothes and threw dirt on her.

You Qian:” Am I thinking too much or are you not thinking at all?”

Since You Qian will buy, An Xi asked him to buy her four thinks. She saw pair of clownfish earrings, but they were really expensive and she gives them up. Soon You Qian realized that the four objects were presents for the four people that work at the hostel, Mei Wen, Zhi Lin, Ya En and Ya Ru. Surprised that An Xi isn’t buying anything for herself, You Qian begins showing jealousy when An Xi was buying Ya Ru’s gift. She seemed to know Ya Ru really well.

An Xi:” I’ve touched everything.”

But An Xi also finds You Qian’s attitude towards her strange that day. Usually when she is close to him, he will push her away, but that day he didn’t do that. When they left the mall, An Xi feels strange that You Qian carries all the bags, usually she carries them alone. The moment You Qian told her to get used to him carrying her bags until next time, again An Xi didn’t understood what he meant. Also she didn’t understood what he meant when he mentioned that it’s not necessary for him to leave her hostel in two days.

On their way home, An Xi saw a cake that looked amazing and You Qian took her in and bought her the cake.

An Xi:”I’m in love!”

You Qian is curious why An Xi doesn’t want to be in a relationship so he asks her, but An Xi doesn’t want to talk about that. She has few things that she wants You Qian to never ask her about, the haunted house, her eighteenth birthday, how she got hurt and if she wants to be in a relationship or not. All those things bring her bad memories. Hearing An Xi saying that You Qian realized that there must be a connection between those events. To know why An Xi doesn’t want to be in a relationship he must find the connection between the events that bring her bad memories. What You Qian doesn’t know at the moment is that the answer to his question is himself. An Xi doesn’t want to be in a relationship is because she is waiting for her nerd friends from high school, the one that lived in the haunted house, which is Xia You Qian.

Arrived home with the presents, An Xi calls everyone to her room. When she told Mei Wen what happened, Mei Wen realized that You Qian is pursuing her, that they went out on a date. Because the innocent An Xi still doesn’t believe Mei Wen that You Qian is pursuing her, Mei Wen asked everyone their opinion. She also asked Ya Ru and all that he said he will do on a date, You Qian did with An Xi except buying something that An Xi liked secretly. An Xi takes advantage and closed Mei Wen’s mouth since You Qian didn’t buy her anything secretly. But then You Qian come to An Xi’s room. He secretly bought her the expensive earrings she liked.

Remembering that You Qian has a girlfriend Mei Wen takes You Qian away from An Xi. She loves An Xi and doesn’t want to see her hurt. That moment Yong Qing comes out from You Qian’s room with her bags. She tells everyone that You Qian isn’t her boyfriend, he just acts like her boyfriend when she needs him to.

An Xi needs some time alone to think about everything that happened that day. Yo Qian comes in front of her and when she asks him if he is really pursuing her, he looked into her eyes and answered that he is. That night, An Xi couldn’t fall asleep.

The next morning An Xi kept avoiding You Qian. If he was coming out of his room the same time as she, An Xi would run away. If You Qian would call her while she was wetting the flowers, An Xi would run away. If she sees You Qian coming out while she was cleaning the chairs, she would hide. But You Qian saw her already. He waited for her to enter her room and knocked her door. From there An Xi can’t run away or hide from him..at least that is what You Qian thought, because An Xi had other plans. An Xi asked Mei Wen to bring her a ladder and she run away on her window.

The next day, You Qian looks for An Xi, but she isn’t at home, she went on her part time job. To be sure that Mei Wen won’t tell You Qian where she is, An Xi lied to Mei Wen. While working Ya Ru asked An Xi to tell him what she hates about You Qian if she isn’t interested in him, but instead of mentioning You Qian’s faults An Xi kept talking about You Qian’s strengths. She is interested in him, but she is afraid. An Xi hurt someone in the past and she still blames herself for that. That someone that she hurt in the past is You Qian, but she doesn’t know it yet. Since he wants An Xi to be happy, Ya Ru encourages her to look for You Qian and to give herself a chance to be happy.

Thinking about her friend from high school, An Xi went to the aquarium. She keeps thinking about her friend that she hurt, she misses him, she wonders where he is and what he is doing. An Xi doesn’t want to change, she lived 28 years without being in a relationship so she can do it for another 28. Suddenly someone is in front of her. It’s You Qian!

You Qian:”Let’s see where you hide this time.”

All that You Qian wants is her answer. He will have to leave soon and wants to kwon if An Xi shares his feelings so that he will have a reason to come back in Pu Lang Village. Even if she likes him too, An Xi rejected You Qian’s feelings. She took the earrings he gave her as present and returned them to You Qian. Upset, You Qian left.

You Qian:” If that is your answer…I don’t have a reason to come back.”

The day You Qian left, An Xi dreamed about her mother coming too look for her. While looking around her room, she found the lucky charm she lost. Yo Qian had it all this time. With the lucky charm You Qian left also a mission, An Xi has to think carefully why You Qian kept the lucky charm for so long.

Meantime at his house, Yo Qian is waiting for An Xi’s call. While he was watching the earrings An Xi returned him, his friend Yan Ze came to visit. You Qian received love advices from Yan Ze, advises about who he should pursue An Xi.

The next day, You Qian rejected a mission his boss gave him and took more day of vacation. He returned to Pu Lang Village to pursue An Xi.

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