“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 59~ep 60 ~ Do Jin:”What I really want, what I dream of now, is to be with you, Yoon Seung Hye.”

Mi Ja pretend that she accepts Do Jin dating Seung Hye to get Do Jin go back to work as a doctor.

Dong Seok found Dae Shil’s ultrasound and thinks that it’s Seung Hye’s.

Episode 59

Suspicious, Sun Im went to look for Mi Ja and when she heard Mi Ja saying that she was pregnant when she left Dongnakdang, Sun Im believed that her suspicions where right, that Do Jin is Dae Ho’s son. But Mi Ja denied it. She said that she was pregnant when she left Dongnakdang, but after seeing her mother die in front of her, Mi Ja wanted to kill herself and she lost the baby. If Mi Ja told Sun Im about the baby just to torment her then Mi Ja can be happy, Sun Im fell ill after the shocking news.

At the house, Dae Shil is hungry. When Seung Hye brings her the food, Dae Shil tells Seung Hye about her pregnancy. Later after talking to Kyeong Tae on the phone, Dae Shil took Seung Hye out for a late nigh snack. They were meeting Kyeong Tae and Do Jin, but in front of their room there was Dong Seok who stopped them.

Personal thought: At first I thought that Mi Ja’s revenge was because Sun Im didn’t accept her as daughter-in-law, but now I’m starting to understand her. She lost her child so she blames everyone else, guilty or not for her lost.

Now I don’t really believe Mi Ja. I still believe that Do Jin is Dae Ho’s son, but then if Do Jin really is Dae Ho’s son how will he be able to continue his relationship with Seung Hye? Maybe Seung Hye will find her real parents and then Do Jin and Seung Hye won’t be siblings…legally, anymore….

Yoon Ho brought Se Ryeong a coffee for her hangover, but she refuses it. Seung Ah comes in and seeing Yoon Ho asks him for a congratulation American style since she is working as a model for Se Ryeong. Yoon Ho accepted and hugged Seung Ah to congratulate her.

Meantime at the house, Dong Seok made for Dae Shil, Seung Hye and Seung Jae what Dae Shil wanted to eat the night before. While she was eating, Seung Hye felt sick and run to the bathroom to throw up.

Later when Seung Hye and Dae Shil were going to see Do Jin and Kyeong Tae, they’ve met Ma Seong Nam who was on his way to check on Sun Im, who is sick.

The same time, Mi Ja went to Do Jin and told him that she accepts him dating Seung Hye if he returns working as a doctor, but for marriage he has to get Seung Hye’s family’s permission.

Personal thought: Ohhh! So Mi Ja found a way to get what she want but still remain the good one. She told Sun Im that she was pregnant with Dae Ho’s son knowing that no matter what she said, Sun Im will still suspect that Do Jin is her grandchild. The same time she told Do Jin that she will accept his relationship with Seung Hye as long as he works as a doctor. But when she made that decision, Mi Ja knew that Sun Im will be against Do Jin and Seung Hye’s relationship while having suspicions that Do Jin is her grandchild.

Episode 60

In the morning, Do Jin called Seung Hye out to give her the good news. Unfortunately for Do Jin, Seung Hye didn’t react the way Do Jin was hopping. Seung Hye isn’t pleased that Do Jin has to give up his dream to be with her, she doesn’t want to hold him back. Do Jin on the other hand wants Seung Hye to hold him as tight as she can.

Do Jin:”What I really want, what I dream of now, is to be with you, Yoon Seung Hye.”

Meantime at the house, Dong Seok found Dae Shil’s ultrasound photo and Seung Hye’s pants and remembering that Seung Hye was sick the other day while she ate, Dong Seok believes that her daughter is pregnant.

When Do Jin walked Seung Hye back home, Dong Seok went crazy. She takes Seung Hye inside and scolds her for getting pregnant before marriage. While Dong Seok was scolding Seung Hye, Sun Im woke up and came out of her room, the night before she had a pregnancy premonition dream.

After being scolded, Seung Hye runs to her room to tell Dae Shil what happened. Hearing that Seung Hye is blamed for her pregnancy, Dae Shil wants to confess the truth, but Seung Hye stops her. She can just confess the truth when Kyeong Tae will come.

Seung Ah barged angry into Se Ryeong’s office. She found out that Se Ryeong used Dae Shil idea after the contest, but disqualified Dae Shil and didn’t pay her as Se Ryeong should.

Do Jin took Seung Hye to his mother’s restaurant as Mi Ja asked. Since now she is pretending to accept Do Jin and Seung Hye to get her son return as a doctor, Mi Ja invited Seung Hye and Do Jin to eat with her. While they were eating as a happy family, Se Ryeong came.

Se Ryeong:” How am I supposed to interpret this situation?”

To calm Se Ryeong, Mi Ja took her to the office and told her the truth, that Mi Ja is pretending to accept Do Jin and Seung Hye so that Do Jin will do what she wants.

Personal thought: I can understand Dong Seok point of view regarding her daughter’s pregnancy, but what I can’t understand is why Dae Shil isn’t telling anyone that she is pregnant. After all she is almost 40 years old and Kyeong Tae is willing to marry her so she should just tell her family everything. Since Sun Im wanted so much to marry Dae Shil off, she won’t be that angry. And if she isn’t ready to tell her mother, Dae Shil should just tell Dong Seok everything so Seung Hye won’t be blamed.

Can’t figure out what was in the head of this drama’s writer. That person made everyone fool, coward and immature. The writer wants to show a big happy family, but they all lie to each other and hid things from one another. All the characters are more open and honest to people outside their family, then with the members of their family…..

Leaving Mi Ja’s restaurant, Do Jin and Seung Hye went on a date. First they’ve made their own rings. Then they went to a fortune teller to see if they are a match. The fortune teller told them that they are a match made in heaven, but they will be blamed for absurd things.

While walking around Do Jin and Seung Hye met with Yoon Ho and Seung Ah. Since Yoon Ho insisted Seung Hye to taste the new coffee he made, all four of them went to Yoon Ho’s coffee shop.

Personal question: Why do Koreans promote everywhere, drama’s, TV shows, everywhere, fortune tellers? Those things are all scams!!!!!!!

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