“I Order You ” ep 5~ ep 6 ~ Gook Dae:”I am married!”

Nervous, thinking that Gook Dae likes her too, Song Ah is happy having the impression that she and Gook Dae are officially a couple. But her happiness doesn’t last long, because Gook Dae confessed her that the kiss was because he was drunk and impulsive and that he is…married.

Episode 5

Song Ah can’t fall asleep. She keeps thinking why Gook Dae kissed her, does he like her too. She is happy just to think about it. Early in the morning, Song Ah went to Gook Dae’s shop to ask him so she won’t torment herself with thoughts. As soon as she entered she mentioned the kiss, but Gook Dae wasn’t there, the one that heard her was Bi Ryeong. He was shocked to hear that Song Ah and Gook Dae kissed.

After embarrassing herself in front of Bi Ryeong, Song Ah left. The moment they’ve saw each other, Bi Ryeong confronted Gook Dae. Bi Ryeong doesn’t have anything against Gook Dae kissing Song Ah, but first he must tell her about his situation.

Meantime, Song Ah arrived at work. She is extremely happy, thinking that she and Gook Dae are officially a couple. She needs some thinks that are in a higher place and what she went to get them she is about to fell. Luckily Kevin saw her and caught her. Then he talked about Song Ah’s forehead scar. Surprised that Kevin knows about her scar, Song Ah is happy to find out that Kevin is actually an old friend from school. In school, Kevin was bullied by their classmates. One day, because Kevin didn’t do his bully’s homework, the bully took his glasses and threw them up on one of a class’s furniture. When she helped Kevin get his glasses Song Ah was about to fell, but Kevin pushed her to the wall to not fell. That moment Song Ah hit her head and that it’s how she got her scar on the forehead. Now after all this years, Kevin wants to be responsible for that scar, meaning that he likes Song Ah.

Gook Dae can’t concentrate at his work. He wants to call Song Ah, but he doesn’t know how to tell her about his situation. Later he finds the courage to call Song Ah and sets a date that night with her. Song Ah and Gook Dae met in a park near Song Ah’s office. She came happy thinking that Gook Dae wants to tell her that he likes her, but her happiness didn’t last long.

Gook Dae:”I am married!”

Episode 6

After telling her that he is married, precisely he was married because Gook Dae and his wife split soon after the wedding ceremony Gook Dae apologizes for kissing her. He was drunk and impulsive.

Hurt and upset Song Ah leaves. On her way she met Kevin and he accompanied her to drinks and to karaoke to console her. Then Kevin carried the drunk Song Ah home. In the morning when she woke up, Song Ah realized that during the night, while she was drunk, she called Gook Dae and made a fool of herself.

When she woke up, Song Ah was sick. She caught a cold the night she got drunk, but she can’t take medicine. When Song Ah was seven years old her mother went to buy her medicine because she was sick, but the mother never came back…alive. Song Ah’s mother had an accident while buying medicine and died. Since them Song Ah blames herself and every time she takes medicine she throws up.

Soo Ri and Bi Ryeong asked Gook Dae to go out for dinner. At first Gook Dae refused, but when he heard that the restaurant is close to Song Ah’s office, he accepted to go. At the restaurant Soo Ri and Bi Ryeong came before Gook Dae and they’ve met Song Ah. She came at the same restaurant to have dinner with Kevin.

As soon as she heard that Gook Dae is coming too, Song Ah got and run away. Since she is sick, she fainted in front of the lift. Someone was in the lift and caught her. That man took Song Ah to the hospital. At the hospital, Song Ah dreamed about her mother. When she woke up she had the impression someone kissed her forehead. She gets up from her bed and goes on the hallway where she saw Kevin.

Personal thought: I bet the one that come out of the elevator, took Song Ah to the hospital and kissed her on the forehead isn’t Kevin, but Gook Dae. First of all Kevin has a dark blue jacket, while the man from the elevator has a black jacket.

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