“The Crossing Hero ” ep 19 ~ep 20 ~ Xiao Dong:”I won’t use it again!”

Xiao Dong’s detective agency is attacked. While following the attackers, Xian Ting is caught near a bomb and is taken to the hospital in bad condition. The doctors aren’t optimistic regarding her survival. Blaming himself, Xiao Dong refuses to use his reading minds power ever again.

Yan Joon returned from Hong Kong with information. He and Ke Shang search for Lin Lao. To be able to find Lin Lao, they look for Ah Tao, Lin Lao’s son.

Ah Tao was one of Mo Han’s college classmates. Since he liked Mo Han, but she always rejected him, Ah Tao kidnapped Mo Han.

Episode 19

Early in the morning Xiu Fei arrived at Xiao Dong’s house. They wanted to tell her that the badge she has as a clue against the black tuxedos has the same symbol as the uniforms of the two imperial guards. Suddenly they are under attack. The men in black started shooting. They hide and Xiao Dong asks the men in black what they want and how send them.

K:”If you want to know, just come with me.”

Everyone in the detective agency run after the men in black, except Zuo You Shou. He was busy hiding the life turning instrument. After everyone left the agency, David and other men in black entered looking for the life turning instrument.

While following the men in black, Xiao Dong and his team split. Xian Ting went with Mo Han east. When Xian Ting was close to a bomb a man in black threw a little rock and the explosion hurt Xian Ting.

Seeing Xian Ting in the hospital and hearing that the doctors aren’t optimistic about being able to save Xian Ting, Xiao Dong blames himself. If he didn’t use his mind reading powers to know where the men in black were and if he didn’t tell Xian Ting were to go she wouldn’t be hurt. After that incident Xiao Dong began using gloves so he won’t be able to read someone’s mind if he will touch them.

On his way to the hospital, Xiao Dong found out that Xian Ting lost the battle with life and passed away. He runs to Xian Ting’s hospital room remembering the moment he spent with her.

Xiao Dong sees Xian Ting’s dead body and crying he removed his clove and kissed her. That moment a light came out of his body and passed into Xian Ting’s body. Her wounds were cured and she returned to life. When Xian Ting woke up, she wanted to touch Xiao Dong, but he didn’t let her. He blames himself for overusing his mind reading power and getting Xian Ting almost losing her life.

Xiao Dong:”I won’t use it again!”

With Xian Ting back alive, Xiao Dong can now concentrate with fighting against the men in black. Realizing that there is some kind of connection between the men in black and the life turning instrument, Xiao Dong knows that officer Wu will come looking for him. To get Xiao Dong give him the life turning instrument, officer Wu took Ke Shang with him and begged to get the instrument. When they arrived, Xiao Dong, Peng Ze and Xiao Tian were already waiting for them.

Xiao Dong and Peng Ze talked to officer Wu and begged him to tell them with what he ie threatened so they could help him, but officer Wu doesn’t open up. He knows for sure that Xiao Dong can’t fight against the men that are threatening him.

Left to guard Ke Shang while the others were talking, Xiao Tian remembers that Peng Ze’s pendant reacts to Ke Shang too, not only to Xiao Dong.

Yan Joon returned from Hong Kong with the information he could get about Lin Lao. Now that they know for sure that Lin Lao is in Seaside City, Ke Shang and Yan Joon went to look for him. Since they can’t find Lin Lao, they focus on finding Lin Lao’s son. After meeting with Ke Shang and Yan Joon, Ah Tao went home and for the first time accepted his father’s request to take on pill of the drug. Ah Tao refused all his life to take the drug and be under the men in black’s boss, but now he even accepted to distribute the whole pills.

Episode 20

Ah Tao offered to distribute the pills to the men in black, but he didn’t and three men in black died. One of the men in black died on the streets and Ke Shang was sent to investigate. The same time Ah Tao gave some drugs that he produced to Yan Joon. Ke Shang and Yan Joon met with Long Long the hacker that works with Xiao Dong and gave her the autopsy of the men in black and the drug that Yan Joon have from Ah Tao.

Since the boss suspects that Ah Tao didn’t distribute the pills to the men in black, now Ah Tao needs to get rid of the drug he developed urgently. When Yan Joon called, Ah Tao went in a hurry to meet with him and Ke Shang and to sell them more drugs.

Earlier, Ke Shang went with Mo Han shopping and took some pictures with her. When he met with Ke Shang and Yan Joon, Ah Tao saw the picture with Mo Han and recognized her. Seeing that Ah Tao seems to know Mo Han, Ke Shang went to the detective agency and showed a picture with Ah Tao to Mo Han. She recognized him too!

Ah Tao and Mo Han were college classmates and Ah Tao liked Mo Han. In college, Ah Tao was detestable. He was often insulted the teachers, he was rude with the female classmates and hardly showed up in class. When he showed up for classes, Ah Tao used to provoke the teaches so much that they will yell at each other. He would harass every girl that happened to be near him.

On her way home, Mo Han met Ah Tao and was kidnapped. He took her at a motel.

Ke Shang and Yan Joon are worried about Mo Han. They look for her, but since she isn’t anywhere to be found the realized that Ah Tao must have taken her. With Long Long’s help, Ke Shang and Yan Joon tracked down Mo Han’s cell phone and found her. They arrived just in time to save Mo Han from being raped while she was unconscious.

For the coming days Ke Shang and Yan Joon followed Ah Tao in order to get him make a mistake. Yan Joon realized that every time Ah Tao sells Nistroch, the drug he developed, he is worried. Also Ah Tao said that he is the only one in the world that can get the ingredients for Nistroch so Yan Joon realized that Ah Tao must have a hard time getting those ingredients. To get Ah Tao make problems for himself, Yan Joon, pretending to be a buyer, asks Ah Tao to sell him more and more drugs.

Yan Joon:”We don’t need to act.”

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