“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 61~ep 62 ~ Yoon Ho:”I will leave my heart in your hands.”

The Yoon family called for an urgent family meeting to resolve Seung Hye’s problem, but they found out that Dae Shil is the pregnant one, not Seung Hye. At the families meeting, Mi Ja shows up as Kyeong Tae’s mother and made a war declaration to Sun Im.

Se Ryeong took some sleeping pills and scared her father met with Seung Hye and asked her to return Do Jin to Se Ryeong.

Episode 61

Dong Seok tells Sun Im that they have to let Do Jin and Seung Hye get married as soon as possible because Seung Hye is pregnant. Hearing the shocking news, Sun Im calls for an urgent family meeting. Do Jin doesn’t know anything about the ultrasound picture that Seung Hye’s family showed him, but Dae Ho thinks Do Jin is denying it. When Dae Ho crabbed Do Jin’s collar, Dae Shil tried to stop her brother and tell everyone the truth.

Upset with Do Jin, Dae Ho pushed Dae Shil and she fell. That moment Kyeong Tae entered and told the whole family the truth.

Kyeong Tae:” Dae Shil is pregnant!”

Seung Hye’s parents and grandmother went to Sun Im’s room together with Kyeong Tae and Dae Shil. Earlier Sun Im scolded Dong Seok for not raising her daughter well and that is why Seung Hye got pregnant and now when they find out that Dae Shil is pregnant and Kyeong Tae is seven years younger than her, Dong Seok retuned the words to Sun Im. Luckily for Dae Shil and Kyeong Tae, Sun Im likes Kyeong Tae and approved their marriage. Before leaving, Kyeong Tae made sure to tell everyone in the family, especially Dae Ho, Dong Seok and Sun Im, that Dae Shil needs peace at mind and rest.

Arrived home, Kyeong Tae is extremely happy about the babies. He thinks about his relationship with Do Jin after marrying Dae Shil and Do Jin marrying Seung Hye and realized that then Do Jin will have to call him uncle. While they were talking, Mi Ja comes in a hurry. She’s been trying to get in touch with Do Jin since the moment Dong Seok visited her with the ultrasound. She sees Do Jin holding the ultrasound and misunderstands him, but she is relieved to know that the babies are Kyeong Tae’s.

Unfortunately for Mi Ja, Do Jin heard her saying that she regrets pretending to accept Seung Hye and now Do Jin is upset with her.In the morning Sang Man came to talk to Do Jin because he’s been refusing to talk to Mi Ja. Sang Man told Do Jin that his grandmother died because of Sun Im and that is why the two families are against his relationship with Seung Hye.

President Jang goes to wake up Se Ryeong, but he can’t. She took sleeping pills. Scared that he could lose his daughter, president Jang called Yoon Ho for help. Luckily Se Ryeong didn’t die and she woke up soon. Worried that his daughter could try to commit suicide, president Jang called Seung Hye and asked her to give Do Jin to Se Ryeong.

President Jang:”Will you save my daughter? Seung Hye, can you help Do Jin start having feelings for Se Ryeong instead?”

While Seung Hye was with president Jang, Yoon Ho came in. He took Seung Hye to a park and tried to make her feel better.

Yoon Ho:”I will leave my heart in your hands.”

Personal thought: OMG!!! Seung Hye why did you stay sit like a complete fool and didn’t throw your coffee in president Jang’s face????? How dare he ask Seung Hye to break up with Do Jin and give him to Se Ryeong??? He should be ashamed of himself!!! Is just his daughter’s happiness important because he loves her, but Seung Hye isn’t important??? Well president Jang, Seung Hye is for her family as important as Se Ryeong is to you!!!!!!!! And why should Seung Hye take care of Se Ryeong’s happiness because her father wasn’t capable of raising her correctly????? Also what guaranties can president Jang have that if Seung Hye breaks up with Do Jin, then Do Jin will fell in love with Se Ryeong??? None! Nada! Zero! Because that won’t happen never. If Se Ryeong could have any chance of Do Jin falling for her then Do Jin would’ve fell in love with Se Ryeong a long time ago, before he met Seung Hye.

What was in the writers mind when he/she wrote that STUPID part???????????????? I’m scared to think that this drama’s are inspired by reality and in real life there are really parents like president Jang.

Episode 62

Seung Ah shows Dae Shil and Seung Jae a copy of her commercial script. As soon as she looked at it, Dae Shil realized it’s her idea from the contest she didn’t win. When Seung Ah confronted her, Se Ryeong said that Dae Shil has a history of plagiarism. Later Dae Shil and Seung Jae went to confront Se Ryeong, but again Se Ryeong talked about Dae Shil’s history of plagiarism and she even threatened them with her legal team. Unfortunately for her, Seung Jae isn’t that easily impressed.

Meantime, Do Jin met with Dae Ho and asked him about the story that Sang Man told him. Dae Ho tells him that his grandmother died as soon as she left Dongnakdang and that is why Mi Ja hold Dae Ho and Sun Im responsible. Then, the next day, he goes to his mother’s house and opens her safe.

Dae Shil and Kyeong Tae have to get married soon, before Dae Shil’s pregnancy start to show up. Worried about her wedding costs since she knows the family financial situation, Dae Shil wants a small wedding, with just the family. Hearing that there will be a family meeting between Kyeong Tae’s family and Dae Shil’s family and since she knows that Kyeong Tae doesn’t have any family to bring, Mi Ja sowed up there. She made a scene there, insulting everyone. And knowing the Dongnakdang’s family financial problems, Mi Ja asked Sun Im to give Kyeong Tae adequate dowry, including a car. Not being able to take Mi Ja’s insults and bad talks about herself and her twins, Dae Shil leaves and Kyeong Tae follows her. Left alone with the family Mi Ja told Sun Im that Dong Seok took a loan to pay her back. That moment Dae Ho drags Mi Ja out and tells her that Do Jin found out that she is holding her mother’s ashes at home.

Returned home, Mi Ja finds Do Jin reading some documents she is holding together with the ashes.

Arrived home, Dae Ho tells Seung Hye the reason Mi Ja acted like that at the families meeting.

Kyeong Tae is upset with Mi Ja, but he realized why Mi Ja acted like that. Mi Ja’s acting was like a declaration of war for Sun Im and Seung Hye’s parents. She was telling Seung Hye’s family that she will never accept Seung Hye as her daughter-in-law.

While the two men were talking about Mi Ja, Seung Hye came. She understands now that Mi Ja never accepted her and that Do Jin knew and that is why he’s been unhappy the last few days.

Se Ryeong looked over the copy of Dae Shil’s work and realized that her team didn’t do a good job and copied word by word Dae Shil’s work. Since a lawsuit will be harmful for the company and will lead to a scandal, also her father will find out how well she is doing her job, Se Ryeong tries to stop the lawsuit and calls Seung Jae to apologize for her company mistake. Seung Jae isn’t just as stupid law student as Se Ryeong believed so he knows what to ask for.

Happy that her twins brought her luck, Dae Shil goes to tell the good news to Kyeong Tae. Then she went for a talk to Seon Seok’s toast shop. When she was talking to Seon Seok, Dae Shil craved for takoyaki and called Kyeong Tae.

Kyeong Tae goes home with the takoyaki ingredients, but he received a call from the hospital and had to run over. He left Seung Hye and Do Jin to make the takoyaki Dae Shil is craving for.

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