“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 18~ Jia Wei:” In the future you are officially free. I can say goodbye to you with a smile.”

Jia Wei realizes that everyone around him is hiding something from him to protect him so he goes to look for his father and finds out the truth. When he returned, Jia Wei understood that his love pressured Xiao Tong so he lets her free to be happy.

Personal thought: In the beginning of this drama I was happy, extremely happy. Why? Because I thought that this is the first drama I’m watching in which the main female character isn’t made into a complete fool, now in the recent episodes I realized how wrong I was to believe that…..

And I have a personal curiosity since the beginning. It’s about the way Ivelyn Li talks. It’s the way she talks or the writers wanted her to make Xiao Tong talk like a 5 years old???? If it’s the way she really talk, then nothing can be done, all of us are made in a certain way so it’s not her fault.

Episode 18

After watching the sunrise, Xiao Tong comes out of her hotel room and is surprised to see that Jia Wei already left without saying goodbye. Arrived home she receives a phone call from Jia Wei who was distracted thinking about her and didn’t attach the leash properly so Polo ran away. Polo does run away usually, but this time he did.

In a hurry Xiao Tong comes to help Jia Wei search for Polo. After searching for Polo everywhere for several times, Jia Wei seeing how panicked Xiao Tong is, hugged her and consoled her. He believes that if he perseveres in searching for Polo, he will eventually find Polo.

Jia Wei:” I believe Polo will come home! Do you believe me? Then don’t cry anymore.”

It’s late so Jia Wei walks Xiao Tong home. They are awkward around each other. They both long and miss each other, but until Xiao Tong will stop pushing Jia Wei away they can’t do anything about that situation.

Returned home, Xiao Tong finds Zi Yan there. Earlier Xiao Tong’s mother fainted and Zi Yan came to bring something over so he took Xiao Tong’s parents to the hospital. When they came home, Zi Yan stayed to prepare dinner for Xiao Tong’s parents.

While accompanying Zi Yan to his car, Xiao Tong blames herself for once again not being there while her mother needed her, but Zi Yan encourages her.

The same time, Jia Wei arrived home too. In front of his house, Jia Wei found Simon, Shao Qiang and An Ting. They all found different pretexts to come and accompany Jia Wei. While being drunk Simon told Jia Wei that his attitude makes people around him feel lonely and unable to tell him the truth. That night Jia Wei realized that by running away and suffering alone when he has a problem then the people around him, the people how loves him will worry about him. Jia Wei also realized that both his father and Xiao Tong know why his mother left again, but they are protecting him and not telling him the truth. Unfortunately for them and fortunate for Jia Wei he’s no longer a child and can find the truth alone. Jia Wei calls his mother, but a man answered. It’s not the first time Jia Wei heard that voice.

Xiao Tong is worried about Jia Wei so using the ring as an excuse she goes to see him. When she arrived at Jia Wei’s office, he wasn’t there. Simon and Shao Qiang lied to Xiao Tong saying that they can’t get in touch with Jia Wei that he suffers so much after breaking up with her and now with Polo missing something must have happened to him. Scared that something happened to him, Xiao Tong runs to Jia Wei’s house. He isn’t there. She keeps calling, but he doesn’t answers. Suddenly, Jia Wei appeared in front of Xiao Tong. After calling his mother and a man answered, Jia Wei went to Hong Kong to look for his father to find out the truth.

Jia Wei’s father told him that the man who answered Jia Wei’s mother’s phone was her husband. When Jia Wei’s parents met her mother wanted to divorce her husband, but few years later when her husband called her she went to him. Her husband’s company failed and to keep her back with Jia Wei and him, Jia Wei’s father told her that he will help her husband’s business if she will return to her husband and abandon Jia Wei. At the moment Jia Wei’s father believed that the woman he loved will chose him and their son, not her husband that she once left, but she didn’t chose them, she returned to her husband.

After finding out the truth, Jia Wei reacted much better than his father expected. There are no secrets between them now. Jia Wei realized that Xiao Tong broke up with him after finding out that he is an illegitimate child because she didn’t want to tell him the truth and hurt him.

Jia Wei:” How long will you be able to protect me?”

The atmosphere begins to be awkward so Xiao Tong wants to leave.

Jia Wei:” Are you in a hurry to leave or could you stay here for a while?”

Xiao Tong stayed for a while more. They talk about Polo, but when Jia Wei tried to kiss her, Xiao Tong turned her head and went to the toilet. While Xiao Tong was at the toilet her phone ringed. Jia Wei looks at the phone and sees that the caller is Zi Yan. When he put the phone back into Xiao Tong’s bag, he noticed the ring.

Xiao Tong:”I came here today to return your ring.”

Jia Wei:” You still insist on returning the ring to me?”

Xiao Ling run away from the hospital and went o Jia Wei. She can’t see Ah Da suffering with her anymore so she wants a divorce, she wants to let Ah Da free to be able to have a happy life.

When Ah Da came to meet with Jia Wei and Xiao Ling, he brought Xaio Tong with him. From the way Xiao Tong, Ah Da and Xiao Ling were talking, Jia Wei realized how much pressure his love was giving Xiao Tong and how much Xiao Tong suffered during their relationship. He thought that he has the ability to make Xiao Tong happy, but now he realizes that his love makes Xiao Tong have a hard time.

Jia Wei:” I finally realized that sometimes when one breaks up, it’s not because one stopped loving. When one let go it would be better for the other party.”

Jia Wei:” I will not pester you unreasonably like how I used to. In the future you are officially free. I can say goodbye to you with a smile.”

This time Jia Wei broke up with Xiao Tong. He let her go and be happy the way she wished for it. While they were saying goodbye, someone found Polo and called Jia Wei.

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