“The Crossing Hero ” ep 21 ~ep 22 ~ “Travel through time. Rewrite history. Cross and conquer the world.”

Yan Joon pretends to work with Black Tuxedo so he tells him everything about Xiao Dong and his people, but he also tells Xiao Dong and everyone in the detective agency what he finds out form the Black Tuxedo.

Xiao Tian went to the Black Tuxedo’s headquarters and saved Xiu Fei’s father, but since he was sick the men in black took him instead of Xiu Fei’s father.

Episode 21

Yan Joon and Ke Shang follow around Ah Tao. They see Ah Tao taken by some gangsters, beaten and threaten. When the gangsters were about to cut Ah Tao’s arms, they had to step in and save Ah Tao. While Ke Shang took the two gangsters to the police station Lin Lao showed up.

Knowing that the black tuxedos are after them, Lin Lao killed his. He didn’t want Ah Tao to be tortured to dead so he chose the easy way out for his son. Then Lin Lo tells Yan Joon all the things the black tuxedos boos ordered. After telling everything he knows, Lin Lao took his own life.

The black tuxedos boss wants something that Xiu Fei’s father has. He opened a safe that the boss had and saw his plans while traveling from past to the future. As long as the black tuxedos boss doesn’t have the keys Xiu Fei’s father took form him and the life turning instrument, then he can’t finish his plans. Xiu Fei’s father is willing to die instead to returning the keys he stolen. To get the keys, the black tuxedos boss sent the black tuxedos to kidnap Xiu Fei. Luckily for her, Xiao Tian was following her and was able to safe Xiu Fei. Then Xiao Tian convinced Xiu Fei to come with his at the detective agency until she will be safe.

“Travel through time. Rewrite history. Cross and conquer the world.”

Yan Joon has a meeting with the black tuxedos boss. He wants Yan Joon to infiltrate into the detective agency and convince Xiao Dong give him the life turning instrument. Yan Joon accepted.

Meanwhile at the agency the statue of a Ming Dynasty soldier arrived. Yan Joon found that statue in Africa. When Xiao Tian and Peng Ze saw the statue they started bowing. The statue represented their master general during Ming Dynasty.

Later when Yan Joon arrived at the agency he realized that the statue and the black tuxedos boss look alike.

Episode 22

Arrived at the detective agency, Yan Joon finds Peng Ze, Xiao Tian and Mo Han watching the sculpture he found in Africa. The two imperial guards recognized the face of the man in the statue, it’s their master general! Yan Joon also recognized the face from the statue, it’s the back tuxedos boss, the man he just met.

As hard to believe as it can be, Mo Han tells Yan Joon that Peng Ze and Xiao Tian are imperial guards from the Ming Dynasty. To prove him she was telling the truth, they even showed Yan Joon the uniforms they were wearing when they arrived in Seaside City. Later Xiao Dong came to change his clothes and told Yan Joon that he can read the minds of the people he touches.

Thinking that Yan Joon could’ve heard Black Tuxedo talking about Xiu Fei’s father, they ask him. Suddenly Xiao Tian starts feeling sick again. While everyone was taking care of Xiao Tian, Yan Joon received a phone call from Black Tuxedo.

Yan Joon met with Black tuxedo and told him everything he found out about Xiao Dong, including that Xiao Dong can read minds and he can transform into Hong Xi Dong. Then Yan Joon asked about the drug that the Black Tuxedo give his people. When Black Tuxedo talks about the symptoms that appear after stopping taking the drug, Yan Joon remembers Xiao Tian’s symptoms.

On his way out Yan Joon hears K talking to a man that the Black Tuxedo is keeping hostage. When K mentioned Xiu Fei’s name to threaten that man, Yan Joon realized that the hostage must be Xiu Fei’s father.

Returned at the detective agency, Yan Joon told everyone what happened while he met with Black Tuxedo. He also showed everyone that he has the key of the room where Xiu Fei’s father is being held.

Xiao Tian can’t seem to fell asleep. He decided to take the key and went to save Xiu Fei’s father. After fighting the men in black that were guarding the room in which Xiu Fei’s father is, Xiao Tian begins being sick. He can’t even stand or breathe correctly. He manages to take Xiu Fei’s father and leave. Black Tuxedo saw on a surveillance camera Xiao Tian’s face and stopped his men in black from hurting Xiao Tian.

When they were close to the detective agency, Xiao Tian fainted. That moment the men in black showed up and took Xiao Tian with them. Xiu Fei’s father arrived at the detective agency and told everyone that Xiao Tian was taken by the men in black. Also he tells everyone that Xiao Tian was sick. Peng Ze can’t keep the secret anymore and talked about the day their master general gave them the drug. Peng Ze suspected that the miraculous pill didn’t to his much good so he pretended to take the pill while hiding it, but he couldn’t stop Xiao Tian from taking it.

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