“I Order You ” ep 7~ ep 8 ~ Gook Dae:”I’m telling you not to make me falter! I like you!”

Song Ah has been avoiding Gook Dae, but when her brother ordered a lunch box for her Song Ah and Gook Dae met again. Something happened at Song Ah’s office and she will have to work with Gook Dae even if she wants to push him away.

Kevin ordered a proposal lunch box from Gook Dae for the day he will confess to Song Ah. Jealous, Gook Dae gave Kevin a lunch box filled with dishes that Song Ah told him her mother used to make her. When Song Ah saw the lunch box she run to Gook Dae and he confessed that he likes her.

Episode 7

Song Ah is on her way to work when Kevin calls her. Thinking that Kevin was the one that kissed her on the forehead while she was in the hospital, Song Ah doesn’t answers. The moment Song Ah rejected Kevin’s phone call, the lift’s door opened and Kevin appeared in front of her. Song Ah feels uncomfortable to be friendly with Kevin because people in the office could misunderstand that they are dating. For Kevin that isn’t a problem because he likes Song Ah.

Kevin:”You are the Park Song Ah that I like. “

Also Song Ah asked him if he was the one that kissed her on the forehead and Kevin said that it wasn’t him.

Gook Dae is cooking, but rather than cooking he seems like he is relieving his anger. Suddenly he goes to deliver an order. The order is delivered at Song Ah’s company. When Song sees Gook Dae she hides, she doesn’t want to see and talk to Gook Dae. But when she saw Gook Dae coming to her office and asking for her, Song Ah pretended to sleep. Song Ah’s brother ordered a lunch box for her since she was sick the last few days. Gook Dae tries to wake her up, but she keeps pretending to sleep.

When the director of Song Ah’s company come into the office, Song Ah jumped up from her sit and Gook Dae realized she was faking. To not get in trouble, Song Ah lied her director that Gook Dae is the owner of the lunch box restaurant they will have a collaboration with.

It’s time for Gook Dae to leave and Song Ah walks him out where they bicker for a while. Song Ah wants Gook Dae to tell her director that he will not accept their collaboration, but Gook Dae refuses.

While Song Ah enters the director’s office to tell him that the collaboration with Gook Dae’s restaurant won’t be possible, Kevin went to Gook Dae. Kevin wants to know if Gook Dae likes Song Ah, but Gook Dae doesn’t have any reason to answer Kevin’s question. If he has to tell someone that he likes or not Song Ah than that person is Park Song Ah.

Kevin:”I came to order a proposal lunch box.”

Gook Dae finds Kevin coward for putting him to make Kevin’s proposal lunch box, but then again Gook Dae is the one that started the cowardly fight when he kissed Song Ah’s forehead and left.

Episode 8

Song Ah entered the director’s office to tell him that the collaboration with Gook Dae’s restaurant won’t e possible, but things didn’t work out the way she hopped it would. The director was impressed with her idea and if the collaboration will work out well, Song Ah will be promoted. Since her carrier depends on this collaboration, Song Ah went to her scheduled meeting with Gook Dae. He was happy to see her there, but when she mentioned that the atmosphere between them is awkward because of the inappropriate accident, meaning their kiss, and that they should only focus on working, Gook Dae’s facial expression changed. He took out an apron and handed it to Song Ah. Since Song Ah wasn’t wearing it, Gook Dae took advantage of the situation and hugged Song Ah with the pretext that he was tying the apron around her waist.

Song Ah is cutting vegetable as Gook Dae made her too, but when Gook Dae said that Kevin went there before, she didn’t pay attention to the knife and cut her finger. Worried Gook Dae puts a band aid on Song Ah’s finger and doesn’t let her help anymore. She can just sit comfortably and watch him.

Gook Dae:”It’s making me too nervous. Just sit here and watch what I do.”

When the food is ready, Song Ah has to taste it. But since he doesn’t want Song Ah to leave early, Gook Dae prepared 10 different samples of lunch boxes. After eating so much, Song Ah fell asleep. Since he wants to confess to Song Ah, Gook Dae sent Bi Ryong and Soo Ri away first. The food for his confession was the cookies he promised Song Ah that he will make for her, the cookies from Hansel and Gretel.

When Gook Dae is about to confess, Kevin arrived. He came to pick up Song Ah and the proposal lunch box he ordered.

Kevin took Song Ah to a restaurant and confessed, but she’s only seeing him as a friend. Later Song Ah was at the house and her brother tells her that it was Gook Dae the one who found and took her to the hospital when she fainted. Then Song Ah realized that if Gook Dae took her to the hospital it was also him the one who kissed her forehead.

When Song Joo opened the lunch box, Song Ah was surprised. The lunch box was full of the foods that Song Ah told Gook Dae her mother used to make her. Surprised, Song Ah runs to Gook Dae’s restaurant to ask him why he is confusing her again if it was him the one who said their kiss was a mistake. Also she wanted to know why he comforted her while she was in the hospital. But Gook Dae never said their kiss was a mistake, he only apologized for not telling her first about his divorce. She was so upset after hearing that Gook Dae married that she never let him finish his story and just left. Then she avoided his phone calls and pushed him away.

Gook Dae:”I even told you I had something to tell you today and you still went out with that man. I’m telling you not to make me falter! I like you!”

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