“High Society ” ep 13~ Chang Soo:” I really like you!”

Yoon Ha gets closer to her mother. They both open up toward each other. Also Yoon Ha’s father shows that he is giving her more power.

Yoon Ha’s mother and Chang Soo’s mother want to marry them and while they’ve met, Joon Ki sees Chang Soo trying to kiss Yoon Ha.

Personal thought: I have the impression that Joon Ki accepted Ye Won’s offer not for the money he receives, but because being closer to Ye Won he can help Yoon Ha in any way it’s possible.

Episode 13

The four friends met in front of Ji Yi’s house and they decide to talk. Chang Soo and Joon Ki went to the convenient store to buy drinks and side dishes. At the convenience story, Joon Ki let Chang Soo buy the side dishes for the first time in his life. Then on their way back, Chang Soo and Joon Ki start fighting. Now Joon Ki doesn’t need to make Chang Soo feel good so he just says whatever is on his mind. When the girls came and found them arguing, Ji Yi takes Joon Ki’s side while Yoon Ha takes Chang Soo’s side.

Chang Soo:” I really like you!”

Since he is jealous that Ji Yi drank with Joon Ki and held him that night, Chang Soo and Ji Yi start fighting. When Ji Yi leaves, Chang Soo follows her.

Yoon Ha’s phone ringed. She was announced that her father fainted and is admitted to the hospital. Even if Yoon Ha hated it, Joon Ki accompanied her to the taxi and got in to go with her. In the taxi they continued fighting until the taxi driver told Yoon Ha that she should give in at some point in a lover’s fight.

“The guy is holding on to you so tightly because he likes you.”

At some point the taxi stopped. Joon Ki paid and got off. While he was waiting for Yoon Ha to come down she locked the door and told the driver to drive away. Joon Ki stops another taxi and follows her.

While Yoon Ha was at the hospital, Ye Won broke her safe and took the documents and USB that Kyeong Joon left Yoon Ha. The next day at the company Yoon Ha met Joon Ki on the way to Ye Won’s office. Yoon Ha regrets believing fate was her mistake when she met Joon Ki while Joon Ki regrets that he made a choice and didn’t believe in fate. When they first met, Joon Ki saw three times Yoon Ha coincidently.

In the office, Ye Won asked Yoon Ha about the USB, but Yoon Ha doesn’t seem to know that the USB and documents aren’t in her safe anymore.

During lunch time, Ji Yi told Joon Ki that the employees from Tae Jin Group aren’t receiving Yoon Ha well, they just want Ye Won to succeed their father. Then she went to Yoon Ha’s office to comfort her a little.

The day president Jang was discharged for hospital, the whole family was there. In front of the journalists, president Jang help Yoon Ha’s hand to give her more power. Now that Kyeong Joon is gone, Yoon Ha seems to be her father’s favorite.

At home Yoon Ha checks her safe and noticed that the password doesn’t work. She calls someone to break the safe and sees that the USB from Kyeong Joon is missing. That moment she remembers the day Ye Won asked her about the USB and realized that Ye Won took it.

While Yoon Ha was searching for Kyeong Joon’s USB, her mother came in. Lately Yoon Ha’s mother is acting different towards her, she is more loving. The same time Yoon Ha changed her attitude towards her mother, she listens to her well. For the first time Yoon Ha and her mother open up towards each other and have a heart to heart talk. Yoon Ha tells her mother how she feels now and her mother gives her few advices about love problems.

Yoon Ha:”You seem like my mother.”

The next day Yoon Ha met Chang Soo. They both have to marry someone their families chose and both their mothers want them together. Since he already knows Yoon Ha and they are close Chang Soo doesn’t think that marrying Yoon Ha is a bad idea. He gets up and tries to kiss Yoon Ha. That moment Joon Ki and Ji Yi entered. Joon Ki is surprised to see Chang Soo trying to kiss Yoon Ha, but he reacts fast and stops Ji Yi from seeing.

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