“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 63~ep 64 ~ “He’s got a good body and a great face. “

In order to get Seung Hye and Yoon Ho closer, Sun Im and Dong Seok invited Yoon Ho to Dongnakdang without Seung Hye knowing. When Seung Hye came home with Do Jin, she wasn’t pleased to see Yoon Ho so she sent him away.

Seung Jae accompanied Seung Ah to a photo shot, but ended up being the main model for the campaign.

Do Jin opened a new café and Seung Hye passed her barista exam, but her family is against Seung Hye working or seeing Do Jin.

Episode 63

Dong Seok and Sun Im called Yoon Ho to their house. Before Yoon Ho arrived, Do Jin and Seung Hye came home to make takoyaki for Dae Shil. When Yoon Ho arrived, Do Jin was already cooking, but since Dong Seok and Sun Im are on Yoon Ho’s side now, Yoon Ho was the one that finished cooking. He wasn’t as good as Do Jin, but Yoon Ho isn’t the type to give up.

The food it’s ready and everyone went to Sun Im’s room. Both Sun Im and Dong Seok liked the takoyaki that Yoon Ho made, with a little help from Do Jin. But Sun Im and Dong Seok were giving a lot of attention to make Do Jin feel bad. Since she doesn’t feel comfortable with Yoon Ho being in her house, Seung Hye asked him to leave and to not come to her house, even if her mother or grandmother asks him too.

Dong Seok took Seung Hye to the room and scolded her for throwing Yoon Ho out when he was her and Sun Im’s guest. In return Seung Hye wants her family to accept Do Jin. She wants to obey her family, but she can’t give up Do Jin either.

Dae Shil is signing a temporary contract with Se Ryeong. Kyeong Tae accompanied her to ask Se Ryeong to threat Dae Shil well, but he made a mistake when he mentioned Dae Shil being old.

Seung Ah has a photo shoot the next day so she went to Seung Jae’s room to try different positions. Then she asked him to accompany her to the photo shoot since everyone will be there with their managers. With Seung Ah acting all cute, Seung Jae couldn’t refuse. The next day Seung Jae accompanied Seung Ah to her photo shot, but the photo shot is about to be canceled. The male model was hospitalized with food poisoning. In a hurry to search for a new male model, the photographer noticed Seung Jae and liked him.

“He’s got a good body and a great face. “

Even if he refused, Seung Jae was forced to be the male model for Seung Ah’s photo shot. He was taken to make up, to style his hair and change his clothes. Then when he was ready, Seung Jae was pushed to model. At first he was really rigid and couldn’t smile, but with Seung Ah’s help, Seung Jae was able to do a good job. Seung Jae was so good, that the photographer changed the script and made Seung Jae the main instead of Seung Ah.

Personal thought: Finally Seung Jae appears more!!!

Seung Hye went to see Mi Ja and lectured her about pretending to accept Seung Hye just so that Do Jin will do what she wants. But Seung Hye, the fool, is no match for Mi Ja, who made her leave thinking that Do Jin sooner or later will be bored of her and go to Se Ryeong.

Worried that Mi Ja’s words could be right, Seung Hye stopped by Do Jin’s house.

Do Jin:”For me, it’s difficult to fall in love, but once I’m there, I’ll only love that one person.”

From Do Jin’s house, Seung Hye and Do Jin went to a coffee shop which reminded Do Jin of his old coffee shop. For the following days Do Jin searched for a new place to open his coffee shop, while Seung Hye studied for her barista exam.

Personal thought: Have I lost something? Did I miss an episode? I don’t think I remember is which episode Do Jin closed his coffee shop….I remember that Mi Ja and Sang Man made a plan to force Do Jin close his coffee shop, but I don’t remember actually seeing that happened….

Episode 64

Seung Hye passed the barista exam so when Yoon Ho came to congratulate her, she invited him in for a cup of coffee together with her whole family. Sun Im gave Seung Hye permission to make coffee in Dongnakdang and she let everyone try it, but she didn’t drink it. Going to the kitchen to drink some water, Sun Im found some coffee and tasted it, but she didn’t like it.

Later Seung Hye called Do Jin to give him the good news, but he called her to his new coffee shop. While Seung Hye was studying for her barista exam, Do Jin was busy opening his new shop.

Do Jin:”Will you start fresh here with me?”

Personal thought: Seriously now! The part where Seung Hye pretended to be scared was so fake! Now Seung Hye knew that the place she entered was Do Jin? Why would someone come in to a closed shop? And if she entered, why didn’t she turned on the light? Was she making economy for the bill????? The light was turned on before Do Jin could touch her shoulder, so why was she scared after thinking a while if she should get scared or not? Personally I think that if I was in a dark room and the light turns on suddenly, I would look towards the corner where the switcher is, not at the light bulb, but that’ just me and I don’t appear in Korean drama…so I shouldn’t try o much to understand stupid moments….

The next day Seung Hye wants to leave for work, at Do Jin’s new café, but Dong Seok doesn’t let her. She even follows Seung Hye around the house to be sure her daughter won’t disobey her and leave.

Meantime, Seung Ah talked to the photographer who asked her to bring Seung Jae for another photo shoot. At first Seung Jae wasn’t interested, but when he saw how much he was paid for his first modeling job, Seung Jae changed his mind.

After fighting with her mother that Yoon Ho is the man she likes so Dong Seok should stop pairing him with Seung Hye, Seung Ah goes to her room and calls Yoon Ho. Meantime at his house Yoon Ho was talking with Se Ryeong’s father. President Jang asked Yoon Ho to get Seung Hye to work for them as manager now that she is a barista. But Yoon Ho understood that president Jang wants to keep Seung Hye away from Do Jin.

Trying to get Yoon Ho fall for her, Seung Ah went to his house and danced a sexy dance for him, but Yoon Ho wasn’t impressed. He only sees Seung Ah as a younger sister.

Yoon Ho:”If I’d go for this kind of stunt, I’d have fallen for you at the pool.”

That night, after working the whole day cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, Seung Hye managed to run away from home for a few minutes to see Do Jin. The next morning, while all the women from the Yoon family were in the living room, Seung Ah asked Seung Hye if she isn’t curious about her biological parents.

The same time, Sang Man tries to convince Mi Ja to not go as far as to lie Dae Ho and tell him that Do Jin is his son.

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