“High Society ” ep 14~ Yoon Ha:” I don’t want to live.”

Things between Yoon Ha and Joon Ki start to change. He is showing her that he is interested in her, while she accepts him around her.

Yoon Ha’s parent’s investigations showed that Kyeong Joon is still alive, he faked his own death.

Episode 14

Seeing that Chang Soo is with Yoon Ha, Joon Ki took Ji Yi away. They went for dinner together. Meantime Chang Soo told Yoon Ha that even if Joon Ki approached her with a motive, he still fell in love with her. Then Chang Soo left before Ji Yi coming there, but on his way out, Chang Soo saw Ji Yi and Joon Ki leaving together and returned to Yoon Ha.

The same time at the house, Ye Won and her mother received shocking news. There is a possibility that Kyeong Joon is alive, there are suspicions that he faked his own death.

Since either of them has much to do when they aren’t working, both Joon Ki and Yoon Ha went to work in the middle on the night. Knowing that her son ate only noodles, Joon Ki’s mother brought him dinner to the company, but when she heard that Yoon Ha is there also she saved some for her too. After Joon Ki returned to his office, his mother called Yoon Ha and called her in the lobby.

Chang Soo came home drunk and told his mother that he can’t life without Ji Yi because he loves her.

At the office, Yoon Ha wants to go for a walk, but find at her office door two drinks from Joon Ki. She goes to return the drinks, but Joon Ki hands her a paper with the phone numbers of the people she will have to call the next day for business. Since she just started working at the company and passed few steps, Yoon Ha isn’t really doing a good job so Joon Ki helped her. But for handing her the numbers, Joon Ki has a condition. He gives her a drink and she has to listen to him. While Yoon Ha drinks, Joon Ki gives her a few tips to do a good job at the company.

For the first time since she found out about Joon Ki’s ulterior motive to date her and broke up with him, Yoon Ha talks and listens to Joon Ki. Then they go for a walk to get some fresh air. Both of them are comfortable talking to each other.

Yoon Ha:”We communicated with our bodies often. We are familiar with each other.”

Yoon Ha confronted Ye Won regarding Kyeong Joon’s USB, but now with that in her hands Ye Won is more confident. Later at the company, Ji Yi told Yoon Ha that she posted online some pictures with their company’s cosmetic products and the reaction was great. Now they have to film a video with the two of them using the products, a commoner and a rich girl using the same products.

When she arrived home Yoon Ha was acting strange. She tells her mother that she doesn’t want to live. That all the people she loves leaves her. That she means bad luck to those around her, including her brother Kyeong Joon who died because of her.

Yoon Ha:” I don’t want to live.”

The next day, Yoon Ha’s parents received information from two sources that indeed Kyeong Joon faked his death, that he is alive. After finding out the truth president Jang fainted again.

Because Chang Soo keeps acting strange and always gets home drunk, Chang Soo’s mother calls Ji Yi.


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