“I Order You ” ep 9~ ep 10 ~ Gook Dae:”From now on, don’t run away”

Gook Dae confessed his feelings to Song Ah, but was rejected. The next day Gook Dae is admitted to the hospital and when Song Ah went to see him, she met Gook Dae’s ex wife.

After starting to date, Song Ah finds out that Gook Dae named his restaurant after his ex wife’s name.

Episode 9

Seeing the lunch box, Song Ah was surprised. She runs to Gook Dae and asks him why he keeps confusing her. Gook Dae looks into Song Ah’s eyes and tells her that he likes her and that it’s too late for him to change his feelings.

Gook Dae:” I like you!”

But it’s too late for Song Ah. She rejects his feelings and leaves. The next day Song Ah rejects Kevin, but they decided to remain as friends.

Kevin:”Why does the one who dumped the other look more hurt than the one who got dumped?”

When he sees that Song Ah looks more depressed than he, Kevin couldn’t let her go. He took her to their old school where they’ve remembered the days they were classmates and the present Kevin gave her before going to America.

Meantime something happened to Gook Dae. He is at his restaurant trying to cook, but he can’t seem to move his right hand. Gook Dae is admitted in the hospital.

When Song Ah and Kevin went to pick up the samples dishes and cooking methods from Gook Dae’s restaurant, Bi Ryeong told Song Ah that Gook Dae is in the hospital. She didn’t intend to visit Gook Dae, but Kevin took her to the hospital.

Song Ah is in front of Gook Dae’s hospital room. She is about to go in, but she stops and turns around. Then a woman comes out from Gook Dae’s room. Its Gook Dae’s ex wife!

Coming back to his room, Gook Dae saw Song Ah there with his ex wife.


Episode 10

Song Ah leaves the awkward situation. Gook Dae follows her. She tries to get a taxi, but she couldn’t. She tries to cross the road, but a car is about hit her. Luckily Gook Dae arrived in time to pull her away.

Gook Dae:” Don’t do that ever again in front of me!”

Angry and embarrassed, Song Ah pushes Gook Dae away. She asks him if the woman she saw inside is his ex wife, but Gook Dae wants Song Ah to understand that even if his ex wife is inside he is in front of her now.

Gook Dae:” Right now, I’m in front of you. I don’t want to lose you, Park Song Ah!”

They remained on the road until a car passed and watered them, then they went to talk. They open up and talk about what they feel and what should they do from now on, but more importantly about how their relationship will be from now on.

Gook Dae:”From now on, don’t run away”

Song Ah:”Then, hold on to me.”

Personal thought: When did they dry their clothes? On the road they were wet from the rain and soaked form the car that passed so when did their clothes dried so quickly?

The next day Song Ah went to FLada with the pictures from the samples that her company wants for their collaboration. At FLada, Song Ah met Ah Da Hwa, Gook Dae’s wife. Since Gook Dae is sick, he has tennis elbow, he can’t use his hand so Bi Ryeong asked Da Hwa to help them with their orders. Da Hwa is also a chef.

When Gook Dae came at FLada and saw Da Hwa and Song Ah talking he got upset and asked Da Hwa to leave and never return without his permission. Then he took Song Ah to his room, thinking that Song Ah is upset to see Da Hwa there. But Song Ah understood the reason Da Hwa was there. Knowing that she is the woman that Gook Dae likes, Song Ah can’t be upset seeing Da Hwa there. Before Song Ah left, Gook Dae told Bi Ryeong and Soo Ri that he and Song Ah are dating so there is no place for Da Hwa there, even if they have to close the shop until his hands will heal.

On her way home, Song Ah received a phone call from Da Hwa asking to meet. When they’ve met, Da Hwa asked Song Ah to leave her spot because she isn’t Gook Dae’s past. To prove Song Ah that she isn’t the past yet, Da Hwa revealed Song Ah that Gook Dae named his shop FLada after her name.

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