“When I See You Again ” ep 8 ~ You Qian:”You should keep a safe distance between everything, especially between people.”

You Qian returned to Lunar Maria to create occasion to spent more time with An Xi and interact with her until she accepts him. Unfortunately for him another guest shows up at Lunar Maria. His name is Hu Yan Ze and from the first moment he showed up, Yan Ze is close and friendly with An Xi.

Episode 8

An Xi wakes up and someone is next to her, looking at her. She can’t believe her eyes Yo Qian came back and is looking at her. She bites her hand and pinches You Qian’s leg to make sure he really is there. She runs out to ask Mei Wen when Yo Qian returned, but no one is there. Yo Qian asked Mei Wen, Zhi Lin and Ya En to let him interact with An Xi that day so they went to Ya Ru’s workplace.

During breakfast, You Qian wants to eat with An Xi, but she is acting strange. She doesn’t talk to him, she doesn’t look at him, she just avoids him. Threatening her that he will post bad comments about her hostel online, Yo Qian convinced An Xi to eat with him, but she avoids his eyes.

For more interaction, after breakfast, Yo Qian asked An Xi to help him wash his car. At first An Xi thought that Yo Qian is playing a prank with her and took the hose from Yo Qian and sprinkled the water on him. Then she started imagining things with Yo Qian. He stops her, but then Yo Qian starts imagining An Xi sexy, washing his car.

When they started washing the car, An Xi begins avoiding again Yo Qian’s gaze. Because she hurt herself while avoiding Yo Qian’s gaze, An Xi runs away.

Yo Qian:”Is my gaze too overwhelming for her? Or was my gaze too weak? Or…she really cares about me?”

An Xi changed her clothes, but when Yo Qian knocked her door she tries to run away. The only problem An Xi has is that Mei Wen isn’t there to give her a ladder so she could run away on the window. She opens the door and finds a way to run away, but since the only thing You Qian can use is his brain, this time You Qian was prepared.

Since An Xi refuses to interact with him, You Qian has another plan to be around An Xi. He still is An Xi’s hostel’s credit debtor so while talking about business An Xi will talk to You Qian. To increase Lunar Maria’s profits offseason, You Qian lays off Mei Wen, Zhi Lin and Ya En. But An Xi refuses to fire her friends so they need to find another way to make profits and for that she will have to interact more with You Qian.

Later, You Qian goes to An Xi’s room and asks her if she thought about why he had her lucky charm for so long. Then You Qian asked An Xi about Lunar Maria’s story. He licked the story so she has to write it down and put it on the hostel’s website. The following days everyone gathered at the hostel and prepared everything for the website.

You Qian followed An Xi around. Since she doesn’t want to accept his feelings, You Qian makes her feeling guilty for using him when she accepted his help to raise her hostel’s profits.

Later An Xi met at the temple a new tourist. She remembers him, it’s Yan Ze the man she met when Ya En was admitted to the hospital. Yan Ze was send to Pu Lang Village to see what You Qian is really doing because the CEO of their company doesn’t believe You Qian asked for more days off for a love problem. Since he can’t tell that he work for the same company as You Qian, Yan Ze lied that he is a photographer and he and You Qian pretend to not know each other.

Yan Ze:” Sometimes, people can meet at unexpected places and unexpected times. Fate is just that interesting.”

When he saw Yan Ze, You Qian was upset because Yan Ze was sent to keep an eye on him, but he also was jealous to see how well and friendly Yan Ze and An Xi are with each other.

Since he said that he is a photographer, An Xi asked Yan Ze to take their pictures for the website. While taking their pictures, Yan Z enticed that You Qian was watching them from the terrace. To make You Qian jealous, Yan Ze keeps touching An Xi, keeps being around her and more important keeps creating opportunities to interact with An Xi.

Later, when he goes in his room, Yan Ze finds You Qian there. He takes the advantage and provokes You Qian a little more by saying that he would like to have a summer love with An Xi. Jealous, You Qian prohibits Yan Ze to pursue An Xi.

Yan Ze:” I can’t believe that even Xia You Qian gets anxious.”

While talking to Mei Wen, An Xi realized that Yan Ze’s name sounds familiar so she runs to You Qian’s room. The room You Qian uses was originally her room so she needs to find something there. You Qian stopped her and told her that he didn’t like that she was so friendly and close to Yan Ze.

You Qian:”You should keep a safe distance between everything, especially between people.”

With the letter she took from You Qian’s room, An Xi returns to her current room and remembers her 18th birthday. That day all the presents An Xi send to her mother during the years were returned together with a letter. In that letter the person who returned the presents was telling An Xi that her mother doesn’t leave there. The sender also signed his name on the letter, Hu Yan Ze. That day, An Xi found out that her father lied about her mother, where her mother is and what she is doing. She found out that her mother abandoned her after giving birth to her and because her father didn’t want to hurt her, he said that she was busy achieving great thing, but she will come one day to see An Xi.

After finding with her father, An Xi left. In front of her house she met You Qian who brought her the angel’s tears to confess to her. She was so angry at the moment that she spilled her anger on innocent You Qian.

An Xi takes the letter and goes to ask Yan Ze if he is the Hu Yan Ze to send her the letter on her 18th birthday. And he was! The presents were received by Yan Ze’s father and when he died, Yan Ze returned the gifts. While talking Yan Ze and An Xi realized that they have some things in common, like even if there are a lot of people who cares for them, they still feel lonely. Then she asked Yan Ze to not tell You Qian that she bit him at the hospital.

The next morning, An Xi prepared a healthy beverage for Yan Ze. When You Qian showed up in the kitchen and saw Yan Ze and An Xi really close and he is jealous again. Yan Ze sees you Qian and finds it entertaining to pay with him for a while. He shows You Qian that he and An Xi have a secret that they can’t tell him, he puts his hand on An Xi’s shoulder, he shows You Qian that An Xi made a drink especially for him. Then to make You Qian even more jealous, Yan Ze found another occasion to spend the day with An Xi, only the two of them.


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