“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 65~ep 66 ~ ” Out of sight, out of mind.”

Yoon Ho took Seung Hye to the orphanage she grew up and she told him about her childhood. The next day, Do Jin visited president Jang and prohibited him to meet Seung Hye and ask her to break up with Do Jin. Humiliated president Jang told Se Ryeong to go to America for a while, but she refuses and moves out of the house.

Moving back to his mother’s house, Do Jin found there Se Ryeong. Tired of Se Ryeong’s acting, Do Jin told her how he really feels about her, but is accused of Yoon Ho and president Jang of mistreating Se Ryeong.

Episode 65

Since her mother isn’t home, Seung Hye sneaked out to see Do Jin, but on her way she met Yoon Ho. He lied that he will drive her to Do Jin’s café instead he took her somewhere else. Seung Hye is angry and wants Yoon Ho to let her get, but all that Yoon Ho does is to ask her if the road they are on isn’t familiar. When Yoon Ho stopped the car and they got off, Seung Hye realized that the place Yoon Ho took her was the orphanage she grew up at.

At the orphanage Seung Hye thought about her days there, she met the director of that orphanage and talked about her parents. Seung Hye’s parents died in an accident after working as volunteers at the orphanage she grew up until she was adopted. Then while looking around Seung Hye found the tree her parents planted there.

Yoon Ho and Seung Hye had lunch at the orphanage and later Seung Hye showed Yoon Ho her old room and her old bed from there. Before leaving Yoon Ho played with the children.

When Yoon Ho took her home, Seung Hye told him how bad she feels every time he threats her so well because she can’t share his feelings, she just sees him as a good friend, her role model, someone that she can admire.

As she left without telling anyone, Seung Hye sneaks inside her room without being seen, but there in the dark Dong Seok was waiting for her. She scolded Seung Hye and told Seung Hye that she can’t allow her to marry Do Jin because she doesn’t want Mi Ja to mistreat Seung Hye.

Do Jin can’t get in touch with Seung Hye and when he was trying to call her, he sees Yoon Ho coming from Seung Hye’s house. The next morning after finding out the president Jang not only spoke to Seung Hye, but he also tried to persuade Seung Hye’s aunt to split him and Seung Hye, Do Jin visited president Jang. During their meeting Do Jin asked president Jang to never meet Seung Hye to ask her to break up with him. Humiliated after speaking with Do Jin, president Jang called Se Ryeong and told her to go to America for a while, until she will be able to forget about Do Jin. Upset Se Ryeong fights with her father and decides to move out of the house.

President Jang:” Out of sight, out of mind.”

Episode 66

Seung Hye was able to get out of her house and meet Do Jin for a little while. She shows the picture with the tree her parents planted to Do Jin and told him that she went to the orphanage with Yoon Ho. The next day, with Seung Ah’s help, Seung Hye could leave the house without being seen by her mother. She went to give Do Jin a new jar of sunshower tea, but this time it was one made completely by her because Sun Im refused to give her tea to Do Jin.

After fighting with her father, Se Ryeong packed her luggage and left the house. Se Ryeong moved in with Mi Ja. Now that they live together Mi Ja can see Se Ryeong’s personality clearly. At dinner, Se Ryeong criticized Mi Ja’s dishes, criticized Mi Ja’s silhouette. Then she gets up from the table saying that she can eat something like that and tells Mi Ja to prepare her bath because she needs to take a bath. Se Ryeong is treating Mi Ja as her privet servant.

Since Kyeong Tae has to get the apartment ready before Dae Shil moves in, Do Jin had to move out. He packed his things and went to his mother’s house. Arrived at Mi Ja’s house, Do Jin was surprised to see Se Ryeong there. With his mother and Se Ryeong insisting to live there all three of them as a family, Do Jin realized that he was wrong to move to his mother’s house. Before leaving, Do Jin tells Se Ryeong what he really feels about her.

Do Jin:” I’m getting sick of you being this way. I can’t stand the sight of you anymore.”

Do Jin left and Se Ryeong followed him and pathetically begged him to give her a chance. Still Do Jin refused and pushed her away. President Jang and Yoon Ho, who were coming to get Se Ryeong home saw the whole scene and were shocked.

When president Jang went upstairs to talk to Mi Ja, Yoon Ho fought with Do Jin. In Yoon Ho’s eyes Do Jin is a jerk that mistreat women so he has no intention of letting someone like that have Seung Hye.

Personal thought: I’m dumbfounded!!!! Why right has Yoon Ho to say that to Do Jin? Finally he put an end to Se Ryeong’s pathetical acting and everyone scolds him for being hones? Finally the coward Do Jin put Se Ryeong in her place and didn’t Yoon Ho asked him once to stop giving Se Ryeong false hope so now why is Yoon Ho acting like that? On the other hand if the man she likes told her that he feels nothing for her, that he doesn’t see her as a woman, why is Se Ryeong so pathetic, why she doesn’t love herself a little?

Yoon Ho said that Se Ryeong is a weak and frail woman and Do Jin bullied her because he is stronger…then what Se Ryeong did to Seung Hye from the first time they’ve met….what is that? what should we call Se Ryeong then?

Do Jin didn’t mistreat Se Ryeong! He did the best thing someone could do for her. He did what Se Ryeong’s father should do if he really love his daughter. Letting Se Ryeong persist in her delusion won’t do her any good, but will hurt her even more (even if she is already acting crazy enough and I don’t know how much crazier she could be, but….)

Another thing I’m surprised is that Mi Ja still wants Se Ryeong after seeing her true colors. Se Ryeong is uneducated and threats Mi Ja, an elder that she wants as mother-in-law, like her servant….

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