“The Crossing Hero ” ep 23 ~ep 24 ~ Xiao Tian:” From today onwards, you and I are no longer brothers.”

Xiao Tian is the new leader of the men in black. He met Black Tuxedo and realized that he is master general. Black Tuxedo fooled Xiao Tian and now Xiao Tian works for him. Because Peng Ze tried to make Xiao Tian come to his senses and realize that Black Tuxedo is an evil man, Xiao Tian and Peng Ze fought.

Ke Shang found courage to confess to Mo Han, but was rejected.

Personal thought: How come the main characters are Xiao Dong, Xian Ting, Mo Han, Peng Ze and Xiao Tian, but the one that shows up more in the last episodes is Yan Joon?

Episode 23

Ke Shang called Xiao Dong and gave him a shocking news, director Yang died. That news worried Xiao Dong and everyone in the detective agency because director Yang died after he stopped taking the drug that the master general gave him. Xiao Tian and Xiu Fei’s father also took that drug and now stopped. In a hurry Xiu Fei took her father to the hospital where Long Long is taking care of him. As soon as he arrived at the hospital, Xiu Fei’s father fainted and started having fever. Yan Joon brought Long Long the pill Peng Ze pretended to take when the master general gave it to him. Now Long Lon can analyze the pill and maybe she can find a way to save Xiu Fei’s father and Xiao Tian.

Peng Ze is worried about many things. If Xiao Tian doesn’t take the pill continuously for the rest of his life, he will die, but another thing that worries Peng Ze is that if the Black Tuxedo really is his master general from the Ming Dynasty then Black Tuxedo will keep Xiao Tian by his side. Knowing Xiao Tian’s personality, Peng Ze fears that Black Tuxedo will trick Xiao Tian into obeying him.

Xiao Tian woke up feeling well. Since he arrived in Seaside City, it’s the first time he feels so well. Next to him in the room there are K and two other men in black. They’ve prepared breakfast for Xiao Tian and black clothes.

To be able to help Xiao Tian, Peng Ze has to be informed. For that he goes to the library, reads and takes notes about his master general’s voyages in the past. While ready, Peng Ze found something strange, in one history book it said that his master general went in seven voyages and in another book it said that he left in eight voyages.

Xiao Tian met Black Tuxedo and recognized him immediately. Black Tuxedo is the master general! Always Xiao Tian admired master general and now that he gave Xiao Tian the drug and made him feel better, he can easily fool Xiao Tian into working for him. Black Tuxedo told Xiao Tian that he wants to revive the mighty Ming Dynasty and he wants Xiao Tian to work for him. The Black Tuxedo gave Xiao Tian some pills to test Peng Ze. If Peng Ze will swallow the pill from Xiao Tian in front of Xiao Tian, then Xiao Tian can trust him and bring him to Black Tuxedo, but if Peng Ze doesn’t take the pill then it means Peng Ze isn’t loyal to Black Tuxedo and his goal so Xiao Tian has to keep his distance from Peng Ze. Actually Black Tuxedo knows that Peng Ze isn’t as easily to fool as Xiao Tian so he is trying to split the two imperial guards.

After he became the leader of the men in black, Xiao Tian met with Peng Ze and Mo Han. No matter how much Peng Ze tried to convince him that Black Tuxedo is the evil of the story, Xiao Tian trusts his master general more then he trusts Peng Ze. That day Peng Ze and Xiao Tian fought and Xiao Tian returned the gift Peng Ze gave him a long time ago and left.

Xiao Tian:” From today onwards, you and I are no longer brothers.”

Personal thought: How come Yan Joon’s hair color is different every time he appears? Now he is blond, in the next scene his hair color is brown, then he is blond again, then brown again…..

Episode 24

Xiao Dong and Xian Ting are at the police station trying to talk to officer Wu, to convince him to join forces with them and together to stop Black Tuxedo. Unfortunately officer Wu refused and threw them out. Officer Wu is too scared that Black Tuxedo could hurt his wife and son to accept helping Xiao Dong.

Leaving the police station, Xian Ting isn’t feeling so well so Xiao Dong takes her to the hospital.

Xiu Fei’s father is getting worse and after analyzing the drug, Long Long wasn’t able to find a cure for it because the drug is made from an ancient plant. While turning Xiu Fei’s father, Xiao Dong realized that Xiu Fei’s father had a chip implanted in his neck. Later when Xiu Fei went out to buy some water, at the store she realized that the chip implanted on her father was a tracking device.

Returned at the hospital, Xiu Fei and Xian Ting found Long Lons unconscious lying on the floor and Xiu Fei’s father dead. Before they returned a group of men in black came, they beat Long Long, forced her to take the drug and gave a shot to Xiu Fei’s father.

Ke Shang found the courage to confess to Mo Ha. He brought her omelet and the next day he brought her favorite desert. Every time Ke Shang brought her something, Mo Han found anything else to do expect eating what he brought or talk to him. The moment he confessed, Mo Han rejected him.

Since Mo Han is upset because Xiao Dong doesn’t like her, Yan Joon comforts her and makes her realize that maybe Mo Han doesn’t love Xiao Dong the way she things. Maybe Mo Han liked Xiao Dong as an older brother.

After Mo Han rejected Ke Shang, she felt bad and Yan Joon consoled her again.

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