“I Order You ” ep 11~ ep 12 ~ Gook Dae:”This amazing me is jealous right now.”

Gook Dae and Song Ah are getting closer, even if Da Hwa does everything she can to plant doubt between them. Hearing that Gook Dae and Song Ah are really in love, Da Hwa decided to reveal her reason she left Gook Dae believing that if she does that Gook Dae will leave Song Ah and return to her side.

Episode 11

Song Joo is worried about his sister so he calls Kevin to get all the information he can about Gook Dae. Later at the office Kevin talks to Song Ah and tells her that Song Joon asked him about Gook Dae. Suddenly Song Ah received a phone call from Gook Dae asking her if she films a movie with Kevin.

Gook Dae:”Aren’t you going to move away from him?”

Gook Dae specially prepared a lunch box for Song Ah and when he personally brought it he saw Song Ah talking to the man that liked her. Knowing that he is the third wheel and that Gook Dae is jealous to see him around Song Ah, Kevin lets the couple alone and goes back to his office.

Gook Dae:”This amazing me is jealous right now.”

Except from bringing Song Ah her lunch, Gook Dae had another reason to come and see her. He wants Song Ah to find another name for his shop.

Song Ah went to FLada and met there Da Hwa. She found out that Gook Dae plans to change the name of his shop and she is angry. The moment she sees Song Ah, Da Hwa vended her anger on Song Ah. After being screamed at, Song Ah told Da Hwa that she doesn’t want Gook Dae to change the name of his shop either. Since she wasn’t able to make Song Ah upset, Da Hwa tells her about a picture of a woman that Gook Dae keeps in his room, a woman that somehow is similar to Song Ah so maybe Gook Dae chose Song Ah because she resembles the woman in the picture.

Coming from hospital, Gook Dae sees his smoke coming from his shop. Worried runs inside and sees Song Ah…cooking. She was always the one receiving and that day Song Ah wanted to cook for Gook Dae, but she’s not that good about so they’ve decided to stay in each other’s corner. From now on Gook Dae will cook and Song Ah…will stay in a corner so Gook Dae could see her and be happy.

Dinner is ready and the couple is enjoying their date.

Gook Dae:”If you always smile for me like that, I can marry you.”

While eating Song Ah is curious about the reason Gook Dae and Da Hwa split, but not even Gook Dae knows the reason. Soon after the wedding Da Hwa left Gook Dae without telling him the reason. At first he was curious to know the reason he was abandoned, but now that he is in love with another woman for Gook Dae the reason Da Hwa left him isn’t important anymore.

Song Ah goes to get a bottle of wine and there she remembers what Da Hwa said about the woman whose picture Gook Dae is keeping. She found the box with the picture. When Gook Dae saw her with the box in her hands, he was upset, just like Da Hwa said.

Gook Dae:”She’s a woman that died…because of me.”

Episode 12

Gook Dae opens up and tells Song Ah who the woman in the picture is. She was the woman who raised him instead of his mother. Gook Dae’s father abandoned him and his mother and because Gook Dae looked like his father, his mother turned her frustration and hate for his father towards Gook Dae. Since Gook Dae was young and needed someone to take care of him, his mother hired a woman to raise him. He loved that woman more than his own mother. One day Gook Dae was about to have a car accident, but that woman saved him and died instead of him. All his life since then, Gook Dae felt guilty and longed for that woman.

Hearing Gook Dae’s story, Song Ah tells him that she can understand because she has a similar experience…with her mother. They console each other. Caught in the moment they weren’t able to leave each other that day and spent the night together.

In the morning, when she woke up, Song Ah found Gook Dae preparing breakfast. When they were eating, Bi Ryeong and Soo Ri arrived to work. Both Gook Dae and Song Ah are embarrassed, but when she realized that she is wearing only Gook Dae’s shirt, Song Ah run away.

Personal thought: They didn’t show the face of the woman from Gook Dae’s memories and its strange that both that woman and Song Ah’s mother died from a car accident ….What if the woman from Gook Dae’s memory and Song Ah’s mother is the same parson? Da Hwa said that Song Ah and that woman look alike and Song Ah didn’t manage to see the picture in the box.

The day of her restaurant opening, Da Hwa found out that Gook Dae and Song Ah’s relationship is going well and wasn’t pleased. She calls Song Ah to meet her, but when Song Ah arrived she realized that Da Hwa called also Gook Dae. Da Hwa called Gook Dae and Song Ah to tell Gook Dae the reason she left him soon after the wedding. Da Hwa is sure that after knowing the reason, Gook Dae will return to her.

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