“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 67~ep 68 ~ Do Jin:”Tonight, I won’t just let you go home like this.”

Do Jin and Seung Hye went on a date and later Do Jin took Seung Hye to his new house. While they were having dinner, Se Ryeong showed up drunk.

With Dae H’s help, Do Jin properly buried his grandmother. But when Mi Ja found out she wnt crazy and made a huge scandal at Dongnakdak

Episode 67

Seung Jae enters Seung Hye’s room and gives her the money he received after the photo shot her had with Seung Ah. In there, he sees the picture with the tree that their real parents planted in the orphanage and asks Seung Hye about it. Flustered, Seung Hye doesn’t know what to say and sends Seung Jae to his room to study.

In the morning, Mi Ja enters the kitchen and sees Se Ryeong’s dirty dishes on the table. As soon as Se Ryeong comes out of her room she begins bossing Mi Ja around. This time Se Ryeong gave Mi Ja some of her clothes to drop them at the dry cleaners.

To be able to go on a date with Seung Hye, Do Jin called Seung Ah over and gave her ticked to a musical. Seung Ah’s part is to take her mother to the musical and then have dinner so Do Jin and Seung Hye will have enough time to enjoy themselves.

Do Jin:”Tonight, I won’t just let you go home like this.”

Personal thought: It must be fun to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend in the water like Do Jin and Seung Hye, but…Seung Hye was wearing her bag and I don’t want to imagine how the things inside looked after…her phone (or maybe she has and water proof cell phone J), her money (if in Korea they don’t have the bills made from plastic) and other thing girls usually have in their purses.

Mi Ja called Do Jin to have dinner at her house, but she left after arranging everything for Se Ryeong and Do Jin to have a romantic dinner together. But Do Jin wanted to show his new house to Seung Hye and didn’t come. Meantime Se Ryeong waited for Do Jin until she got drunk with wine.

While Do Jin and Seung Hye were having fun and eating dinner at Do Jin’s new house, someone ringed the bell. Do Jin opened the door and saw Se Ryeong drunk. When she saw Seung Hye at Do Jin’s house, wearing his clothes, Se Ryeong made a big scandal. She was crying, pushing Seung Hye and screaming at Do Jin for being cruel with her.

Since Se Ryeong is too drunk to walk, Seung Hye asked Do Jin to sleep in the car and Seung Hye stayed at Do Jin’s house with Se Ryeong, taking care of her. While Seung Hye is trying to change her into some comfortable clothes, Se Ryeong woke up. Because Do Jin left, Se Ryeong got angry and tries to hit Seung Hye, but this time Seung Hye fought back.

Seung Hye:”Change and go to sleep while I ask nicely. I’m tired too.”

Personal thought: Being cruel with her???? Se Ryeong you’re crazy! Do Jin told her that he isn’t interested in her, but she keeps pushing herself on him pathetically. Have some respect and love for yourself. If Do Jin made it clear that he doesn’t like you and he will never like you, then move on…there must be someone better for yourself.

What’s wrong with Seung Hye? Of course she and Do Jin had to call president Jang and let him know what his foolish daughter is doing so he could do something for her. Hiding the stupid things Se Ryeong is doing so that president Jang won’t worry is harming Se Ryeong more. What if the next time Se Ryeong will threaten to kill herself? Will Seung Hye and Do Jin keep it a secret from president Jang so he will not worry?

I liked the part when Seung Hye fought back! Someone finally tells something to Se Ryeong. Used to be a spoiled brat, Se Ryeong forgot that Seung Hye not only that grew up in an orphanage and worked as a nurse in a hospital, but she also has a spoiled brat at her house.

Episode 68

In the morning when she woke up, Se Ryeong doesn’t remember anything. She is surprised to see Seung Hye there with her. Seung Hye is acting all nice with her and even made her hangover soup for breakfast.

Since Seung Hye didn’t sleep home, Dong Seok calls her. She can’t tell her mother that she spent the night at Do Jin’s house so Seung Hye lies that she slept at Dae Shil’s house. Dae Shil moved in with Kyeong Tae. To be sure that her daughter really is at Dae Shil’s house, Dong Seok asked Seung Hye to bring home the containers Dae Shil took with side dishes.

Do Jin is working at his café when Dae Ho comes in. Dae Ho doesn’t feel good after finding out that Mi Ja keeps her mother’s ashes in her room after so many years. After talking with each other, Dae Ho and Do Jin decided that they should give Mi Ja’s mother a proper burial. With secretary Bae’s help Do Jin was able to get the urn with his grandmother’s ashes and together with Dae Ho went to properly bury his maternal grandmother.

When she heard what happened, Mi Ja went crazy. She went at Dongnakdang and created a big scandal there until she fainted.

After burying Mi Ja’s mother, Do Jin and Dae Ho saw that they had a lot of missed calls. Finding out that Mi Ja fainted at Dongnakdang, Dae Ho and Do Jin hurried back. When Mi Ja came to her senses, Do Jin took his mother home.

The next day, Seung Hye went to see Do Jin. She has an idea about a new item for his café menu.

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