“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 19~ Xiao Tong:” I love you!”

The day Jia Wei leaves for Hong Kong, Xiao Tong realizes that she can’t stop loving Jia Wei and runs to tell Jia Wei her feelings. She barely caught him and confessed.

Personal thought: “Murphy’s law of love”~ the story of a man who is upset with his ex girlfriend for leaving him out when she has a problem or she is suffering, but in his next relationship he does exactly the same with Xiao Tong, his actual girlfriend. Meanwhile, Xiao Tong, wants and expects Jia Wei to be honest with her and talk to her when he has a problem and if suffering, but she doesn’t trust him when she, herself, has to be honest and talk to him. Instead of being honest with Jia Wei and let him decide after knowing the truth, Xiao Tong decided for herself that it’s better for Jia Wei to break up with him and let him suffer more than he would if he knew what she is hiding from him.

Episode 19

Jia Wei accepted Xiao Ling request to divorce her and Ah Da. It will be the last divorce Jia Wei’s company will handle before closing. The divorce party will be similar to a wedding, with guests, with bridesmaid and groomsmen. Ah Da’s groomsman will be Jia Wei and Xiao Ling’s bridesmaid will be Zhi Yu.

The day of the divorce party Jia Wei goes to get Zhi Yu because she is taking a long time with getting ready and makeup. Entering in the room where Zhi Yu was supposed to be, Jia Wei saw Xiao Tong. Zhi Yu won’t be able to be the bridesmaid at the divorce party after all and asked Xiao Tong to take her place.

Jia Wei:”If I walk too quickly, pinch me. If you are going to fall, then fall on me.”

During the ceremony, Jia Wei and Xiao Tong look at each other and remember the moments they spent together. After the ceremony, the quests have to take back the pictures they took at the wedding. The picture with Jia Wei and Xiao Tong will be Jia Wei’s because Xiao Tong already has the picture on her phone.

The next day, Jia Wei and his team have their last meeting at the agency. Jia Wei says his goodbyes to his friends and leaves.

Xiao Tong is at the beach learning how to surf from Zi Yan. Suddenly he calls her over and in the sand Xiao Tong saw a bottle with a note inside. She took the bottle and got the note. Inside the bottle there was also a necklace. Zi Yan decided to confess his feelings and with that to give Xiao Tong a necklace as a gift.

Zi Yan:”Xiao Tong, I want to be with you!”

Unfortunately for Zi Yan, Xiao Tong only sees him as a friend so she rejected him. Then Zi Yan got angry. If she loves Ji Jia Wei so much then why is why hiding on the beach with him the same day Jia Wei is leaving Taiwan. Encouraged by Zi Yan, Xiao Tong turned around and ran towards Jia Wei.

On her way, Xiao Tong tries calling Jia Wei, but he can’t answer. Jia Wei is talking on the phone with Simon, Shao Qiang , An Ting and Xin Xin on the phone. Arrived at the airport, Jia Wei said goodbye to his friends and closed the conversation. Waiting for the elevator, Jia Wei noticed that Xiao Tong left him 10 voice messages. While he was listening to Xiao Tong’s messages, Xiao Tong appeared in front of the lift. Jia Wei stopped the lift and Xiao Tong got inside.

Xiao Tong:” I love you!”

Bravely Xiao Tong told Jia Wei what her true feelings are and that she finally finished the excuses why they can’t be together anymore. Then, while Jia Wei was in shock, Xiao Tong takes Jia Wei’s bag, climbs on it and kisses Jia Wei. As a goodbye present, Xiao Tong wants two things from Jia Wei until his return. She wants to take care of Polo and her bracelet back.

While Jia Wei is in Hong Kong and Xiao Tong in Taipei, they decided to talk every night at 11 o’clock. They got used to listen each other’s voices before sleeping and even if they life in different cities they’ve gotten closer.

Jia Wei:”I like her, not because of the way she is. When I’m with her, I can be myself. “

Xiao Tong:”I like him not because of what he did for me, but because of the things we can do when we’re together.”

After work, Xiao Tong together with Xin Xin, An Ting, Zhi Yu and Ke Rui take cooking classes from Zi Yan. Xin Xin and Shao Qiang are dating and Xin Xin and Simon’s wife are close friends. Zhi Yu and Kai Wen started dating too. Ke Rui likes An Ting and follows her around, but she seems interested in Zi Yan.

Jia Wei:”I seem to have gotten used to listening to your soft breathing before I sleep.”

It’s raining and Xiao Tong walks having an umbrella. Suddenly the rain stopped and when she shook her umbrella she someone. Xiao Tong apologized, but when she looked up she realized that the man next to her was Jia Wei.

Later the rain starts again and the happy couple plays in the rain. They are happy to spend some time with each other before Jia Wei will have to return to Hong Kong. The go home and they spent every second together, including the time they brush their teeth.

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