“High Society ” ep 15~ Kyeong Joon’s return!

Yoon Ha needs Joon Ki’s help to get to the point she wants. He helps her, but when the project finished, Joon Ki resigned because he wasn’t willing to accept Ye Won’s proposal.

Hearing that the president fainted again, Kyeong Joon returned.

Episode 15

Hearing that Yoon Ha’s father fainted again, Joon Ki grabs her hand and takes her to the hospital. He encourages her saying that it shouldn’t be anything bad. Joon Ki apologizes again to Yoon Ha, but she is hurting him now. She edited out of her life the time she loved him.

Yoon Ha:”Don’t use your efforts to look good to me.”

In the hospital Yoon Ha and her sisters aren’t allowed to see their father. He isn’t really sick, he just pretending to be to force Kyeong Joon return.

Yoon Ha is interested in Ye Won’s life, when did Ye Won started dreaming of getting the company, what she felt when she realized her father was using her to train Kyeong Joon. Yoon Ha realized that her father saw Ye Won for who she really is, Ye Won is a great poison that makes others grow. After spending some time with Ye Won at the company and realizing that thanks to Ye Won she can grow, Yoon Ha decided to get what Ye Won has at the moment. All she needs to do is being recognized and for that Yoon Ha has to increase the sales.

Back at the office, Yoon Ha calls Joon Ki to her office. She asks him what he will chose between human trust and competency in a company and they she asked for his help to get where she wants. He gives her some tips on what she has to do first.

For the following days Joon Ki helped Yoon Ha. Their relationship improved a little, Yoon Ha is no longer pushing Joon Ki away and he opens up and talked to her every time they meet.

While Ye Wo was busy taking her father’s place in the company, Kyeong Joon returned. For the first time in his life, Kyeong Joon was honest with his mother and told her what he really feels and the reason he wanted to badly to leave and live his own life the way he wanted so he could be happy. After seeing his mother, Kyeong Joon changed his clothes and went to the company. The first person he met was Ye Won, who is still the same as she was before he left. Ye Won is still underestimating Kyeong Joon. But Kyeong Joon is more calculative than she thinks. Even if he was away for some time he knows more than Ye Won thinks he knows. Then Kyeong Joon went to see Yoon Ha. Because he didn’t know where Yoon Ha’s office was, Kyeong Joon asked an employee. And the employee Kyeong Joon asked was Joon Ki.

Unfortunately Yoon Ha wasn’t in her office so she couldn’t meet her brother. Yoon Ha was with Ji Yi chacking to see how the clip with her pictures was received. Yoon Ha’s clip was so well received and that got an invitation to a beauty program. She didn’t know the program, but Ji Yi knew it and encouraged Yoon Ha to participate because it’s free promotion and the sales will increase.

On the way to her office, Yoon Ha met Joon Ki who asks her to give an interview. She accepted and she will also appear in the beauty program that she was invited earlier.

Ye Won wants to get rid of Yoon Ha before she’ll get more power. She calls Yoon Ha to her office and threatens to fire her or Joon Ki if Yoon Ha won’t show progress in a month. What Yoon Ha doesn’t know is that Ye Won already talked to Joon Ki and told him that if he won’t help her combine her department with Yoon Ha’s department and fire Yoon Ha, he will be fired.

While Yoon Ha was at the beauty program, promoting her cosmetic, Joon Ki gave Ye Won his resignation letter.

When she, happily went to show her sister that the sales increased, Yoon Ha was shocked to find out that Joon Ki quit his job.

Seeing Chang Soo getting drunk and being cold with her, Chang Soo’s mother is worried. She calls Ji Yi and gives her permission to continue meeting Chang Soo, but Ji Yi refused the offer. They already broke up and Ji Yi doesn’t want to restart a relationship that will end eventually. Since Chang Soo’s family doesn’t accept her as their possible daughter-in-law, Ji Yi and Chang Soo will have to break up again when the time for Chang Soo to get married will come.

After his mother told him what her meeting with Ji Yi went, Chang Soo went to see Ji Yi. They go out for diner, she chose something that she will eat, but Chang Soo won’t just to show him how different they are.

Arrived home, Ji Yi sees Chang Soo there waiting for her. He has something to tell her, but still even after hearing that Chang Soo loves her, Ji Yi isn’t willing to go back.

Chang Soo:”I love you!”


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