“The Crossing Hero ” ep 25 ~ep 26~Yan Joon:” I really don’t want to hurt you. “

Yan Joon took Mo Han to Black Tuxedo and she is being held hostage there. Xian Ting and Peng Ze suspect Yan Joon of Mo Han’s disappearance, but Xiao Dong defended him.

The life turning instrument was fixed and Xiao Dong recovered his memory. Now Xiao Dong knows what connection is between him and Hong Xi Dong.

Episode 25

Peng Ze is so worried about Xiao Tian that he can’t even fall asleep. Xiao Dong talks to Peng Ze and encourages Peng Ze that he will help bring Xiao Tian back. What is Xiao Dong worried about is that Peng Ze might go to Black Tuxedo’s headquarters alone to get Xiao Tian and something could happen to him.

The next day an enthusiastic junior of Yan Joon showed up. Her name is Pony and she fell in love at first sight with Peng Ze. Pony chases Peng Ze everywhere and she will continue following him until he will accept her marriage proposal.

Since Black Tuxedo wants Mo Han, Yan Joon took her there. Mo Han trusts Yan Joon so for him wasn’t hard at all to take her to Black Tuxedo. Even if she is being held hostage, Mo Han still trusts that Black Tuxedo must have threatened Yan Joon with something, otherwise there is no reason for him to work under Black Tuxedo. Knowing that there are cameras everywhere, Yan Joon tells Mo Han that he isn’t threatened, he is just sick of his research funding to be cut down.

Yan Joon:” I really don’t want to hurt you. You being in here is for the best.”

Later, while he was talking to Black Tuxedo, Xiao Tian saw that Mo Han is being locked in on e of Black Tuxedo’s room and goes to see her. Mo Han is happy to see him and wants him to return at Xiao Dong’s place. She tells Xiao Tian that Peng Ze wasn’t able to sleep since they’ve separated and all that Peng Ze is doing is trying to find a cure for him. Then she told Xiao Tian that Black Tuxedo killed Xiu Fei’s father. Xiao Tian is about to give in, but when he saw the surveillance camera and remembered that Black Tuxedo is watching them he changed and pushed Mo Han away.

Returned at Xiao Dong’s place, Yan Joon is acting weird. Suspicious of Yan Joon, Xian Ting talks to Peng Ze and he remembers that before Xiao Tian left for Black Tuxedo’s headquarters, Yan Joon stopped them from discussing their attack and left the key from Xiu Fei’s father’s room on the table for Xiao Tian to take it. Now both Xian Ting and Peng Ze suspect that Yan Joon is to blame for Mo Han disappearance and for Xiao Tian going to Black Tuxedo, but since they don’t have any proves they can’t accuse Yan Joon, yet.

The next day, Yan Joon goes to Mo Han. Pretending to forcefully kiss her, Yan Joon tells Mo Han what is going on. He talked with Xiao Dong and in order for Mo Han to be safe and full Black Tuxedo Xiao Dong let Yan Joon take Mo Han to Black Tuxedo.

Back at the detective agency Peng Ze and Xian Ting confronted Yan Joon. In order to make him tell them where he took Mo Han, Peng Ze is threatening him with his sword. But then Xiao Dong came and explained everything to them.

Episode 26

Pony is still following Peng Ze, including at the library. She is a national researcher so she can get Peng Ze into the part of the library where only researchers can enter, but she has a condition for that, Pang Ze must marry her. She even kneeled in front of all the people in the library and proposed to Peng Ze.

With Pony’s helps, Peng Ze was able to find the information he needed for the poison cure and with what he got he went to see Long Long. With all the research she has and the theory Peng Ze brought her, Long Long was able to find a cure and she will test the cure on herself. As soon as Long Long took the pill that she made, she fainted.

Zuo You Shou finished repairing the life turning instrument and when he put in the key that Xiu Fei has, the life turning instrument reacted. While the life turning instrument was working, Xiao Dong fainted and the luminous night pearl came out of his body. When Xiao Dong fainted, Xian Ting kisses him and they both saw their past life. In the past Xian Ting was Xian Er, Hong Xi Dong’s wife.

The day Peng Ze and Xiao Tian fought and followed Hong Xi Dong something happened to him and he became smaller and smaller. Peng Ze and Xiao Tian were send to the future as themselves, while Hong Xi Dong was send in the future as a child. Then was when Xiao Dong’s father found him and adopted him. That is way he spend his all life in Seaside City. But in reality Hong Xi Dong and Hong Xiao Dong are the same person. After swallowing the luminous night pearl, Hong Xi Dong became an infant and was able to live again his life.

Hong Xi Dong:”Let us be husband and wife for all of eternity.”

In order for their plan to work, Yan Joon took the key that Xiu Fei had to Black Tuxedo and told him that Xiao Dong got his memory back and he really is Hong Xi Dong. But Yan Joon omitted to tell Black Tuxedo that the life turning instrument was fixed.

Later Black Tuxedo called Xiao Tian and ordered him to capture Xiao Dong. Not knowing what to do, Xiao Tian thinks about Peng Ze and Peng Ze, who was able to hear Xiao Tian, called him. They’ve met, but Xiao Tian isn’t telling Peng Ze that he has the order to capture Xiao Dong. Peng Ze realized that Xiao Tian isn’t the same person he fought with few days ago. Xiao Tian started to realize that Black Tuxedo isn’t what he thought he was.

Xiao Tian captured Xiao Dong. When Black Tuxedo called Yan Joon to read him some relics, Yan Joon looks at the camera with Xiao Dong and noticed that Xiao Dong gave him a sign.

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