“I Order You ” ep 13~ ep 14 ~ Gook Dae:”I killed a person!”

People say that what you don’t know it can’t hurt you and in Song Ah’s case it’s true. She also has a feeling that the happiness she is feeling at the moment it’s too good to be true…and she soon will realize that her feeling will come true soon.

Even if he found out the reason Da Hwa left him, Gook Dae’s feelings changed, but something happened and Song Ah is pushing him away.

Episode 13

Da Hwa called Gook Dae and Song Ah out, thinking that if she will tell Gook Dae the reason she left him, he will return to her side. On the day of Gook Dae and Da Hwa’s wedding, Gook Dae’s mother came to Da Hwa and made her leave. Gook Dae’s mother told Da Hwa that she never proved that wedding, she only made a deal with Gook Dae. If Gook Dae wants to marry Da Hwa he has to give up cooking and take over the family business, a hotel. Knowing how much Gook Dae loves to cook, Da Hwa couldn’t let him give up cooking so she abandoned him after the wedding.

After Gook Dae took her home, Song Ah remembered that she has something to give him and went to FLada. Unfortunately Gook Dae wasn’t there, he went to see Da Hwa. He went there and told Da Hwa to not wait for him because his feelings changed. Also he said that she should’ve talked to him because he never made a deal with his mother. Gook Dae’s mother lied to Da Hwa.

Gook Dae:”Don’t wait for me!”

Song Ah waited for a while in front of FLada and when she was about to leave, Gook Dae arrived home.

Gook Dae:”Where would I go without you?”

Song Joo came to pick up Song Ah. He liked Gook Dae, but he still needs to check out if Gook Dae is good for his sister.

After Song Ah left, Gook Dae found the box with her present. Inside there was a bracelet and a note in which she was telling him that it’s not his fault that the woman who took care of him as child died.

Song Ah:”It’s not your fault!”

The collaboration Song Ah’s company had with Gook Dae’s shop brought Song Ah’s company a new contract. Happy Song Ah runs to Gook Dae with the good news, but she was already waiting for her.

Gook Dae:”As long as Park Song Ah loves me, I’ll spend my whole life only looking at you. I’ll love Park Song Ah longer than Park Song Ah loves me.”

Gook Dae also prepared a gift for Song Ah and sends her to find it in his room. It’s a ring! Song Ah is happy with her ring, but on her way out she noticed the box with the photo of the woman that took care of Gook Dae as a child. She looks at the picture and realizes that the woman in the picture is her mother.

Song Ah:”Because of you…my mother died?”

Episode 14

Shocked, Song Ah asks Gook Dae what happened. Gook Dae is flustered, he doesn’t know how to react, what to say. The night Song Ah’s mother died it was raining. She was out in the rain looking for Gook Dae. Suddenly she saw him crossing the road when a car was coming towards him. She runs to save him, but she was hit instead. After seeing the woman who he loved more than his mother die in front of him, little Gook Dae run away.

Song Ah:”You should have died instead. Instead of my mother, you should’ve died instead!”

Song Ah take off her ring and throws it on the floor, she slaps Gook Dae and runs away.

The following days Gook Dae closed his shop. He doesn’t do anything, he just sits, he cries and blames himself for Song Ah’s mother’s death.

Gook Dae:”I killed a person!”

Seeing how much Gook Dae suffers and not knowing that Song Ah is the daughter of the woman in the picture, Da Hwa goes to see Song Ah. She tells Song Ah a part of the story that she didn’t know and then blamed the daughter of Gook Dae’s caretaker for her death.

The night her mother died, Song Ah was sick and called her mother. Since Gook Dae’s mother was late, the caretaker couldn’t go home to her own daughter. Gook Dae listened to his caretaker talking on the phone with the sick daughter and feeling guilty that because of him his caretaker can’t go to see her daughter, he went out to buy medicine. On his way back the accident happened and Song Ah’s mother died.

Later Song Ah remembers all the harsh words she said to Gook Dae and feels awful.

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