“When I See You Again ” ep 9 ~ You Qian:”It looks like our hearts are one.”

Yan Ze confessed to An Xi in order to play the matchmaker. Together with You Qian, Yan Ze made a plan for An Xi to accept her feelings for You Qian. Yan Ze asked Mei Wen, Ya En and Zhi Lin for help and his plan worked. An Xi and You Qian are dating!

Episode 9

The fact that An Xi left with Yan Ze made You Qian jealous. He’s blaming himself for letting An Xi go alone with Yan Ze, he should’ve went with them. You Qian spend the time, until An Xi and Yan Zi returned, reading, thinking about them and writing in German that he should’ve went with them.

After cleaning the beach Yan Ze and An Xi return at the hostel. On the way Yan Ze is curious to find out what kind of relationship An Xi and You Qian have. Then he asks An Xi to take him to the place where couple date in Pu Lang Village. The place An Xi took Yan Ze is a confession tree. At the confession tree people go and write their wishes, their confessions and put them on the tree. Yan Ze doesn’t really believe the story, but still he wrote a message there.

When An Xi and Yan Ze returned, An Xi wanted to talk to You Qian, but he just turned his back and left. Later You Qian is with the Lunar Maria women in the kitchen. He is pretending to read, but the tension there is suffocating. With all the tension there, Yan Ze adds more. He ordered drinks for everyone and went An Xi couldn’t drink because she was washing dishes, to provoke You Qian more, Yan Ze held An Xi’s glass for her to drink. Furious, You Qian ripped the page of his book.

Seeing You Qian furious and thinking that Yan Ze likes her, An Xi asks directly Yan Ze if he is pursuing her. When Yan Ze confessed, An Xi left his side and hid behind You Qian, like she was waiting for You Qian to do something. And he did! You Qian took Yan Ze out.

While playing chess, You Qian asks Yan Ze how he became close with An Xi so fast and what he is doing pursuing An Xi.

Yan Ze:”I’ve always been popular.”

Because You Qian kept insisting, Yan Ze told him the truth, that he is messing with You Qian, but he is also helping You Qian and An Xi. Seeing An Xi hiding behind You Qian after he confessed, Yan Ze knew that An Xi has feelings for You Qian and he also knows what to do next. If You Qian wants to be with her, he needs to take her shield away. At the hostel there are a lot of people behind whom An Xi can hide and a lot of excuses for her to run away. The first thing You Qian has to do is get An Xi away of her comfort zone.

An Xi is busy hiding from You Qian, but he saw her. He tells her how he feels. Every time she avoids him, he’s hurt. He has a limit and he wants to know if An Xi accepts him or rejects him, then You Qian turns his back and leaves.

You Qian:”My patience has a limit.”

Leaving An Xi, You Qian goes to Yan Ze’s room and tells him that the next day he will take An Xi away from Pu Lang Village so she won’t have anywhere to hid. The same time An Xi is in her room, stressed. She doesn’t want to reject You Qian, but she’s scared that she will suffer so she wants to stick to the decision she took ten years ago to not date. So she wrote a message and put it on one of her doll fishes.

An Xi:”Go back to Taipei!”

The next morning everyone is in the kitchen. An Xi wants to give the message to You Qian, but isn’t able to.

When Yan Ze asked her to go somewhere with him, An Xi looks for help at Zhi Lin, Ya En, Mei Wen and even You Qian, but no one is willing to help her thins time.

You Qian leave at the store where he told Yan Ze he will be the night before. Hidden there is also Yong Qing. She wants to know how things are between You Qian and An Xi. Few minutes after You Qian arrived, Yan Ze and An Xi also came. You Qian is cold towards An Xi.

You Qian:” I see that I’m not your answer.”

After that You Qian keeps ignoring An Xi. Meantime Yan Ze keeps insisting that An Xi should accept him. He even said that it’s their fate since they’ve met after ten years since he send her the letter and the presents. An Xi wants to get out of the situation, but there is no one to help her, Mei Wen doesn’t answers her phone and You Qian is ignoring her. All that An Xi can do is accept her feelings.

An Xi:”I already have someone in mind. It’s him!”

Yan Ze sign’s You Qian to ignore what An Xi just said so he does so. In a moment of impulse An Xi went over to You Qian and kissed him on the cheek. Then she wants to leave, but You Qian stops her.

You Qian:” Let’s try it out then.”

Now that finally An Xi allowed herself to love, An Xi and You Qian went on a date. She goes to the bathroom and thinks about the man she’s been waiting for the last ten years, her friend that she used to call Uni-brow. She says her goodbyes to him without knowing that Uni-brow and You Qian are the same person.

An Xi leaves the doll with the message at the toilet and leaves. A woman found the doll and returned it so You Qian saw the message. He realizes that An Xi wanted to reject him. You Qian thinks that An Xi his in the restroom for so long because she was trying to find a way to reject him. She explained that she wrote the message the night before after he gave her the ultimatum. It was a lot of pressure on An Xi’s shoulders every time You Qian was insisting on pursuing her after she told him that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship. Seeing An Xi upset, You Qian hugs her.

Later, the new couple went to make rings for themselves. They even engraved something on the rings. Without knowing what the other will write on the ring, both An Xi and You Qian wrote the same thing, they both wrote “START”. An Xi wrote “start”, the English word while You Qian wrote “ anfang”, the German word.

You Qian:”It looks like our hearts are one. Your existence is a new start for me.”

While exchanging rings, An Xi and You Qian opened up and told one another what hopes they put inside the rings.

Something got in You Qian’s eyes and he has to wear his glasses. Seeing You Qian with glasses, An Xi has a strange feeling, but she doesn’t know what it means.

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