“High Society ” ep 16~ Final episode!

The story of this drama it’s interesting ( at least for me), the story about social classes and everything, but the way it was written… wasn’t so good. It started well, but either I expected to much or it wasn’t well written. There was no progress, nothing happened. I didn’t lose any episode, but I got the impression I did because things happened without me realizing when…

I can’t say that I’m sorry that this drama ended….

Episode 16

Joon Ki realized why he felt like he didn’t apologize to Yoon Ha for playing with her feelings even when he did. To punish himself, Joon Ki quit his job.

Joon Ki:” Let’s not meet anymore. Let’s not call each other anymore.”

Later Yoon Ha met with Kyeong Joon. She kept avoiding meeting her brother because Ye Won told her that Kyeong Joon used her as witness the day he disappeared. Afraid that Ye Won could be right and she could be disappointed in her brother, Yoon Ha avoided him. Now she mastered courage and went to see him. She asked Kyeong Joon about the day he disappeared, about why he left her stocks in the company and the USB.

Kyeong Joon gave Yoon Ha the shares to make her existence present in the company. All her life Yoon Ha was kept aside from everything. But it’s Yoon Ha’s choice what she will believe, Kyeong Joon or Ye Won.

Yoon Ha:” You are always my choice.”

At night Yoon Ha goes to her sister and tells Ye Won what she and Kyeong Joon talked about and also her decision to believe in Kyeong Joon. Now Ye Won has to tell Yoon Ha the connection between the results of her latest project, the one for which Yoon Ha received Joon Ki’s help, and Joon Ki losing his job. That night Yoon Ha found out that Joon Ki quit his job because he didn’t want to absorb the department Yoon Ha is working on as Ye Won said.

Chang Soo arrived home and using his mother’s words, he tricked her into accepting Ji Yi. He decided what he wants to do next, Chang Soo wants to marry Ji Yi. For Ji Yi to accept him, his family has to accept her.

The next day, Chang Soo and Joon Ki met while riding their bikes. For the first time they aren’t employee and employer, but just friends. For the first time Joon Ki is able to talk openly and honestly with his friend.

Later, Joon Ki went to his house and spent some time with his father. He took his father out for some fresh air and they had a father-son conversation after a long time.

During her lunch break Ji Yi met Chang Soo’s mother who gave Ji Yi permission to meet her son and even marrying Chang Soo.

Since Joon Ki said that they shouldn’t call each other anymore, Yoon Ha waited for him at his house. They went out to eat together and Yoon Ha asked him why he moved to her company the same time she was. And, embarrassed, Joon Ki answered.

Joon Ki:”I missed you!”

Then Yoon Ha wants to know since when Joon Ki fell in love with her. Joon Ki took Yoon Ha to the place where he fell in love with her, at the hotel when Yoon Ha had her blind date with Chang Soo. Joon Ki realized that he fell in love with Yoon Ha since the first second he saw her.

Joon Ki:”Jang Yoon Ha, I love you!”

An year later, Chang Soo is married with Ji Yi, who is pregnant and Yoon Ha and Joon Ki are dating. Joon Ki proposed to Yoon Ha.

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