“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 69~ep 70 ~ Do Jin:”I really want you to be happy!”

Seung Hye developed a new recipe and Yoon Ho is called to taste it. Fortunately for Yoon Ho he ends up having a date with Seung Hye and buying her a lot of clothes.

Se Ryeong insisted that Do Jin should come to celebrate her birthday. When he didn’t show up Se Ryeong went to look for Do Jin and was hit by a car.

Episode 69

Se Ryeong called Do Jin out. When they meet she talks about the day she fell in love with Do Jin, the day she decided that Do Jin will be the man with whom she will spend her life. Then she asks Do Jin to leave his apartment and move into his mother’s house. Se Ryeong has the impression that if she and Do Jin will live together then Do Jin will fell for her after seeing her charms. Honestly speaking, if Do Jin will see Se Ryeong the way she is at the house he will run further away for her. While Do Jin was leaving, Se Ryeong insisted that he at least should celebrate her birthday with her. Still Do Jin treated her with a cold shoulder and left.

Meantime Seung Hye looks at the picture with the tree her birth parents planted and doesn’t know if she should tell her parents that she visited the orphanage or not. What Seung Hye doesn’t know is that Yoon Ho knew where to take her after Dong Seok told him.

Seung Hye developed a new recipe for Do Jin’s café. The first people who tested in were Dong Seok, Seung Ah and Seung Jae and they all liked it.

The same time Yoon Ho visited Do Jin’s café and invited him to Se Ryeong’s birthday. Both Yoon Ho and Se Ryeong’s father believe that if they will make a party for Se Ryeong’s birthday and Do Jin will be present than Se Ryeong will come home for good.

While Yoon Ho was talking to Do Jin, Dong Seok called him to come over and taste Seung Hye’s new recipe for shaved ice. When Yoon Ho was on his way, Seung Hye sneaked out and went to see Do Jin. She wanted her boyfriend to taste her new recipe first.

Arriving at Seung Hye’s house, Yoon Ho finds Seung Ah waiting for him to go on a date.

Seung Ah is out with Yoon Ho when her mother calls her. She lies saying that Seung Hye is with them and asks Yoon Ho to do the same, saying that Seung Hye can’t talk on the phone because she is at the bathroom. Dong Seok doesn’t seem to believe Seung Ah or Yoon Ho so she asks Yoon Ho to tell Seung Hye to call her from Yoon Ho’s phone when she comes out of the bathroom.

Hearing what her mother said, Seung Hye hurried to the place Seung Ah and Yoon Ho were at. Because Seung Ah had to leave for work, Yoon Ho asked Seung Hye to try some clothes.

Episode 70

Se Ryeong visited Do Jin at his café and insisted that she wants him present at her birthday party, wishing her “happy birthday”.

Seung Hye tried on all the clothes Yoon Ho chose, but they can’t decide which is better. Since Seung Hye said she liked them all, Yoon Ho bought everything Seung Hye tried on. Then they went to buy shoes. He wanted to buy her a pair of shoes, but Seung Hye refused. When he took her home, Yoon Ha gave Seung Hye a present for Seung Ah because thanks to Seung Ah he was able to have a nice day with Seung Hye.

Inside the house Seung Hye scolded Seung Jae for didn’t quit modeling. She is against Seung Jae modeling, but Seung Jae likes it.

Personal thought: I just don’t understand why Seung Hye is against Seung Jae modeling. She got her barista exam, even when her mother wanted her to get her job as a nurse back. She sneaks out to date Do Jin even if her mother is against it. So why she can do what she want against her mother’s wishes, but Seung Jae can’t?

At night Seung Hye sneaks out again to meet Do Jin. She is curious when Do Jin started to like her, but she gets upset when Do Jin said that he needs some time to think about the exact moment. But soon she gets happy because Do Jin told her that he fell for her the night he moved to Bukchon and saw Seung Hye talking on the phone and drinking coffee alone.

The next day Seung Ah takes Seung Hye to her room and happily she shows Seung Hye that the clothes Yoon Ho bought the other day where for Seung Hye. Upset, Seung Hye asks Seung Ah, and later Yoon Ho, to return the clothes.

Dae Shil doesn’t have any morning sickness, but all the pregnancy symptoms have gone to Kyeong Tae.

Personal thought: There are several people in Seung Hye’s house, there is Sun Im, Dae Ho, Dong Seok, Seung Jae and Seung Ah so how in the world she manages to sneak out without being seen? Seung Jae and Seung Ah might help her, but her parents and grandmother should still see her. It’s not like Dongnakdang is a huge mansion where you need to take the train to get from a room to another. When she sneaks out to see Do Jin, Seung Hye must leave her house for like minimum and hour so how come no one sees that she is missing? How come she can sneak out of her house for two times a day?

Oh yeah…and Seung Hye and Do Jin are wearing couple rings. It their families don’t approve of their relationship how come no one said anything about those rings?

PS: It doesn’t really suits Seung Hye to act cute!!!!!

Kyeong Tae is feeling the symptoms Dae Shil should have. Because Kyeong Tae craved kebab, Seung Hye and Do Jin are making it for him.

Do Jin:’I really don’t want to let you go home today.”

While Seung Hye and Do Jin where walking on the street, Do Jin stopped to propose to her. Suddenly Se Ryeong, whose been acting crazy because Do Jin didn’t show up to celebrate her birthday, appeared. She kneeled before Seung Hye and asked her to break up with Do Jin. Tired of Se Ryeong’s behavior, Do Jin takes her away and tells Se Ryeong that she should find someone who can love her because he will never be that man.

Do Jin:”I really want you to be happy!”

When Do Jin was crossing the street a car is coming towards him. Se Ryeong runs to save Do Jin and ended up hit by that car.

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