“I Order You ” ep 15~ ep 16 ~ Final episodes!

No matter how much time Song Ah needs to return to Gook Dae’s side, he is ready to wait. And so he did. He gave Song Ah the time she needed and she returned to him.

Personal thought: I order you is a good romantic drama. Well of course it depends of everyone’s individual tastes…This was my first drama with Kim Ga Eun so I can’t really say much about her, but here I liked her acting. On the other hand Yoon Ho has improved a lot his acting skills. It wasn’t a boring drama and the best part for those who don’t have much time to watch dramas is that I order you is only 20 min per episode. (Episodes are between 17- 22 min ). Happy I’ve watched this and I really didn’t lost my time watching it.

Episode 15

Feeling guilty that she called her mother because she was sick and blaming herself for her mother’s death, Song Ah goes to the seaside where her mother’s ashes were thrown. There while Song Ah was crying her mother appeared in front of Song Ah saying to stop crying that it’s not Song Ah’s fault, it’s not anyone’s fault for her death.

Meantime Song Joo barged into Gook Dae’s shop and hit Gook Dae. Then he asked what happened, if Gook Dae and Song Ah broke up. After talking to Song Ah’s friend, Song Joo found out that Song Ah is acting strange and believed that it’s Gook Dae’s fault. Since they didn’t break up and Gook Dae has no intention of doing so, Song Joo sent him to the beach where Song Ah is.

Da Hwa tries to stop Gook Dae from leaving and makes a last trial to get him back, but she can’t have Gook Dae anymore, even if she loves him. And she finally understood that.

Gook Dae arrived at the beach and found Song Ah. She is a lot calmer then she was the last time they’ve met. They both understand now why Gook Dae’s cooking seems so familiar to Song Ah, because Gook Dae began loving to cook from Song Ah’s mother.

Gook Dae:”I’ll fill in your mother’s place too.”

Even if she is calmer and accepts talking to Gook Dae, Song Ah isn’t willing to return by his side. She wants to break up with him. But Gook Dae doesn’t want to give up Song Ah so easily. He loves her and he will wait for her as long as he has too. His time will stop there at the beach until Song Ah will be ready to come back to his side.

Song Ah:”I don’t love you! I don’t wish to have a fate with you anymore. Let’s beak up!”

Gook Dae leave, but he can’t go far. He returns and hugs Song Ah.

Episode 16

Before leaving Gook Dae gives Song Ah her mother’s recipe notebook. That notebook was the reason Gook Dae began cooking. And he wants to return it to the real owner.

The following days, Song Ah started cooking the recipes from her mother’s notebook, but still she wasn’t able to improve her cooking skills or to get the seasonings right. So for more detailed recipes, Song Ah went to buy a cooking book for beginners, but the book that the seller recommended was a book written by Gook Dae. Since they’ve last seen each other, Gook Dae released a cooking book for beginners in Song Ah’s mother’s name.

Even if Song Ah kept her distance from Gook Dae, Song Joo didn’t. Song Joo became close during the time Song Ah and Gook Dae were separated. He tells Gook Dae everything Song Ah.

Gook Dae:”I’ll meet her soon!”

The publishing company who released Gook Dae’s book called Song Ah to announce her that she won their contest and the prize is a dinner with the writer, Yeo Gook Dae.

Everything is ready for the dinner. Gook Dae anticipated a lot, but he was disappointed, Song Ah didn’t show up. Later when Gook Dae didn’t expect her to come anymore, Song Ah entered his shop.

That night they’ve talked and Song Ah decided to don’t push Gook Dae away anymore. They’ve got back together and lived a happy life.

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2 Responses to “I Order You ” ep 15~ ep 16 ~ Final episodes!

  1. hariaharia says:

    No matter what people said in various blogs about IOY, it was my summer “bubble gum” indeed. With so many dark and heavy dramas all over the networks, free and cable, I just watched a light-hearted and romantic project. Along with Oh My Ghostess and The Time I’ve Loved You is the “oasis” in a difficult summer with lots of crimes, abductions, fistfights, minimum romance and less laughter than ever.
    The characters were nice, the funny parts in the first episodes were actual fun and the whole production team did the best job out of what they had to work with. Beautiful OST, happy colours all over the scenes, decent acting and a clever finale especially in the first few episodes. The leading lady had a small part in Brain where she was good and Yoon Ho was better in this one than his sageuk drama. I’d appreciate some more of the 2nd male lead’s story and less crying in final episodes but nothing is perfect in k-drama world and I’m completely fine with it 🙂

    Thank you for your recaps even during summer! You’re the best.. 😉

    • lemonmirae says:

      AWW 😀 thank you soooo much (for the last part in your comment:) )
      I have to agree with everything you’ve said about dramas this summer, they are all about crimes, abductions, fistfights, no romance, nothing funny, some have 0 chemistry between the lead actor and actress and we shouldn’t forget the dramas about vampires. I order you was different then all those dramas and it was short so i enjoyed it a lot. Happy to see that there are others like me that enjoyed it too:D

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