“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 71~ep 72 ~ Se Ryeong:”Where is Do Jin? Is he alright?”

Se Ryeong is in a come after being hit by a car while trying to save Do Jin. Both Seung Hye and Do Jin are at the hospital, blaming themselves for Se Ryeong’s condition.

Do Jin spends every day and night in the hospital without eating or sleeping. Every time he closes his eyes, Do Jin sees the night Se Ryeong pushed him away from the car that was coming towards him and got hurt herself.

Several days later, Se Ryeong woke up from coma.

Episode 71

Trying to save Do Jin, Se Ryeong was hit by a car and send to the hospital. She is in serious condition and she is send to the surgery room as soon as the ambulance arrived at the hospital. Do Jin and Seung Hye went at the hospital worried about Se Ryoeng. They’ve called president Jang and Yoon Ho. Hearing what happened to his precious daughter, president Jang hurried towards the hospital. As soon as his eyes met Do Jin, president Jang blamed Do Jin for what happened to Se Ryeong.

Se Ryeong spent the night in surgery room. Luckily her brain wasn’t damaged so she will wake up soon. But for the doctors to say that she passed what was worse, they need to wait until Se Ryeong wakes up. Do Jin and Seung Hye spend the night at the hospital. They both blamed themselves for Se Ryeong’s accident.

Arrived home, in the morning, Seung Hye tell her mother and Seung Jae what happened.

Personal thought: I can understand that president Jang needs someone to blame to his daughter accident, but seriously the cause of his daughter’s behavior is the education he gave her. Because president Jang gave his daughter everything without putting conditions or ever saying no to her, when Se Ryeong met a situation in which she received a refuse she didn’t know how to act and became a pathetic bitch. So in the end it’s only president Jang’s fault.

Now I hope this drama won’t become predictable and Do Jin will break up with Seung Hye because he feels guilty for what happened to Se Ryeong and start a relationship with Se Ryeong for that cause without loving her. Or that Se Ryeong, when she will woke up, won’t pretend to have some sort of problems, like memory loss or invalidity, to force Do Jin stay be her side.

After sending president Jang home for a while, Yoon Ho let Do Jin see Se Ryeong. He knows that Se Ryeong would want that.

Seung Hye, who was home, can’t seem to be able to sleep or eat. She blames herself for Se Ryeong’s condition. Since she can’t stay at home, Seung Hye picks up some change clothes for Do Jin and returned to the hospital.

Seeing Seung Hye there, Do Jin, and later Yoon Ho, asked Seung Hye to not come to the hospital anymore. They both know that Se Ryeong wouldn’t want Seung Hye there.

Hearing that Se Ryeong is hurt, Mi Ja hurries at the hospital and sees president Jang blaming Do Jin for Se Ryeong’s condition.

Personal opinion: I have a small, personal, problem with Korean dramas in general. They take their shoes at the door, but sleep in the clothes they go outside with. I sure this will sound like I’m a complete clean freak, but when you sleep you shouldn’t wear the same clothes you wore outside, you should wear clean clothes.

Episode 72

Dae Shil is in charge of an event for Se Ryeong’s company. For that event she is using Seung Jae and Seung Ah as human mannequins. Both Seung Jae and Seung Ah are tired, but they hang in there.

Meantime, to be able to leave the house, Seung Hye asked Yoon Ho for help. Seung Hye wants to take care of Do Jin’s café while he is in the hospital, but without Yoon Ho’s help, Dong Seok doesn’t let her leave the house. Fortunately for Seung Hye, Yoon Ho accepted to help her. He will tell Seung Hye’s family that Seung Hye is working for him so they will let her out of the house and Seung Hye will be able to work at Do Jin’s café.

Later, at the hospital, Yoon Ho encourages Do Jin to go home and get some sleep. Also Yoon Ho tells Do Jin that he doesn’t have to bare the blame for that happened to Se Ryeong alone. Since the night Se Ryeong had the car accident, Do Jin hasn’t gone home. He spend day and night at the hospital, taking care of Se Ryeong, accepting every harsh word president Jang told him and talking to the doctors about Se Ryeong’s condition.

Together with Seung Ah, Seung Hye went to see Se Ryeong. Arrived at the hospital they find Yoon Ho with Se Ryeong. While Yoon Ho and Seung Ah went to look for Do Jin, Seung Hye remained cleaning Se Ryeong. Suddenly Se Ryeong’s hand is moving and she wakes up.

Se Ryeong:”Where is Do Jin? Is he alright?”

The first thing Se Ryeong asked when she woke up was if Do Jin wasn’t hurt.

Everyone is happy to see that Se Ryeong woke up from coma and she recognized everyone.

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